NeNe Leakes Acts Like A Diva & Her Ego Is Too Big!


NeNe Leakes is officially the highest paid lady of The Real Housewives Franchise, and a source close to the Reality Star is revealing her ego is bigger than ever! “Bravo picked NeNe and put her on their show and gave her the chance to be successful, but she’s getting a really big head about who she is and the network is worried she’s getting too big for her britches,” the insider tells RadarOnline.

“During the Upfronts all the housewives were in a room taking photos with advertisers. It’s advertisers who make the housewives their money, so all of them were very obliging — expect NeNe. At one point she just sat on the couch and refused to take any more photos,” the source reveals.

“All the other housewives were just happy to be there, but NeNe was acting like she’s Angelina Jolie or something!” the source said. “It’s NeNe’s world and everyone else is just living in it.”

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6 Replies to “NeNe Leakes Acts Like A Diva & Her Ego Is Too Big!”

  1. She doesn’t seem to see that her tiny world in Hollywood can turn on a dime. Her shows lack the ratings to give her ANY reason to act so “rich.” She better watch out – her silly wedding will be very average or less ratings and bravo is the only sure thing she has. And wth bravo is paying her that kinda money is crazy to me. NENE IS NOT the reason I watched rhoa – in fact, NENE is the reason I tune out – she is not all that.

  2. I think NeNe is a good soul, but I agree her head is getting HUGE; Watch What Happens revealed that; she admitted she believes she is the reason people tune in and that she thinks she is the top banana! Why? Because she was the first to sign on? Who cares! Even Heather D has acting credits.

    NeNe don’t get so caught up in yourself and in this crap and remember your true priorities. Be nice to Greg. I’m sure it’s hard but as they say “pride goeth before the fall”.

  3. NeNe does think she is all that. Half the time I can’t stand her. She thinks that because she talks over and louder than anyone else, that it makes her the winner of any debate. Everybody knows that’s the sign of an insecure know it all.

    She has had moments where I liked her but they are far and few between. She thinks everyone is jealous of her success, like the other housewives.

    I just heard her reason for her choice in the Teresa and Melissa feud. Teresa? Why? Because she was on the first show, she is a vetran . No logic…. Idiot.

  4. im sorry she is all that and MORE. the same nene in season 1 is the same nene in season 5 and ongoing. she has not changed shes always had an over the top bigger than life personality and love her or hate her but she has become a career woman and has come from rags to riches her teressa and a fw other housewives have really impressed me because they didnt just sit down and think oh yah im gonna only be on housewives forever, they actually branched out and im happy for her and the other ladies on their success. btw radaronline im sorry is a terrible source

  5. Nene has always put herself out there like a Diva. She is a star. She is suppose to be that way. She seemed more fun with the girls this season. Her one on one was really good. She is a Diva, but not the only one.

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