NeNe: Kenya Thought She Was Queen When I Left RHOA


NeNe Leakes is dishing on returning to RHOA in a brand new interview with Bravo this week. Leakes shares her thoughts about reconnecting with her old BFF Cynthia Bailey and says that Kenya Moore thought she was the queen of the show when she left… What’s been going on since we last saw you?
NeNe Leakes:
Since leaving the show I have been so focused on my happiness — just getting back to me! Doing the things that I love and being around the people that love me. I’m a happy, fun spirit and I felt I was losing that being surrounded by negativity. I also turned my focus to one of my first loves…acting! I’ve also worked on expanding my clothing line at HSN, and moving into my new home with my family. How did you feel about starting over with Cynthia? Were you nervous at all?
When someone betrays you, it damages your trust and that’s a very hard thing to get past. People who know me know that I move on! I don’t try to fix broken pieces, although that was probably a bad thing. I’m a work in progress. It took a lot of prayer and long talks from loved ones in order for me to forgive and really do this with an open heart. So I felt like I was in a really good place in my life where I could start over with Cynthia and reconnect. I’m happy I did! Have you unblocked Cynthia on Twitter?
NL: LOL! Yes, I have unblocked Cynthia on all social media. Bing! What was going through your mind when Cynthia said Kenya was her girl? Is Kenya the person you referred to who thinks she’s the queen?
When Cynthia said Kenya was her girl, nothing went through my mind at all. I know Cynthia pretty well now I think, LOL! Absolutely Kenya thought she was the queen once I left the show, but I must say, she wasn’t the only one. Wink wink!

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15 Replies to “NeNe: Kenya Thought She Was Queen When I Left RHOA”

  1. I just can’t stand this woman. And how she goes on and on about Cynthia’s betrayal……..Oh PLEASE! What about her betrayal to Cynthia and Peter. If NeNe becomes a regular on the show again, I’m done.

        1. Do we need to have either one of them? “I can take her easier than Nene” is not exactly a ringing endorsement for keeping K. More like a convo between two pythons. Lol

  2. If Nene is back and goes after Kenya I may start watching again. I really can’t stand Kenya and would love to see someone knock her off her own pedestle.

    1. Bee, I will wait for you to tell me if that happens, then I might watch too!! Then we need someone to knock Nene off after! It gets so complicated.

  3. In the case of these women, it really doesn’t seem to be who is queen, more like who can yell the loudest. Keeny seems to think if she insults everyone in her interview she is the queen. I think if all of them would speak proper English with each other, not just when they want to sound educated, it would be a better show.

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