NeNe and Gregg Leakes Owe $824K in Taxes


Real Housewives of Atlanta alum NeNe Leakes once used the catchphrase “I’m very rich bitch,” but according to a new report, NeNe and her husband Gregg owe at least $870,000 in unpaid taxes.

According Georgia’s Gwinnett County court documents, the couple was slapped with a $824,366.01 federal tax lien by the IRS on August 1, 2016, and the court confirmed to RadarOnline that the lien has not yet been paid off.

As we previously reported, NeNe neglected to pay her 2014 taxes. In addition, Gregg still hasn’t paid a $45,752.42 tax lien filed in 2012.

On December 6 of that year, Gregg hadn’t paid state taxes since 2004, and the court confirmed that he hasn’t made good on his debt nearly four years later.

Leakes was offered $2.5 million to star on the next season of RHOA.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Does Bravo teach a course on how to evade taxes???? I mean, COME ON!!!!

I know now why my taxes are so very high. We are paying for all those who evade paying their taxes. It is a shame that so many people appear to be living above their means and expect everyone else to pay for their lavish spending habits.
Hi Rain. You are up early again. Xoxo

Hey Sandy!! ❤️❤️❤️ It seems bravo faux-Celebes think taxes are optional or something 🙂 I hope you and a great weekend and ready for another week xoxo

I don’t think Nene actually lives above her means. She had some slip-ups in her first seasons with showing off, but since has long become notorious for bing a cheapskate, often being made fun of in Atlanta social circles for driving the same car for 4+ years. I think if anything, she’s hoarding. Has likely paid the normal taxes with her airport restaurant franchise, but has been lax on the freelance showbiz stuff. Still, it’s not nice that you have to pay higher taxes because of folks like her who can clearly afford it.

I live in one of the states with the highest tax burden, New Jersey. After reading about the Giudices, Lauritas, and Al Manzo, etc., just from the RHONJ, and then this, I became even more upset. It is a shame that the ones who do pay have to make up for those who do not. It was not an attack on Nene. I do not know the specifics. I only know it is a lot of money to owe, and if we all did that, we would all be rich too but at what cost.

True, but paying Nene 2.5 mil to return to the show…LOL,LOL!

Even in UK we ha people that think they are to famous to pay!
What has the reality culture done to our lives!

ha s/be have!

It’s okay. I knew what you meant, Suze! Yes, Bravo finds them all. I guess happy people with more normal lives don’t want to be on reality TV? Also, the weirder they are, the more they want them. I am watching a rerun of Live with Kelly and she has Andy guest co-hosting…and it is a rerun. Live with Kelly is never live in August. Anyway, I am not paying attention and it is almost over. I thought he said he would like Kathie Lee Gifford as an Orange County Housewife, since she acts like one…but I was not paying… Read more »

Oh Lord, not Kathy Lee lol! Yawn! There is no mystery there. We know everything about her

I am Sandy! My daughter failed her driving test today, she left her indicator on too long at a roundabout and that is an automatic fail, my husband would fail multiple times every day! Anyway it’s all packing now getting ready for her to go home tomorrow. At least I will have my son for a few more days.
Back to the show I don’t think there is anyone with any sense that would join these shows nowadays

Oh, Suze, I feel so bad about the driving test. That seems like a very picky thing to fail someone on. Most of the time, those indicators (we call them turn signals) would go off on their own, but if you are in a circle…still, so picky. It sounds like she had an ogre testing her. I am happy you had both kids together for a bit. It is rare, I know and always so nice, I am sure. Here our little dog Corey is so happy since his bro (my youngest son) is still here. He is wagging his… Read more »

You too Sandy, you and Corey have a lovely time with E! Xoxoxoxoxxo

When he gets back from visiting a friend of his locally, he can walk him again maybe….
His old high school friend who is a gamer. They both played video games…still do a bit. 😉

Sorry about the driving test Suze. That’s a bummer 🙁

Big hug to Corey 🙂 hope he gets many walks while his brother is there ❤️❤️❤️

That’s ok, I feel for her as she has worked so hard for it to fail on something so silly Xoxox heyho!

How soon can she retake the test?

He will get a few more, I hope….walks with his bro. The longest walks seem to be with me, and that’s okay. The hub likes to walk him too, when he is here. Corey is small but he can walk. 🙂

Size. Bless her heart. Know she was heart broken. Mean ol’ driving instructor.


Suze I’m sorry , tell your beautiful daughter to keep trying . It took me 3 times before I passed . I kept felling because of stupid stuff , like turning the wrong way and the parallel parking

Ironically Suze , most of these people had humble childhoods so you would think that they believe in paying their fair share to help others

You would think so but it seems to make them the opposite! Xoxoxxo

Wow, we could all be rich if we didn’t pay our taxes! C’mon NeNe and Greg………you all need to “get with the program” and pay your dues for being “RICH”.

How true! Early retirement, no debts, etc., would be very nice, if it was legal!
Everyone wants to live a lifestyle they cannot afford, but most of us actually pay our taxes and will not do that.

What is with these people and not paying their taxes? If for no other reason, this makes me despise them all the more.

Shampagne lifestyle on a beer budget 🙂

Rain. Moe like Shamripple

Princess of Strogonoff

They drink Miller High Life…the champagne of beers

Seems Nene would rather pay her very, very, bad plastic surgeon who has rendered her unrecognizable than pay her taxes.

Not that I wish I’ll on anyone, but it couldn’t happen to a nicer person. She is Hood rich, & an arrogant POS!

P.S. her house is not in Atlanta. The most God awful asymmetrical house, I have ever seen.

Trust, & Believe. I cannot pay any higher taxes. They Tax my Lilly, white ass to Death!!!
Tax for single, tax because I don’t have children, etc.
The only new tax that I want is, the ” Stupid People tax.” Tax all he dumb asses that take up too much space. Implement this, country would be debt free with in 2 years max. 😉

I can tell Thai riles you up Plaid lol ❤️

This riles you up, typo!

You must disable autocorrect, Rain! But that was funny…Thai for that. 🙂 Taxes…in one of the states with the very highest tax burden are unbelievable to many elsewhere in the country. We even have a tax in my state if you leave the state. It is called an Exit tax. There are other taxes if you leave permanently…too. It never ends. Yes, I understand what riled up is too! It hurts to pay for those who don’t pay. I am in NJ and we know about the Giudices, Lauritas and Manzos just from one show…and it is the pits. I… Read more »

Yes i need to disable autocorrect lol! I share your pain about NY taxes. As if California wasn’t bad enough, San Francisco adds it’s own pile on of taxes. It’s just incredible how much you have to pay just to live here. All this extra money is allegedly to help the homeless, who are mostly refusing to be helped. Very frustrating

Yes, you do have the homeless there. Affording to live in SF is not easy for most. You are lucky to be able to live there. You are also lucky to have more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the U.S., so I hope you get to eat out, or at least get the most amazing takeout!
You should have lower taxes because of all of those businesses, maybe?!

Yes I feel fortunate , we had this place since the 70s so even before SF was a thing , really. No way we can afford it now or even find the size of our place. The restaurants are amazing for sure but my husband and I have always been ‘hole in the wall’ kinda people. We are not ‘foodies ‘ in the sense that we like super complicated pricey restaurants. Every once in a while we do something fancy for an anniversary but we always feel ‘meh’ afterwards! I’m defiantly not into eating foam or frozen nitrogen dessert or… Read more »

You were lucky to get in early before it all changed. It is best to make your own food, and I do that all weekdays, yet we did get Thai takeout on Sat. 😉 It is expensive to eat out. I do remember a place in SF years ago that was a tapas bar and a microbrewery. Unique. I loved the tapas. Hub loved both beer and tapas. Then again we both loved the seafood too… Cioppino. 🙂

Do they not tax your girls? Xoxoxo Doggy tax will be next you know! Xoxox

I paid a state tax for my little parrot yearly for years until the stopped sending the form. He is almost 20 now. It was a wildlife fee of some sort. The dog has a yearly license fee, and they charge more if a dog is not spayed or neutered which is commonplace here. We have gasoline tax (petro?) They want to tax cars for their mileage next. A car will be equipped with tracking to tell how far it travels and tax by the mile. I dread that. It never ends. Here in NJ we have major highways with… Read more »

Yes the bridges have $6 tolls each time you cross. And on the news last month, they DID say California is exploring the mileage fee!! Just atrocious

Here the tolls at bridges (and tunnels between NJ and NY) are double that and going up soon too. I do feel they should repair the bridges. Some are in bad shape.

We even have tolls in Scotland roads and bridges, some not all!

Not all here either, but anything major, especially over a major river like the Hudson River and the Delaware River which are between states from NJ to NY and PA.

I wish I could right them off. They are high maintenance, like me. Lol

@ Suze.

That’s just why you love them! My dog has all organic food and it costs a fortune and we only have one! So I know what you mean. Xoxoxox

We went to the pet store yesterday and spent over 300.00. Enough supplies and food for about 2 weeks . Then there is the twice a year vet bills ( for 5 dogs ) needless to say we spend a ton of money on our babies .

Two weeks? That is outrageous! You are an amazing fur mom! I do spoil my little dog too. I make him organic chicken and put some in with his dry dog food. I have changed dry dog food more than a few times, trying to get the best ingredients, the most reputable company, no outsourcing of ingredients, a food he tolerates well, that he will want to eat (fussy dog) and in a small size for his tiny mouth. I have even crushed larger food smaller (with a mortar and pestle) for him. (The vet says absolutely no canned dog… Read more »
Thank you Sandy . You are an awesome doggy mom. Two of our dogs have severe food allergies . So severe that they have seizures if they eat the wrong things . So they only get limited ingredient grain free food . The other 3 get science diet . That’s what my vet said is the best plus flee prevention and joint supplements and of course grain free treats . That also includes the donations we make to the spca
I am so worried about some dog food manufacturers. I have read a bunch about them. I check dogfoodadvisor, dog food guru, whole dog journal, etc. I don’t give raw and am not into that, but I do not want food from a company that has had recalls, especially if it is mass produced somewhere else and not at the company itself. Also some companies outsource from China. I also will not give certain ingredients. I give a grain free diet. I do my best. We can only try. I understand that you are cautious about what you feed your… Read more »

Our vet put Meg on ProPlan Duo Delice light after she was raped by the local Tibetan terrier and we had to get her the morning after pill and have her spayed! She has Lilly Kitchen for breakfast which is an organic soft food. I wouldn’t touch a lot of the brands. Coxox

Wow. That was a difficult ordeal for poor Meg. I know yoi take great care of her, too.
I guess Purina has factories in the UK. I never heard of sterilised food here. Lily’s is UK and not here. I was feeding food from Canada and am again…different brand, but all locally sourced in Canada.

Nasty little dog came right into our house, I was staining front and back door at the time so both slightly open, I came in to see it spraying on the stairs post sex and Meg crying Rubbing her little botty on the floor! I got hold of the dog and took it back to the owners then took Meg straight to the vets. He confirmed what I thought and gave her the pill, we had her spayed a few days later. Then I gave them the bill! His dog hasn’t been seen wandering free since!

Suze oh my that is so sad. I’m glad you gave them the bill. I hope that Meg is ok now and not too traumatized

Yes, the male dog should be watched. Male dogs can sense an intact female dog in heat up to 3 miles away. Many male dogs have been killed when struck by cars, etc., because this sense is so strong. I feel sorry for your dog. I have actually seen a neighbor’s dog mounted by another neighbor’s dog in the past and told them.

She was fine just after the op! I wasn’t!

Omg Suze, what a horrible ordeal!!!! I’m shuddering

Poor Meg. Suze I’m sorry that’s horrendous. No means no even for dogs

I highly doubt that Nene was offered 2.5 mil to come back for a full season. Where do people pull this crap out of? That would make her BY FAR the highest paid real housewife and Bravo never gives out this information. I call BS

I don’t believe it either but Andy is becoming dumb in his old age so I’m not sure anymore 🙂

If she was offered that salary,& she turned them down, she truly is a dumb, rich bitch.
Her ,& Greg have a bad reputation in Atl. Both have screwed people.

Well if that was indeed the offer, she better call Andy quick and see if it’s still on the table 🙂

@Bravo has proven itself “an idiot” of a corp,….they will probably pay that big dough but could actually offer her $1mil and she would take it.

I’m not surprised at that Southern. Never liked her and never will. I’m not sure there is anyone on ATL that I do like these days! Xoxoxox

Idiot of a corp? I don’t always like who they bring onto these shows but I wouldn’t exactly say that. They pay what they can afford based on the money they recoup as one of NBC Universal’s higher performing networks. Based on current performance and their level of paying advertisers willing to invest in those time slots, I’d say they know what they’re doing. Although I must say I’ve long tired of Nene and her Prima Donna antics, always willing to publicly assassinate her cast mates (knowing full well how her rabid fan base will rally for her); she is… Read more »

Never liked this vulgar creature! Pay your bills you parasitic Moose! Hope you get to model an orange jumpsuit for a long time!!