NeNe To Bravo: I Will Quit If You Don’t Fire Kenya


Real Housewives of Atlanta veteran NeNe Leakes is threatening to quit the show if Bravo does not fire Kenya Moore, MediaTakeOut reports. “NeNe has given Bravo word that she DOES NOT want to return for next season… unless Kenya Moore is fired. NeNe has basically given Bravo an ultimatum — fire Kenya, or she QUITS. And NeNe is serious about it too,” the site reports.

Th website also reports that Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams could be replaced with Natalie Williams and Mynique Smith. It has also been reported that Phaedra Parks might not return to the show due to her husband’s legal issues and upcoming trial.

However, GossipCop is reporting that the rumors of NeNe quitting are 100% false. The site says, “A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the rumor about Leakes threatening to quit is 100 percent not true.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • One Rotten Egg

    Yet another week where nene is blaming Kenya for her own negative reaction from the viewers.

  • Jody

    Leave NeNe, leave. Do us all a favor. You are completely talentless.

    • Jazz

      Jody, very well said . Nene leave , don’t let the door hit ur cracked heels … Lol

  • Kenya is crazy, but Nene is just “hood”…
    She’s gonna spend her money very quickly and be bankrupt for season 7…

  • DebAnn

    No one, NO ONE wants Ne Ne off the show. She IS the show & viewers love her. Kenya needs to go regardless!! She is really hard to take in every way. I never saw someone so in love with herself. I can’t believe she was some beauty queen or model or whatever. She is not the least bit attractive to me inside or out in ANY way whatsoever. She needs to go, and take that oversized ego with her.

    • No one – and I mean no one wants NENE to stay — she has got the biggest mouth in all the housewives — Just because her show was cancelled before it hit the screen is all on her — also Glee is cancelling all her appearances too — so GOOD BYE NENE = GOOD BYE NENE GOOD BYE NENE WE WILL REJOICE IN GLEE WHEN YOUR GONE ====Kenya was Miss Universe get that right — and Kenya should be in love with herself == You know the saying — you have to love yourself first before you can love anyone else — Kenya is very attractive and we all know it

  • PixNTrix

    Here’s hoping…my fingers are crossed. Bravo please keep Kenya!!!

  • Kitty

    Bye Felicia! You think you are too good for RHOA? Girl, please. Just like it made you what you are, it will do the exact same for your replacement. This has all gone to your head and I believe that quitting will help you to realize that the show will go on.#onemonkeydontstopnoshow

  • Please do us all a favor and leave nene leave! Lol! She can be replaced. Besides this has all gone to her HEAD! And I agree with the above person that nene will no doubt be broke by season 7 LOL! I can’t stop laughing! Public Humiliation! !!!!!

  • Ciryn Bristoll

    I want them both to stay but to NeNe to get her sense back

  • Do not let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you — Nene always thought her shit did not stink — But her farts are giving her away — KARMA — I love KARMA == Plus this is what was said ::
    However, GossipCop is reporting that the rumors of NeNe quitting are 100% false. The site says, “A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the rumor about Leakes threatening to quit is 100 percent not true.”

    Nene cannot afford to quit — The New Normal was cancelled before it hit the screen — Glee is using her what — very sparingly — why not it was her JOHN that got her all those deals — YOU know that man that she was going with while still married to Gregg — Go Home Nene — The Strip joints do not even want you now — You always had a big mouth and that is why you are all alone when Andy Cohen has to speak to you== You never let anyone else talk — YOU SCREAM == Karma is a beautiful thing == She is rearing her head and going right after your heels Nene — Run Nene Run

  • G from jersey

    Nene u r so jealous of all the beautiful girls and u have gotten rude,mean, and so ugly and add no talent and I believe u should be grateful that u have rhoa . Cause ur money running out. U used everyone including John ur Italian ex-friend. And now u have no one left, cause johns not gonna be used again. So, be careful for what you’re demanding, they may just tell u to ‘go ahead’ and quit. And u know what , I don’t think anybody cares anymore about u and your diva crap.

  • G from jersey

    Oh and by the way nene , the way u behaved and acted at Kenya’s charity event was so classless. And your excuse that u didn’t know what it was all about and that u didn’t know how to dress and etc .was so pathetic. Your fAce showed your jealousy and nobody’s buying your act. The whole world saw NEne Leakes true colors. You lost most of your fans that night and truthfully everyone hopes you do quit or leave. I couldn’t believe you stooped that low.

  • Guest

    She is not going to leave. Bravo will most likely say ‘fine leave’ and knowing the attention fame craving whore that this talentless hack is, she will not follow through with her statements and stay and sign the contract for a 7th season even if Kenya is still in the show.

  • Roxstar

    I do like the cast of RHOA…It is the most fascinating cast….I hope that NeNe will calm down and regain the positive person she started this season…I have very little tolerance for Kenya…I think she does and says things for her story line ” I am going to have a baby” ” I have a African prince” but not “me and my African prince are planning to have a baby”…seems like crazy talk…I hope they keep Porshia…see is becoming the one to watch….Let’s see more of Kandi’s play as a story line….

  • So quit already…you are over the hill.

  • Chrissy H

    I don’t believe that because if Kenya was so popular and the star of a show with a title that doesn’t even DESCRIBE her, King Andy Cohen would have said “bye Mrs. Leaks, it’s been nice working with you”. He won’t do that.

  • bobbie

    Nene can leave if she wants to , This Bravo fault because they blow Nene headup like she is this big star , Bravo needs to bring her down , Its cal RHOA not Nene in her side kicks in the hood .

  • s

    Bravo, PLEASE

  • s

    Bravo, PLEASE don’t give in to Ne Ne’s ultimatum! I am so sick of seeing her tromp around like some queen bee and having everyone kiss her ass! Are the producers of Bravo going to line up and kiss her ass, too? She’s a loud-mouth, screaming, trashy, disgusting person. I’m sick of seeing her!

    • Jody

      Kenya is so pretty. I think NeNe is obviously jealous of her. NeNe needs to go. The party’s over,girl.

  • Andrea

    I love Kenya on the show. I think she’s hilarious and obnoxious.

  • JustAthought

    I think maybe NeNe was instrumental in getting Sheree fired so maybe she thinks she can do the same with Kenya. NeNe is no superstar and she is fearful her popularity will be overshadowed by Kenya. Kenya was brought in to take Sheree place as the villain. There is a villain on every Housewife show. NeNe last two episode behavior has made me defend Kenya and I don’t like defending Kenya. But maybe the other ladies need to freeze NeNe out to take her down a peg. Has anyone ever heard NeNe apologize to the other ladies for anything?