Napolitano Sisters Both Facing Civil Lawsuits


New Real Housewives of New Jersey cast mates Teresa and Nicole Napolitano are also facing legal problems, RadarOnline is reporting. Court documents reveal that both sisters are facing civil judgements against them totaling thousands of dollars. In 2012, Nicole, whose married name is Mauriello, faced a lawsuit from Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute which alleged she hadn’t paid an outstanding medical bill of $1599.52. She was ordered to pay a total of $1,882.72 which included court fees. The site reports that since Nicole defaulted on $557.86 of the total amount, a levy was filed against her bank account last February.

Nicole’s sister Teresa, whose married name is Apea, has also been dealing with civil judgements. She was sued by Capital One, in 2010 for an unpaid charge of $1,702.08. Teresa entered into a “Stipulation of Settlement” with the company in October 2010, agreeing to pay $1,392.44, less than the whole amount she owed. But according to documents obtained by Radar she only paid $850.00 and when she defaulted on the rest, the total she owed increased to another $1.094.19.

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5 Replies to “Napolitano Sisters Both Facing Civil Lawsuits”

  1. Where’s the official announcement about these scumbag sisters being on the show? The one on the left is sucking in that gut for all she’s worth.

  2. What?!?!? Real Housewives that can’t or don’t pay their bills? I’m sad to know we have two more deadbeats joining the franchise.

  3. OMG! Is this really the best my home state has to offer? Another two bimbos? I have always been proud to be a Jersey Girl and had a great childhood. I now live in CT and am so sick and tired of defending these delusional moronic jail birds who truly believe they are stars. Why do they believe this? Their equally delusional “fans” tell them so! The saddest part of this endless saga is the Guidice girls and my heart breaks for them.
    PS: Buh-bye Kathy & Richie – no matter how long you stand by your man, Kathy, he is a chauvinistic disgusting creep.

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