Nancy Grace Predicts The Giudices Will Both Go To Jail


Nancy Grace appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night and when a caller asked her if she thinks Teresa and Joe Giudice will go to jail, she had a very blunt answer to give. “I think that they [the charges] are founded, sadly for the franchise. I think they were in it together and you can get away with shoplifting, maybe stealing a car, but don’t mess with feds. When it comes to money, never mess with the tax man, never mess with the feds… they have no mercy.” Nancy continues, “I predict they’re going down and as much as Martha Stewart was used, I think they will be used as an example to other people.”

“Really?” a shocked Andy Cohen said. “And you think they were in it together? She had told me she absolutely had no idea.”

Nancy stares at Andy and asks, “Did she sign her name on those documents? Did she? Did they get money from money, bank loans, etc from signing those documents? Did they?”

Andy gulps and answers, “I don’t know.” Watch the clip below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo