Nancy Grace Predicts The Giudices Will Both Go To Jail


Nancy Grace appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night and when a caller asked her if she thinks Teresa and Joe Giudice will go to jail, she had a very blunt answer to give. “I think that they [the charges] are founded, sadly for the franchise. I think they were in it together and you can get away with shoplifting, maybe stealing a car, but don’t mess with feds. When it comes to money, never mess with the tax man, never mess with the feds… they have no mercy.” Nancy continues, “I predict they’re going down and as much as Martha Stewart was used, I think they will be used as an example to other people.”

“Really?” a shocked Andy Cohen said. “And you think they were in it together? She had told me she absolutely had no idea.”

Nancy stares at Andy and asks, “Did she sign her name on those documents? Did she? Did they get money from money, bank loans, etc from signing those documents? Did they?”

Andy gulps and answers, “I don’t know.” Watch the clip below.

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9 Replies to “Nancy Grace Predicts The Giudices Will Both Go To Jail”

  1. I disagree with Nancy. I don’t believe Teresa is guilty of anything but believing in her low life husband. She was raised Catholic by old world Italian parents who believe the husband is the head of the family and makes all the decisions.
    I think Joe put papers in front of her and told her to sign and she did. She is not the brightest bulb in the box and probably had no idea that Joe was doing anything wrong. Whatever he told her it was about – she being the dutiful wife believed it. Divorce is not an option to some Catholics, but I would never stay with a man who called me the B and C words for all to hear. I AM NOT A FAN OF TERESA’S but I really do not believe she really knew what she was doing.

  2. “Nancy stares at Andy and asks, “Did she sign her name on those documents? Did she? Did they get money from money, bank loans, etc from signing those documents? Did they?”

    Well now, Nancy, that’s the million dollar question, right? If the feds can’t prove she signed those docs then they can’t prove those claims. But, I am assuming they have video proof of her signing all this stuff, after all, the Government is never wrong, right?

    Let’s wait and see how it all pans out instead of jumping the gun and instantly ASSUMING that everything that Government (known for its truthfulness and ethics, by the way) says holds true.

  3. I guess Andy has no one to talk about on his show but Teresa. It’s terrible that he always has to bring this up. These are people’s lives you are talking about. Regardless if they are guilty or not it’s no ones business especially his. I truly believe that he really does hate them which is why he always bring it up to keep the story alive.

    1. Debbie – Don’t forget that Teresa is PAID very well by Bravo to be the topic of conversation. She could have asked for a leave of absence so that she and her children would be out of the lime light until all her legal issues were resolved but she chose to stay so she can’t complain now.

  4. I have never been a big fan of Nancy Grace until now!! She won my respect when she was brave enough to call it like it is… Teresa knew what she was doing and is going to prison.

  5. I don’t think Andy hates Teresa – he just loves the ratings. He reminds me of and impish little gremlin always trying to cause trouble.

    1. Aunt Bee, I agree that Andy definitely stirs the pot! I don’t think Bravo would be what it is without Andy’s “instigation” of events–so I gotta say I love him for it! I have to disagree with your comments about Teresa, however–at least from a legal perspective. In the eyes of the law, she was a competent individual who signed her name on the dotted line. Blind devotion….unwavering loyalty….whatever the reason may be, she signed those documents as a willing participant. That’s what will hurt her. Teresa had no idea what she was doing and what the consequences might be for signing those papers. She trusted her husband and that was her only fault. Assuming those are her actual signatures on those documents (Anoneemouse, point well taken!), she’s going down.

  6. Notatrehugger – I agree with you. She should have removed herself from the spotlight. But that is Teresa – loves the spotlight and the attention.

  7. Think back a few years ago to the episode where Teresa was shopping for furniture for her house.
    Who takes $250K CASH (and I am pretty sure she had more left in her hand) to a furniture store? I feel like if everything they did was on the up and up then there would have been no need for that! I think they are both very guilty. I remember even then that it was very very odd for her to do that!
    I also think that until the court case is over with then she should be removed from the show!
    Joe ha!ha! what a POS he is. The ONLY positive thing iI have ever seen about him is he does love his children.
    Teresa may come off on the show as a dingbat kind of person but please people, you don’t write 4 top selling books and have a wine business and hair care line and all the other things she has going on and not be a pretty intelligent person!
    Take the blinders off, uncle sam doesn’t bring “39” charges against people if they don’t have pretty solid evidence! She might not have known everything, but I bet she knew more then she didn’t

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