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I had the opportunity to interview the lovely Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York! Sonja discusses what she has been doing while she is not filming the show, she tells us about her daughter, talks about her divorce, updates us on her dating life, discusses her friendship with Ramona Singer and The Countess, and of course talks about the show! Read our interview below!

Hi Sonja! I’m so excited you agreed to do this interview with me! How have you been doing and what have you been up to?
“I’ve been great. My daughter and I just returned from skiing in Gstaad, Switzerland, and we were in Nashville, TN for the Holiday. Next we are off to Phuket, Thailand. When I’m not filming it’s a great time to travel to family and to see dear friends around the world since I’m not tied to a production schedule. It’s reality TV but the reality is we have to be together as a group. Therefore I have to be where the camera is. It’s one thing to coordinate my private life, and my business off camera time, but quite another to just take off in the middle of the filming schedule! We also went through a spree of charity work just before we left. After two hurricanes my umbrella of children, artists, animals, and LGBT really needed some help.  Especially the homeless after the devastation.  Some of our homeless were suddenly homeless AGAIN! New Yorkers have incredible strength.”

How did Bravo originally approach you to join the cast of RHONY?
STM: “When it was Manhattan Moms and they had Jill Zarin. How perfect would that have been? We are both Sagittarius women so we have a lot in common, like “foot in mouth syndrome”. LOL. But, we are also completely different in other ways. However, I like contrast in my life. Diversity makes the world more interesting. I soak up other cultures like a chameleon. I have always been flexible and light on my feet. I turned it down at first not knowing where Reality TV was headed.  After I saw how well the girls were doing I called up to see if they were still interested and they sent the camera’s the next day.  I’m very fortunate to have found a niche for myself.”

You have a daughter, can you tell us a little about her? How old is she? What is she like?
STM: “She is 12, demure, refined, well-mannered, artistic, diplomatic, beyond her years in maturity, shows horses, a straight-A student, loves history and other cultures, languages. We are very close and have dinner together every night at 6 pm with “Team Sonja”. I’m very proud of her. I’m grateful for the support we have from family, friends, colleagues and the opportunities Bravo has given us.”

Viewers have watched you overcome your divorce and the heartache that came with it. What is your best advice for women going through the same type of situation?
STM: “I live in the moment. You can’t change others. I am too trusting. My advice is never depend on what others promise. You can only count on yourself at the very end as much as others may love you. I suggest getting the best education as possible, as much life experience under your belt, marry your best friend and if you have a child realize the mother is the one emotionally and financially who is really responsible. Make your decision to have children wisely. They are our everything! They are the world!

Also, don’t co-mingle your assets! I have so much more to share but it would be another show, another book!”

Are you currently dating anyone?
STM: “I broke off a couple years with someone I was seeing steady. Now I am dating, but no one seriously. I am very focused on building my lifestyle company Sonja Innovative Living, and continuing to write. As you may or may not know I produced The Marsh and was in the process of writing a sexy novel to convert to a screenplay when I started with RHONY. However, the viewers picked up on the fact I cook in a toaster oven and wanted recipes! Then I was booking appearances doing so. Well, of course, it isn’t just about the meals, it’s the whole gamut. Inside tips on how to look like a diva but not act like one. How I manage to do it all and how to be happy in ones own skin, especially during adversity.”

Everyone loves watching ‘Sexy Sonja!’ What has been the best time in your life; your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s?
STM: “Well, youth and beauty sure are wonderful. One should enjoy every minute. In every sense. However age has it benefits. Wisdom is powerful and I enjoy sharing. I have a Pisces moon. Gemini rising. This makes my heart philanthropic and my Gemini makes me a natural communicator. That’s one reason I started my newsletter, and my “how to” videos on YouTube and my website.”

How long have you known Ramona Singer? What about The Countess?
STM: “I’ve known Ramona since straight out of college when we were in the business world. Buying our first cars, apartments, gym memberships, monogrammed towels. LOL. We were both very independent types who were at the same time passionate about family, friends, and love. We didn’t see each other much after marriage because I summered in St. Tropez and she was in the Hamptons. She and I both knew to buy real estate early! Then I built in Telluride and she’s more an Aspen girl. Lu Lu I met when we both were divorcés. We have had a bowl together. She is a ton a fun. She doesn’t really show it on camera.  Hopefully, we will have more scenes together. Then you will see.”

People love watching you and Ramona, you are hilarious together! Are you friends when the show isn’t filming?
STM: “Yes. She is a wonderful friend. We can fight like cats and dogs but always have each others backs. Always. Because she is a good person. We also have a great chemistry together. We work hard, play hard. We respect each other and don’t judge.”

What was your initial reaction when Bravo fired Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, and Kelly Bensimon?
STM: “I was surprised but you have to trust Bravo. They have their reasons. Season 5 RHONY ratings just kept rising steadily once the new girls were on board and we got past the Olympics and the Presidential Debate. The Real Housewives Franchise was voted top 10 on the influential women on TV by Zimbio. The Housewives spin offs are our next most successful. I’m very proud to be a part of the wave. I love the forum. It helps me to help my charities of last two & half decades even more and, like I said, a way to share all I’ve lived and learned. The young girls especially crave these discussions. Anything from surgery, fashion on up to sex!”

How do you feel adding Heather, Carole, and Aviva changed the dynamic of the cast in Season 5?
STM: “I moved to NY because of its cultural diversity and its tolerance. I love being American for this same reason. Bravo brought in 3 individuals that contrast us each in many ways. At the same time we share many qualities. Good ones! This is what makes life interesting. The viewer can relate and feel better for a few minutes! They are not alone in this crazy fast paced world.”

Season 6 of RHONY has been up in the air and viewers have been wondering what’s going on and why filming hasn’t started. Can you comment on this?
STM: “I didn’t realize it was up in the air? We filmed so long and hard last season to get the girls up to speed. Which they are. I think we deserve some rest. 🙂 Also, production decides when is the best time to film within a four seasoned year. Depending where we left off.  I’m very happy you miss us though!  We are nothing without our viewers.”

If you could bring a Housewife from another city on RHONY, who would it be and why?
STM: “Oh, I don’t know. I’ll leave that up to casting. I meet people to like them. But, I don’t spend time with people who work against me. I haven’t spent enough time with the other wives to know who that would be ultimately. They don’t have to be perfect. They would just have to be real. Who do you think is the most real on the other franchises?”

How is your Toaster Oven coming along? Are you working on any other projects?
STM: “Sonja Innovative Living is a total lifestyle concept. How to have luxury in your life without breaking the bank. People got that with the toaster oven cooking. After the photo shoot with Heather I met with prospective investors, retailers and they want a total “Sonja” concept. For example when I do a toaster cooking demo, people buy mitts, aprons, dresses, lipstick, perfume, shoes accessories etc. I’m especially known for my accesories, and budgeting ways! It’s the traffic I bring to the stores when I am booked for an appearance. Toaster ovens are marked down for the very same reason. Floor traffic. So this is the direction the brand is going.  How I can help other’s implement what is already in their lives to get where they want to go.  They always ask me how I did it, how I manage single motherhood, how I put myself through school, lived in Europe, met all the interesting people I met, built the marriage and homes I have, how I get through the change, and manage to maintain relationships, and my positive outlook towards what is important in life. Family, friends, love, health whoever you call God.”

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
STM: “I call them viewers. RHONY has a highly sophisticated viewer who is discerning and who very much reflects parts of us. I just want to thank them for watching and understanding it takes, as Executive Producer and host of WWHL Andy Cohen says 85 hrs to make one 45 minute episode. So you only see the most dramatic parts. Read his book. Some fun tidbits there. Please check out my website and utilize my social media links and newsletter. Onwards and upwards. America the Beautiful. We have so much to be grateful for, so lets share.”

Yours sincerely,
Sonja Tremont Morgan


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  1. Sonja is a horrible role model to her daughter. She is a drunk and it’s sad to see someone go off with random men. Yuck she’s filthy.

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