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I recently had the opportunity to interview Real Housewives of New York’s Aviva Drescher! Aviva talks about her experience on Season 5 of RHONY, which of the women she built the closest bond with, her regrets and hesitations, the current status of her friendship with Ramona Singer, and much more! You can read our interview below!

In your intro sequence you say you were born and raised in NY. What part of NY are you originally from?
AD: “Manhattan. The Upper West Side.”

Is it true that you are friends with Bethenny Frankel, and that she had a part in you getting cast on RHONY?
AD: “We are acquaintances. She is the one who got me the job.”

Did you have any hesitations about joining the cast?
AD: “Yes! For one month I changed my mind daily. I was so worried about my children, my husband, and the “housewife curse.” Ultimately I chose to be a caricature on TV in an effort to help amputees, physically challenged, and to celebrate all differences.”

How would you sum up your first Season on RHONY? 
AD: “I got to have a front row seat and a back stage pass to something phenomenal in our pop culture. I had a blast, and worked very hard.”

What was the hardest thing about watching yourself on TV?  
AD: “I was portrayed at the end as someone who dwells on my prosthetic leg and anxiety. This was a false representation of me and it somewhat undermined my whole goal which was to show viewers that ‘its all not a big deal.'”

There have been rumors in the media that you and Ramona are feuding, can you comment? Do you and Ramona currently have any sort of friendship?
AD: “We do not speak. I have tried to reach out to her and offered to take Ramona and Mario to dinner. She has preferred to hold a grudge.”

Which of the ladies would you say you connected with the most while filming Season 5?
AD: “While filming, I connected most to Carole Radziwill.”

Season 6 of RHONY has been up in the air and viewers have been wondering what’s going on and why filming hasn’t started. Can you comment on this?
AD: “No comment. (Sorry!)”

I heard you on the Talking Wives podcast, and you said something I thought was very interesting. You said that RHONY had the potential to be as successful as RHOBH in the ratings, and that you thought the show needed new producers. Can you elaborate?
AD: “I think the visuals on RHOBH are incredible. That has a lot to do with cinematography and what is chosen to be shot. That is a production responsibility.”

Did you watch any of The Real Housewives prior to joining the show?
AD: “I watched some of them intermittently.”

Who is one of your favorite Housewives?
AD: “I like all the housewives in every franchise. They are hard woking in a very difficult industry and have tremendous courage. I probably favor the one who drums up the most drama because they are putting themselves on the line in an effort to help the franchise.”

Are you currently working on any projects?
AD: “Yes!”

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
AD: “Thank you for watching! Xo”

Side Note: RHONY Season 6 is set to start filming in April and it will air in Fall. For more details, you can  click here.

Photo Credit: Bravo


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