Exclusive Interview With RHONJ Priscilla DiStasio

Priscilla DiStastio

I recently had the privledge of interviewing Ms. Priscilla DiStasio! You probably know her as the BFF and makeup artist of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice, but there’s a lot more to her you probably don’t know! She’s a very talented makeup artist, and is extremely passionate about what she does! She’s extremely sweet, down to earth, and loyal, all qualities I admire! Priscilla shares with me what inspires her, makeup tricks, talks about her relationship with Teresa, and even discusses all the rumors surrounding her role on Season 5 of RHONJ!

Where are you originally from?
PD: “I’m originally from Queens, NY.”

Where do you currently live?
PD: “I live in NY!”

I have to say, you are gorgeous! What’s your nationality?
PD: “Thank uuuu!! I’m Italian, Irish, and Polish! :)”

What inspired you to become a makeup artist?
PD: “I started out modeling, and shortly after became so intrigued with what makeup can do and how rewarding it was at the end of the day when you can make someone feel so special by helping others bring out their beauty!”

Who are some of the celebrities you have worked with?
PD: “I have worked with actress Traci Lords, the beautiful and talented Raquel Castro from NBC’s “The Voice,” the gorgeous Dina Manzo and Kim D from RHONJ, a ton of up and coming artists, and of course my friend, Teresa Giudice.”

What is one of your favorite makeup tricks?
PD: “One trick that I like to use often is; when you begin to apply your makeup use a light based concealer to cover as many imperfections you feel you have and spread it throughout your face. This way when you use foundation you will not need to use as much, therefore you are not left with a “cakey” face. Always blend well. :)”

Are you working on any modeling projects?
PD: “At this very moment not yet, just keeping Teresa looking fabulous for Season 5!”

Are you currently dating anyone?
PD: “I am in a very loving and supportive relationship with a very special someone :)” (See the picture of Priscilla and her boyfriend Johnny Loaiza below.)

I know that you and Teresa Giudice are very close friends! How did you and Teresa meet?
“Yes, we are like sisters. We actually met when I was finishing up a show on VH1 called “My big Friggin’ Wedding.” I went to meet her at a signing with my clients from the show and handed her my card. Then she called me on that NYE, and we have been together ever since.”

What would you say made you and Teresa bond so quickly?
PD: “Well, Teresa is very real and I respect that about her. Some people will either love you, hate you, or respect your honesty. Not to mention every time we’re together all we do is laugh, so thats key to any relationship.”

What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about Teresa?
PD: “I think the biggest misconception about Teresa is that she can very easily come off cold, and for being who she is I dont blame her, because it’s hard to trust people when you’re in her type of spotlight. But within time she is a big mush, very caring, and a great friend. Viewers have to remember that they don’t always see every side to the whole story.”

How long have you been doing Teresa’s make-up?
PD: “This will be my 3rd year with Tre.”

Do you find yourself being protective of Teresa when people attack her character? 
PD: “I definitely do. Whether it be her doing interviews or blogs that are written. At the end of the day she is just like everyone else except her personal life is magnified and then judged. I stick up for her just as I would for any friend that I have.”

There have been many rumors swirling about your role on Season 5 of RHONJ! Can you comment on how much we will be seeing you?
“With filming you never know, as they cut and edit EVERYTHING!  So with that said, you’ll just have to keep on watching! :)”

Do you watch any of the other Housewives shows? If so, who are some of your favorite Housewives?
PD: “I do! I love Beverly Hills. I’m friendly with Camille, who also got a bad rep, but she is also a very sweet person. I do love all the women on that one. Can’t get enough!”

Do you have any upcoming projects you are working on?
PD: “There’s a lot in store for “2013,” so you’ll have to just stay tuned!!”

What would you like viewers to know about you?
PD: “I wouldn’t mind them recognizing me first and foremost for my talent as a makeup artist. I love what I do and it is a true passion of mine. I’m also just a very real, caring, and loving person that tries to help out wherever and whenever I can. I enjoy life to the fullest and always keep a positive outlook on life and what it has to offer! :)”

Priscilla DiStasio

Photo Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Priscilla DiStasio


6 Replies to “Exclusive Interview With RHONJ Priscilla DiStasio”

  1. Love to see what you look like Lisa.. hmm ?? She bought that dress from Kim D’s store and so did Teresa. She actually does my makeup and is a friend and she extremely sweet, talented and beautiful. Love the insecure people!

  2. I agree Anonymous. I have learned, in my many years on earth, that almost all of the women I’ve interacted with who criticized another woman’s appearance are very insecure about their own. Also, they are usually the last ones who should be negatively commenting on anyone else’s looks. It’s a character flaw to judge another in this way, especially when they know nothing else about the person.

  3. This is so funny to me… I know Priscilla personally and thank goodness she barely reads this stuff. Not to be rude to anyone but she is super talented and one of the nicest people I know. Fyi- she did live in Jersey but recently moved and was married and has a child. I just feel this is humorous bc before anyone should speak they should know the facts. As far as the “man comment” goes .. thats just even more funny. That woman turns heads wherever she goes! I agree with the other 2. Jealousy and insecurities suck!

  4. This girl needs to get away from Teresa!!! That woman is evil and on her way to becoming a thing of yesterday. Go focus on your make up career Priscilla and ditch that evil woman!

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