Exclusive Interview With RHONJ Kim DePaola


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kim DePaola aka Kim “D.” As you know, Kim has been featured on The Real Housewives of New Jersey since Season 1. Most famous for orchestrating #StripperGate in Season 4, there is a lot more to Kim than the Bravo cameras show. She is a business woman, mother, and a good friend to a lot of the women who we know so well from the show. In our interview Kim and I discuss her relationships with the women of RHONJ along with many other things that I think you will find very interesting!

ATRH: Hi Kim! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview, how have you been doing?
KD: “I’m good sweetie, things have been crazy busy! How are you?”

ATRH: I’m doing very well! Congratulations on your cuff line! I saw one on Facebook that I LOVE! Can you tell us more about it and where people can view the cuffs online?
KD: “It’s called Cuffs By Kim D, and there is a website. CuffsByKimD.com, and it’s updated all the time. We’re constantly coming out with new cuffs and we’re even going to get into designing earrings! You can also go on the POSCHE website, ShopPosche.com, we have them all up and I’ve also been doing a lot of parties and events. For example, we’re having a cupcakes and cuffs party on the 26th, and Nordstroms is interested in the line! We also sell them at POSCHE, people come in from all over the country to shop at POSCHE and now they want the cuffs!”

ATRH: I heard you are opening a second Posche Boutique! Can you tell us more?
KD: “I’m opening up my second store in Ridgewood. I’m thinking we will be open in about three weeks. It’s not a big elaborate store, this is a big salon and it’s called Moxie. These two young girls started a salon and they knocked it out of the park in 1 year. They got so big they had to move into a bigger space across the street. It’s a 3 floor deal. I’m taking the bottom floor and it will be a POSCHE boutique.”

ATRH: Has RHONJ helped your business grow?
KD: “The show has helped me enormously. When I opened my store 5 years ago, this economy was in a completely different place. I was knocking down numbers before the show because the economy was better, and people were buying a lot more clothes. A year after I opened, everything crashed. That same year is the year I met Danielle {Staub] and Jacqueline [Laurita], and the show started airing and my gosh people just started coming in from everywhere! And when people walk in the store to this day, they go ‘Oh my God you’re here?’ and I’m like yeah I work here! I work for a living! [laughs]”

At the Season 3 Reunion it was revealed you and Jacqueline Laurita are close friends. Do you guys still talk on the phone everyday, and do you still have a friendship?
KD: “We are very close. Jacqueline is very busy, especially with her son, so we text everyday and I’m going to say we talk twice a week. We are always telling each other how proud we are of each other. I’m always telling her how proud I am of her and she’s always telling me how proud she is of me, she just wishes me the best. You know I have a birthday party coming up on the 11th [of April], she’s all excited, and she’ll be there. She really backs me, and really supports me, she is the real deal. I can think what I want about Jacqueline, if I don’t like something that she did, I say it… and it doesn’t matter. When you’re a good friend you can say whatever you want and vice versa.”

ATRH: Happy early birthday, by the way! I have a section on the site where we have astrology on all of The Real Housewives, I’ll have to add you to it. Are you and Aries?
KD: “I’m April 20th, so I’m on the cusp. I find that when I was younger I was a full blown Aries, and I find now that I’m a little bit older, I’m a full blown Taurus. I have that flirty side, I have some of the Aries traits, but I’m more that homebody now. I love my animals, I love my house, you know, more of the Taurus traits. I’d love to know for sure, what exactly I am. I have to ask my mom what time I was born!”

ATRH: Do you have a friendship with Caroline Manzo?
KD: “Yes. My friendship with Caroline is different. Teresa and I, we talk on the phone, we socialize. Jacqueline and I, we talk on the phone, we have socialized. They shop at my store. Caroline and I can basically talk to each other about anything, but I wouldn’t get personal with her. I would say, ‘How’s your daughter? How’s your kids? How are you feeling?’ She shops at my store, I have an enormous amount of respect for her and vice versa. But would I ever get into asking personal questions about her marriage or herself? No. It just wouldn’t happen. Do we go out to dinner? Do we go out to lunch? No. It’s a different kind of friendship.”

ATRH: Have you been able to mend your relationship with Joe and Melissa Gorga?
KD: “Yes, I am friends with them.”

ATRH: What are your thoughts on the cheating scandal surrounding Melissa Gorga? Do you believe it?=
KD: “I do not believe Melissa cheated on Joe. I have to see it for myself. I’m not going to just run around saying something like that about somebody unless I know for sure. I would have to have really good evidence to believe that Melissa cheated on Joe.”

ATRH: Do you know Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen?
KD: “No, I have never met him. I know people who know him. I know people that are very close to him, and I know he’s saying that [Melissa cheated on Joe], but who’s to say? We’ll see what kind of person he is.”

ATRH: Are you friends with John & Penny Karagiorgis? If so, how do you know them?
KD: “Yes. I am friendly with John and Penny. They’ve never done anything to me. I judge and I treat people the way that they treat me. Penny has always treated me with respect.”

ATRH: How well do you know Jennifer Dalton?
KD: “I don’t know her very well.”

ATRH: Are you and Teresa Giudice good friends when the show isn’t filming?
KD: “I love Teresa and we are very good friends. She’s a good person, a good mother, a good wife and a good friend.”

ATRH: Do you think Teresa & Jacqueline can or will ever repair their friendship?
KD: “Yes I do. I definitely think they can. Being friends with Jacqueline and being friends with Teresa when they had their falling out really, really bothered me. I was devastated. To hear about it when it happened I was upset, but when I actually watched it on screen, I got sick. I got sick to my stomach. I don’t like to see women fight.”

ATRH: What do you think one of the biggest misperceptions people have about you is?
KD: “When I see people in person they go, ‘Oh my God you’re really nice, you’re really nice.’ I’m like first of all, this is a Reality TV show. But here’s the thing; the only time you see me doing something [not nice], or doing what I did to Melissa, is when they’ve done something to me. I’ve said 100 times what she [Melissa] did to me. If you’re gonna mess with me, you’re making a big mistake, because when I mess with you… you’re gonna know it! I’m good to people who are good to me, it’s as simple as that.”

ATRH: You have been featured on RHONJ since Season 1, in your opinion, which Season has been the best?
KD: “I think it was fun when Danielle was on. I think Season 2 was good, and it was a lot of fun to shoot.”

ATRH: Since you know all the women personally, do you think RHONJ represents the cast for who they really are?
KD: “I have seen a lot of phoniness. People pretending to be something they aren’t, and it bothers me. I’m me, and I don’t care what camera is on, I don’t care who’s watching, who says anything, and I’m upset by it. I want everyone to be real.”

ATRH: Are you tired of hearing about Teresa’s problems with her brother, Joe Gorga?
KD: “Ya, we all are. We’re all tired of hearing about it. Enough is enough.”

ATRH: Are you working on any other new projects or businesses you’d like to tell us about?
KD: “Yes, it just happened today, with the two girls that I’m opening up the salon & POSCHE with; their names are Jen and Jamie and they are twins. The three of us are always putting our heads together, and we really hit it off. We are going to write a book! It’s going to be inspirational and our goal is to help women be the best they can be, and it’s going to be in a sexy and cute way.”

Stay in touch with Kim DePaola on Twitter (@KimDPosche) or check out her store at ShopPOSCHE.com and CuffsByKimD.com.

Photo Credit: Kim DePaola