Exclusive Interview With RHOM Lisa Hochstein

I recently had the opportunity to interview Real Housewife of Miami, Lisa Hochstein! She opens up about her experience on the show, what led her to join the cast, which women she connected with the most, how hard it was discussing her fertility issues on television, and she discusses the criticism she has received for her plastic surgeries. Lisa is awesome, I think she is a GREAT addition to the show, read what she had to say below!

Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for agreeing to let me interview you, I’m so excited! How are you doing?
“I’m great still worried and praying for all of the people that suffered from hurricane Sandy. Many of my friends were affected by this devestation.”

How did Bravo approach you to be on RHOM? Were you hesitant to join the cast?
“Many  friends and acquaintances referred my husband and I to Bravo while they were searching and thought we would be a perfect fit. The only thing I was hesitant about was being open about my fertility issues it’s a very personal matter, other than that I was very excited to join the cast to give people get a glimpse into my life.”

Did you enjoy being a part of the show?
“I do enjoy being part of the show it’s a great platform for me to launch my business ventures. I am really passionate about fitness and skincare. I would love to brand myself in those fields. The sky is the limit.”

Which Housewives would you say you connected with the most?
: “During the filming of the show I connected with Karent and Joanna the most. Since we have gone to air,  Adriana and I have been getting to know each other much better.”

How did you meet your husband, Lenny?
“I met him on a blind date (for me) when I came to Miami for Halloween in 2007. We hit it off and I was pleasantly surprised on how smart, successful and handsome he was upon meeting him. He has the whole package.”

Have you lived in Miami your whole life? Where are you originally from?
“I’ve been in Miami for 5 years. I am originally from Toronto Canada.”

I know you got a lot of heat for defending Karent, and I admire you for sticking up for your friend, why do you think people have a misperception of Karent?
“I stand up for who and what I believe in and I don’t let anyone sway my feelings or actions towards anyone, I judge for myself. I believe people have a misconception about Karent because the group of women brought light on certain issues and made a case of it, that raised eyebrows amongst viewers. I personally was not ever affected by her smile, or outgoing nature.”

I love watching you on the show in your everyday life with Daysy. Did she finally get her surgery? Will we see her big reveal on the show?
LH: “Thank you! She did get her surgery, the viewers will get an eyeful of her surgery on the show!” 

People have a lot to say about your plastic surgeries, and you’ve openly admitted what procedures you’ve had done. I’ve seen before and after photos and don’t see any drastic changes. What do you have to say to people who criticize your decision to get plastic surgery?
LH: “The only drastic change from my 2 surgeries I have had in my whole life is my breast augmentation and the size, being that I was not very large at all. People fail to realize that most of the Housewives on these Franchises and most Celebs have just as much or more surgeries than I have had. They just don’t admit it. Plastic surgery is a multi billion dollar industry, people are obviously doing it.”

I love how you offered to let Marta live with you! It shows what a kind person you are. Is she still living with you?
“No she is not, it was a temporary thing to help Romain and Joanna during the difficult time in their relationship.”

A lot of women are grateful you decided to share your journey of trying to conceive your first child on the show. Was is hard for you to open up about that on TV?
“Yes it was very difficult, I second guessed myself all the time. I felt that it was a very personal matter and was uncomfortable speaking about it. I however today feel like if I helped any other women feel like they are not alone, and that they have options then it was worth it.”

Were you a fan of The Real Housewives prior to joining the cast?
“Yes I was, I think its safe to say that so many women and men consider it their guilty pleasure.”

Who is your favorite Housewife from another city?
“I really like Lisa Vanderpump, and NeNe, although I have never met them in person.”

Do you have any exciting things coming up?
“Always!!! There is no shortage of things and events to do and go to in Miami. I will be traveling to NYC and LA in the next month for work, Toronto to see my family for Christmas and possibly going to St. Barth’s for NYE.”

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
LH: “I want to thank all my fans for all the kind and supportive words they have shared with me throughout this journey. And that although I can’t respond to every message, I do see them! Please check out lisamariehochstein.com for updates on my life, beauty, fashion and fitness tips and tricks. Follow me on Twitter @lisahochstein and on Facebook lisamhochstein.”

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  1. I really like Lisa but I’m confused. I could have sworn she said on the show that she met Lenny in Las Vegas. Anyone else recall this?

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