Exclusive Interview With RHOM Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Real Housewife of Miami, Joanna Krupa! Joanna has turned up the heat on Season 2 of RHOM, and she tells me why she wanted to join the show! We also discuss how the new cast changed the dynamic in Season 2, if she has any regrets, how she handles the media, and of course, her ongoing feud with Adriana de Moura.

Hi Joanna! Thanks so much for doing this interview, I’m so excited! How have you been doing?
JK: “I’ve been crazy busy, living off my luggage traveling for appearances, events, and started filming season 3 of Top Model. I really can’t what for Christmas in Vail for a few days, so I can try to relax before the madness starts again.”

How did Bravo originally approach you to be on RHOM?
JK: “A friend of mine that is a producer was approached to see if I would be interested in doing the show. It’s a huge and successful Franchise and of course I wanted to be part of it. I wanted people to see my world outside of modeling and the entertainment business, because many assume your life is perfect just because you look a certain way, and being a model they think life is just paradise.”

What made you decide to join the cast? Did you have any hesitations?
JK: “No, never, as I wanted to do a reality show since many of my fans wanted to see my personal life outside of magazine covers and other shows. I wanted to give the audience a look into my everyday life and show that my life isn’t what it seems in magazines, etc. That I am not perfect, I am a human being like everyone else, I make mistakes and just because I have a glamourous career doesn’t make me any different than others that are not in the entertainment business. I have the same struggles as anyone else.”

Did you know any of the women prior to joining the cast?
JK: “Yes, I knew Lisa Hochstein, and she met Adriana, that introduced us to the rest of the girls.”

I’m loving Season 2 of RHOM. I think it’s MUCH better than Season 1. Do you think that adding you, Ana, Lisa, and Karent helped the ratings?
JK: “I am sure it has a huge part to do with it, as we are living proof that it’s a much better quality show. Plus, Purveyors of Pop are amazing producers. They know how to capture the girls in their everyday life to make it interesting and fun, and of course filled with drama.”

In your opinion, what started the friction between you and Adriana?
JK: “She never liked me since day one, so maybe you need to ask her that question! She has done nothing but attack me, try to hurt me personally, my image during filming and also after… She is not a good person and she will definitely never be my friend. If I had friends like her- who needs enemies? She is a jealous woman that first started the attacks on Karent and now continues with me. She is not relevant for me, as I only surround myself with good people and not people that backstab me. Life is too short to be friends with people like her, I would never trust her.”

In the history of The Real Housewives, a lady has ever slapped/punched another woman. What was the first thought in your head when you realized she had slapped you?
JK: “Right away I got really scared, because I was worried about my face, that is my face and how I make money. So I was trying to defend myself by putting my hands on top of hers to keep her from hitting me again, and of course she tried to grab the broom, but luckily someone took it away from her before she could do any damage. Her vicious side definitely came out more than ever that night… I know when I have a little too many drinks I can become very vocal, and if someone disrespects me, I will definitely take it to another level and let the person have it verbally to protect myself. I am not proud of this, but there is no reason for physical violence ever! Being a mother she should set a better example for her son. I am embarrassed for her.”

Do you think you will ever get past what has happened between you two?
JK: “I will never be her friend, no. I was over it, but what happened after the filming is not forgivable and will never be forgotten. I will definitely keep her at a distance if I see her at events.”

Do you have any regrets in Season 2?
JK: “No, none, but it definitely taught me to drink less in social gatherings, and to control myself a little better around crazy women! LOL!”

How have you handled the negative press that has come your way from being on the show?
JK: “I don’t feel there was any negative press from the show, as I don’t take anything personal. It come with the business, which I have been in for many years and nothing really bothers me now. There will always be positive and negative press, and you take it as a compliment.”

What do you think the biggest misperception viewers have about you is?
“People can think what they want of me, but I am like an open book, what you see is what u get…. I know who I am and I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. I am a happy person and have always been taught to be a good human being, and my focus is my career and my charities… all else doesn’t matter.”

How has being a part of the show changed your life?
JK: “It didn’t really change my life in any way… I continue to do what I love and am very grateful for the opportunity and the positive response from fans.”

Were you a fan of The Housewives Franchise prior to joining the cast?
JK: “Yes, I have watched RHOBH since season one, and think they are fabulous! It’s my favorite one!”

Who is your favorite Housewife from another city?
“Right now I like Brandi, as she reminds me a lot of myself. She speaks her mind and isn’t scared. She is entertaining and fun to watch, especially after the heartache she has been through with her ex. She is a great addition to the cast.”

Are you working on any upcoming projects?
“I have my new collection of lingerie and body creams available in Poland, soon in Europe and then America.. I am also filming the 3rd season of the Polish version of America’s Next Top Model… I’m working in the USA on an anti-aging face cream, and in talks about a very fun and exciting new project that you will hear about sooner than later! :)”

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
JK: “I love them all and appreciate their tweets and comments on Facebook….  I always respond so please tweet @joannakrupa and like my fan page! www.facebook.com/joannakrupafanpage

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5 Replies to “Exclusive Interview With RHOM Joanna Krupa”

  1. The basic rule Joanna, is don’t put your hands on someone who’s walking away from an argument with you. You started the physical confrontation by following and grabbing a woman who had her back to you and was leaving the argument. She turned around and decked you. That’s kind of what happens when you escalate a verbal argument into something physical by grabbing someone.

  2. Sadhwfan, you must be blind, a racist against Caucasians, or just stupid…Joanna didn’t touch Adriana as she’s walking away….she was simply following after her, yelling at her to stop and listen. But Adriana, being the typical hot headed, irresponsible, law breaking Hispanic, turned to hit Joanna! From we all could see clearly, Joanna had her own hands out in front of her, as protection, just in case the nutty Adriana turned around to hit her……and lucky she did…..look what happened….Adriana did exactly that! Stereotypes are always right!

  3. Oh no no, Joanna should have pressed charges against Adrianna. Joanna just was running after screaming at her cuz Adriana said some crazy rude stuff to Joanna first and adriana didn’t like it awww! Adriana is a crazy hot tempered crazed woman that can’t control herself did u see her face when she smacked at Joanna, thats cuz Adriana is a nut and jealous of Joanna and Adriana just cant stand that Joanna is better looking then her and more famous.

  4. Dicky D, u r so right on. Wow, u saw that face evil Adriana made as she turned to smack Joanna, plus remember the racist Crap Adriana said about Joanna and about Joanna being a Polish immigrant and really mean stuff like that. But at least Joanna’s family just came here to America with legal papers and she can speak English with no accent that no one can understand and at least Joanna doesn’t sometimes start talking in one languages and then continue in another. Plus at least Joanna came here legally and not cuz America had to pity her or her family! Read between the lines, u all know how tax payers in America helped these racist in Florida get everything! At least Joanna speaks very Good English and she works for everything! She, Joanna never gets hand outs like the rest of u illegals and she pays her Bills and makes her own money, Joanna is wanted in America…she is not a refugee poor ass we Americans Have to Help. Get it got it Good, Adriana!!!!

  5. U know Adrianna if it wasn’t for America u would still be in a 3rd world Country! So stop being a racist over a Legal Citizen like Joanna!!! U Adrianna came here to the United States and got lucky, so play nice…u can still get Deported Adrianna! Lol u evil witch!! U racist Adrianna after using Americans, why dont u move back to where u come from cuz its the Slums. Wow! We were right!!! Yup Adrianna should be arrested and in jail for attacking Joanna and hitting Joanna.

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