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I recently had the pleasure to interview Real Housewives of Orange County Star Tamra Barney! Tamra is known on the show for her quick wit and hilarious one-liners, and in our interview we talk about where she stands with her cast mates, the exciting opening of her brand new fitness studio; CUT Fitness, what is going on with her friendship with Gretchen Rossi, and more!

Hi Tamra! Congratulations on the opening of CUT Fitness, I know you’ve been very busy lately. How did the grand opening go?
“It was a huge success, we had about 300 people visit our studio that day. I was overwhelmed with emotion that all these wonderful  people came to see what we have built. I am so proud of what we have done and really want to share it with everyone.”

What is it like working with your fiancé, Eddie?
“Overall it has been a great experience. But we have had our moments! We don’t always see eye to eye on certain things when it comes to business, but we have learned to compromise. We have both been working very hard and are passionate about what we are doing.”

It looks great with some really fun Zumba classes, etc. I also love that you have an iPhone app where people can schedule their classes. How often are you at CUT, for people that want to come check it out?
“We just started doing Zumba parties on Friday nights and they are a blast, people really love Zumba. My favorite classes are BODYPUMP and Whine Barre. You can usually catch me taking one or two classes a day. I am at the studio 7 days a week, unless I have to travel for business. We have so many plans for our studio, next stage is to implement  kid classes.”

Will we see you working on CUT Fitness in Season 8 of RHOC?
“Yes, you don’t see the finished product since we finished filming before the studio was complete. You will see lots of planning, construction, a pre-sale event and a crazy dinner party with the ladies.”

We are so close to the premiere of the new Season of RHOC. I know it’s been reported you and Vicki are on better terms than last Season, will we see this play out on the show? If so, how did you begin to mend that friendship?
“You will see us take off where we left off in season 7…. Lets just leave it that, I don’t want to give too much away.”

Have you met Briana’s baby, Troy?
“Yes I have and he is adorable. Briana is an amazing Mom ……… just like her Mom.”

In an interview you did recently said you and Alexis were in a better place and you have been able to appreciate the things you have in common. What would viewers be surprised to learn you have in common with Alexis?
“We are both into fitness and nutrition. We both just opened up businesses and we both have kids. I thought it was important for us to concentrate on the things we do have in common if we wanted to move forward.”

What is your opinion of the newest Housewife, Lydia McLaughlin? Do you think she will be received well by viewers?
“I adore her, she is a very easy person to get along with. She is very down to earth and sweet ……….. But don’t mess with her! I think the viewers will love her.”

There was some controversy in a recent interview you did where you supposedly questioned your friendship with Gretchen, and made a joke about the Housewives that sing. Gretchen released a statement saying she was hurt by what you said. Is there anything you’d like to clear up about this?
“I didn’t really question our friendship so much. I just said we had a few issues during filming, we remained friends and worked through them. I never made fun of her business, that was something she made up. But I did comment on her singing when asked.  You know I am not one to sugar coat my answers. Other than Kandi Burruss, who is a professional singer, I don’t think any of the housewives/turned singer can sing that well. That’s just my opinion.

I thought the way Gretchen handled the situation was wrong. She ran to the press with an overly dramatic statement, she should of talked to me first. I never meant to hurt her feelings. When it all went down she text me (for 4 hours ) but I was extremely busy working at the studio and juggling kids, that I didn’t have time to get on the phone with her to explain and by the morning she had released her statement. I am so busy focusing on my Fitness studio and kids that I am trying to stay out of the petty drama on social media.”

Are you still close friends with Gretchen?
“I haven’t talked to her since it all went down last week, but I plan on talking to her in person like an adult.” 

Will we see any controversy between you and Gretchen this Season?
“There is a little but overall we have a lot of fun together this season.”

Since Season 8 is a wrap, who would you say you have the strongest friendship with on the show?
“Im pretty close to Heather. I had the chance to get to know her better this season and I adore her and Terry. They are very supportive and attended my Grand Opening party.”

I know you’re planning a wedding, which is very exciting! Can you comment if we will be able to watch it on TV? 😉
“ummmm………NO! Its a secret!”

Are any of the women from RHOC in your wedding party?

Do you watch any of the other Real Housewives shows? RHOBH? RHONJ? If so, what’s your take on Brandi vs. Adrienne and Teresa vs. Melissa? Do you have favorites?
“Unfortunately No,  I have been so busy with CUT Fitness that I don’t have time to watch TV. I have caught up on a few episodes on the plane lately, but not enough to know everything that is going on.”

Are you working on any other projects you’d like to share?
“The fitness studio is taking up a lot of my time. However I am still part of Wines by Wives and I have recently partnered with a company called CUCA FRESCA. It is an organic spirit and we focus on doing cocktails with natural fresh ingredients. So, it really fits my lifestyle.”

Thank you so much, Tamra, and I can’t wait for the Season premiere. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
“Tune in April 1st. It is going to be a great season.”

Check out these exclusive photos Tamra shared with us from the opening of CUT Fitness!

Photo Credit: Bravo


12 Replies to “Exclusive Interview With RHOC Tamra Barney”

  1. I love how Tamra completely left out the part where she denied what she said about Gretchen’s singing when confronted, and chose to blame the blogger for manipulating her words instead. I’m sure she tells herself over and over how “honest” she is while she decides what parts of the whole story to leave out. Instead of criticizing how Gretchen reacted when hearing the news, wouldn’t it have been more “adult” of Tamra to just decline politely answering any questions that she wasn’t comfortable answering honestly?

  2. I thought she was no longer connected to wines by wives when some of the workers wanted paid, She said she had stepped down but would put them in touch with Chris who would handle it. Curious if she is the housewive that Tom Leykis threatened to expose because she did not pay for her podcasts at his studio?I wish he would have, Her podcast was called Tamra Talks and it was aweful, Tom threatened to expose her in a very public way if not paid. I THINK SHE PAID VERY QUICKLY

  3. I used to really like tamra, and I haven’t given up on her yet, but it is getting harder and harder to find anything good about her. It really pisses me off when people use the “I’m just being honest” shtick as an excuse to be rude or hurtful. For instance, Alexis used to really annoy me but after watching Tamra senselessly bully her all season long, I started to really feel for her! Lastly-I laughed out loud at her comment that age stays out of all the petty drama on social media-girl PLEASE! Your little tiff with Gretchen, for one, is one example, and if you go to her fb she stays in it with her “fans” over the comments they make! Tammy Sue if you are such an honest person, you should really stop lying to yourself! The only reason she and Heather get along is bc they are class-A BITCHES.

  4. I started to like tamra last year when she reached out to Gretchen, now I realize it was only to put a knife in her back. Tamra is no ones friend, she will always put herself before anyone else. Careful Girls!

  5. I knew Tamra was a class A biatch when she went after Vicki. As much as I dn’t like Vicki….she had Tamra’s back and was loyal….especially through her divorce. Vic took alot of heat for the way she went after Simon (i am sure Tammy sue gave her huge sob story to the Vickster hence why vickie went hard on Simon). After all of that Tammy sue through Vick under the bus and when she aligned with Gretchen…..Tamra ran over Vickie with that bus over and over again.

    TAmra USED simon to garner sympathy and as soon as his money was gone and she had no use for him she was gone.

    Tamra used Vickie as a sidekick and as soon as Tammy sue got a new hipper side kick she through Vickie on the curb.

    Tamra USED Gretchen to revamp her image……..and used the phrase keep ur friends close and your enemie closer. Tamra has always been jealous of Gretchen…..cause lets face it Gretch is younger and looks way prettier then Tamballs.

    Tamra is Currently using her “gay” fiancee Eddie to again revitalize her image and garner bigger storyline arch for the show. Once she is done with Eddie I am sure she will have a new sob story……hopefully gretchen and vickie stay clear from her by that point.

    Tamara is NOT a nice broad at all and always finds ways to stir the pot….even outside of her own franchise. She got in the middle of Teresa and Jax drama since she is bff’s with Jax….and not too long ago she commented how “adrienne is a liar etc” cause I guess now she is bff’s with Brandi. Notice her Bff’s are the shit stirrer’s in their perspective franchises as well…lol. Karma is a biatch and so is Tamra…..so I hope she is prepared for a big dose of reality coming her way. May not be this season but sooner or later her dirty behavior will catch up to her.

  6. I new the friendship was not real. Alexis even called it. It sounds like this season tho. they get along. If there is a season 9. and those 2 come back.maybe not friends then. Gretchen,You did Alexis so wrong.Lex was so loyal to you and slade.

  7. Get Tamra off RHOOC. Like they did with Jill Zarin on RHONY. Tamra’s retaliatory towards her fans (whom she egomaniacally thinks are “haters”). She said SEVERAL times, “Dont watch the show, if you cant handle it!!!” Okay, I as well as over 700 of my Facebook friends will simply block the station. Most of them don’t watch nor like the station anyway and condemn it. Its not life or death… not for us atleast. Remember what happened to Evelyn Lozado of Basketball Wives? Even Oprah got pissed at her. If you’re to act like a villain, then as a public figure, you’re going to get responses, criticisms & comments. You’re on OUR cable sets. Tamra reminds me of Al Pacino’s character on The Devils Advocate…. short, vain, & vicious.

  8. I love Tamra. One of the most genuine housewives out there. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and I love that about her. “She’s mean, she’s rude”, atleast she isn’t FAKE! Why was it okay for Vicki to treat Simon like trash but when Tamra is worried for Vicki’s sake, she gets blasted for it? Lmao hypocrisy at its finest.

  9. Gretchen and Slade are not so Innocent.Gretchen lyed on the Reunion show season 7.She and Slade treated Alexis and Jim like crap.On season 4. she sat on reunion show and you could tell she was lying about the guy and dating and bass lake.she needs to think she is sometimes wrong to.I new it would hit her full force when she was not loyal to Lex..

  10. Wow, AARH — did you know that SH is so jealous of your exclusive interviews, she made a typical nasty dumbass post about it? BTW, your interviews are really great. You know your stuff and the ladies obviously feel very comfy with you! Keep it up!

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