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I recently had the opportunity to join a conference call where Bravo introduced the newest addition to The Real Housewives of Orange County cast, Lydia McLaughlin. Lydia opened up to the press about her decision to join the show, what we can expect from her this Season, and about her relationships with her cast mates!

How did Bravo approach you to join the cast of RHOC?
“I actually wasn’t interested in joining to be totally honest. And I got a phone call asking if I wanted to do it and I said, “No.” And I went home and told my husband, “This is so funny. I got a call about, you know, maybe possibly joining the Real Housewives franchise.” And he was like, “Well maybe you should take the meeting and just see what it’s all about.” And as I started taking the meetings I started realizing like I could just be myself. And I didn’t have to be anybody else or flip tables or throw wine. And if I was a perfect fit it would work out and I think it did.”

Did you have any hesitations about joining Reality TV?
LM: “I kind of had like an epiphany and somebody had said basically at the end of your life you never think of like regretting all the safe roads you took. You always just kind of regret and wonder what if on the risks that you could have taken. And I just felt like that was exactly for me and I really had nothing to lose. If it was a horrible experience I didn’t have to do it again. And, you know, if I didn’t do it it would just be something I would always wonder what if.”

What would you like viewers to know about you?
LM: “
I’m totally quirky. I’m like 1000% times over quirky. I’m pretty open and transparent and vulnerable this season.”

Your husband, Doug, has gotten a lot of attention for his attractive looks, how do you handle this?
LM: “I’m into it. He’s hot and he deserves it all. Someone tagged him as Jesus abs which I thought was like absolutely amazing. And that’s basically his nickname with all of his friends. Whenever he walks into a room they all pretend to be doing pull-ups. So it’s pretty awesome.”

We’ve heard your mom is hilarious, and we will be introduced to her on the show. Can you tell us more about her?
LM: “My mom lives across the street from me and we are like best buddies and very mother-daughter, talk to her five times a day. But she loves marijuana and that’s like an issue for me because I have kids. And I think like it’s embarrassing that she’s stoned all the time. So that’s definitely a conflict that you’re going to see.”

Will we be seeing you juggle your careers on the show?
LM: “They do follow me on the photo shoots and they follow me in the meetings with the magazine. So I hope that that makes the cut. I don’t know if it’s dramatic enough or, you know, if it’s exciting enough for someone to see. So that kind of is in the hands of the producers. I filmed some meetings that I have about my jewelry line and kind of explain. And I designed some with my jewelry designer. The two of us get together and make some of the products that now you can get on the Web site. So that is definitely something that’s featured on the show I hope.”

Which of the ladies would you say you connected with the most while filming?
LM: “[Tamra’s] given me some really good advice. And I feel like as a genuine friend I also really like Alexis and Heather. And I’ve hung out at Heather’s home when we aren’t on camera. We have gone out to dinner and seen some movies together. So I consider her like a true, genuine friend in my life. I’m not close with Gretchen. I feel like it’s hard for me to trust her. We’ll have some conversations.”

How did you deal with the drama between the women?
LM: “Alexis had said, “Oh yes the girls don’t like me.” But, I mean, I’ve been around girls that don’t like other girls and it never ends up with like get the F out and please don’t hit me, you know. So no I had no idea what I was walking into. I probably wouldn’t have walked into it if I knew.”

How would you sum up your first Season on RHOC?
LM: “The season for me? I would describe it as compelling, vulnerable and fun.”

If asked back, would you return for Season 9?
LM: “I don’t know. Maybe. It depends.”

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6 Replies to “Exclusive Interview With RHOC Lydia McLaughlin”

  1. I think Lydia is gorgeous, and very truthful. Her mom is also beautiful and funny. I just wish Lydia would accept her mom smoking pot, it isn’t the worse habit! In fact, I know many people who have been smoking marijuana for years now, and I find they are extremely mellow – Marijuana gets a dumb deal! Only these that mix it with other drugs or alcohol, seem to get themselves into trouble by bad behaviour, and marijuana gets the blame!!
    I hope to see Lydia and her mom on RHOC next year too, not forgetting the ” Angel Dust” I think all the other ladies need a sprinkle of that!! Or maybe a ” Toke” would lighten them all up!!

  2. This girl is boring and seems to say rude things to the other women just to be interesting enough to stay on the show! Bored by her!

  3. In June 17 episode Lydia attacked Slade over a dumb comment. Claiming he whispered to Gretchen the comment, but he said it loud enough for her to hear. I am no Slade fan, but tonight I turned against lydia. She told Slade he should not say things to hurt people, but she called Gretchen “malibu barbie”. She claims to be a Christian and then hypocritically made a judgement call about the Miss piggy JOKE! Not knowing the history between Slade and got to have it my way vicki. She is a judgmental person. She is “hypocrite-jealous barbie”.

  4. Lydia is awesome. She tells it like it is and calls people out when they’re phony. Slade DID whisper something rude to Gretchen she just heard because they have on mics. Slade is mean just to stay relevant on the show and it’s getting REALLY OLD and I love that Lydia gave it to him straight. Lydia’s husband was a gentleman and didn’t say much while Gretchen began barking at Lydia hence Lydia’s somewhat mean comment about her being Malibu Barbie oh well I thought it was hysterical. Go Lydia!!!

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