Exclusive Interview With RHOC Heather Dubrow

Heather Dubrow

I recently had the pleasure to interview Real Housewives of Orange County Star Heather Dubrow! Season 8 of RHOC premieres April 1st on Bravo, and Heather and I discuss her transition into her second Season of the show. We also talk about her transition from scripted TV to reality TV, her relationships with the women, and more! Check out our interview below.

Hi Heather, thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview! How have you been doing?
“Great thanks! Just a little crazy right now, trying to get the family ready to move!”

Congratulations on your roles on Malibu Country and Hot In Cleveland! What was it like returning to the world of acting?
“Thank you. It was great being back in the scripted world again. Reality TV is exhausting. Much more fun to be someone else for a while! ”

I think you were a great addition to RHOC in Season 7! How would you describe your first Season on the show?
HD: “
It was difficult for me to relax into the whole thing. Plus, anytime you step into a new group of women it can be daunting. I think by the end of the season the audience got to know me a little better. One of the producers told me I would love 80% of the show and hate 20%. They were right!”

What was one of your favorite memories from Season 7?
HD: “
I loved the moment when I showed Terry the official document from the DMV when I changed my name. His reaction was priceless and I never realized how much it meant to him until that moment.”

How did Bravo originally approach you to join the cast?
HD: “
I was at Evolution media (who produces the show) pitching a different show and they approached me to be on RHOC.”

Since your background is scripted TV, did you have any hesitations about joining reality TV?
HD: “
Yes, definitely. I thought there was a stigma to being on Reality and that I would never work in scripted again. Fortunately, the old adage that work begets work holds true!”

A lot of viewers are wondering why you decided to sell your beautiful home?
HD: “
When I came on the show I was looking for a lot to build a new house, so it’s funny to me that people are surprised. Our home wasn’t on the market, but someone basically knocked on our door and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. We have already bought a new lot and are excited to build another home with five bedrooms upstairs to accommodate our (now larger) family.”

Will we see you and Terry building your new house on Season 8?
HD: “
No, this all happened right at the end of filming.”

In the trailer for Season 8 we see a fight between you and Terry, this had many viewers wondering if things between you two are ok?
HD: “
Yes, we are great. As anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows, you have ebbs and flows. Terry and I had a bit of an ebb that was caught on camera. Although Its going to be difficult to watch, I’m glad that the audience sees that you we are a normal couple who fights sometimes, but at the end of the day we love each other very much and we can get through anything.”

Since this will be your second Season on the show, do you think viewers will see a new side of you?
HD: “
I think I was more myself this season. More comfortable with the genre and definitely more comfortable with the other ladies on the show. I’m glad that the audience will get to see me back in action as an actress. It’s gratifying.”

How did you like Lydia McLaughlin? Do you think she is a good addition to the group?
HD: “
Lydia is great. Really fun and sweet. I’m glad she joined the show.”

Have you been able to mend things with Alexis since the Season 7 Reunion?
HD: “
Alexis and I still have issues this season, but I’m happy to say we are in a much better place now.”

Which of the women would you say you are closest to when the show is not filming?
HD: “
I am closest to Tamra, but I actually have seen everyone socially since we finished taping.”

Are you still opening a restaurant?
HD: “
Yes! Sadly, the space we found in Corona Del Mar didn’t work out. We have another we are negotiating for. Fabio Viviani and his partners have been working very closely with our group . Hoping to open in 2014!”

Are you working on any other projects you’d like to share with us?
“You mean other than raising four kids, building a new home, opening a restaurant, working in scripted TV, shooting housewives and moving? No, that’s about it ;)”

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
“I love to get feedback from people that watch the show. I’m not very good at Facebook. If you want to reach me – tweet to me @heatherdubrow. I read it all! Thanks for watching, I hope you like Season 8!”

Photo Credit: Bravo


5 Replies to “Exclusive Interview With RHOC Heather Dubrow”

  1. It doesn’t sound like Heather will have much of a storyline this season. What will she have to offer besides being controlling of her husband and being judgemental of Alexis? Sorry, she’s just not very interesting.

  2. @getreal tbh i believe that this season is more so centered around tamra more than anything and everyone else is just there lol! well im sure vicky and gretchen willl have story lines aswell

  3. She is so superficial and her children seem to be in fear of her. Why is she opening a restaurant when her husband has to always pick up take out and she plates it. Who the hell cares if she changed her name. She’s Mrs. Ugly

  4. She’s just sooo controlling. I don’t know how her husband deals with her. I mean she seems like a man with the way she interacts with people. She’s very cold and unwelcoming.

    Even when she picked up her own child at the synagogue who was being a child she still appeared cold.

    She’s so unrelatable. 🙁

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