Exclusive Interview With RHOBH Kyle Richards


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Kyle Richards! Kyle is SO nice and we chatted about how she was approached to do the show, why she had hesitations about Reality TV, what’s been going on in the press, along with the drama on RHOBH, and much more! Read our interview below!

ATRH: Hi Kyle! Thank you so much for doing this interview, I’m so excited! How have you been doing?

KR: “I’ve been doing fantastic! Everything is good, I’ve really been having a fun Holiday, I love it when my kids are out of school, because we get to sleep in and hang out together all day! So I’ve been having a great vacation with my kids!”

ATRH: That’s great, I’m glad to hear that! How did Bravo originally approach you to be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and did you have any reservations?

KR: “They actually saw me on The E! True Hollywood story about Paris and Nicky, and they reached out to me after that. I really thought, ‘No, I don’t want to do a reality show.’ [laughs] After they approached me I had a while to think about it and finally decided it would be a fun adventure. I didn’t realize just how MUCH of an adventure it was doing to be!”

ATRH: Didn’t Paris have a reality show on MTV, and didn’t I see you on it?

KR: “I was on The Simple Life. I would make an appearance here and there, because she is my family, but I never thought I’d do a reality show!”

ATRH: [Laughs] Well, that answers my question if you had any hesitations about joining the show!

KR: “I wasn’t scared to do a reality show. A lot of people think, ‘Oh what are they gonna do? Are they going to make you look bad by doing certain things? Are they going to set you up?’ It was never about that, for me, it was something that I just had never desired to do. Being a child actor I was already comfortable being in front of a camera, but the business has changed so much over the last 10 years or so. I thought reality TV was just going to be a phase, but once I realized it was going to stick, I thought, ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!’” [laughs]

ATRH: [laughs] “Well, I think you made the right decision, because it’s a HUGE hit! Season 3 has been filled with A LOT of drama. How do you remain neutral when your close friends are fighting?

KR: “Well, I’ve struggled with that. I’ve tried very hard to remain neutral this Season and what happened with Brandi and Adrienne. I was honest with Brandi on how I felt about what she said. I was trying to get along with her and Adrienne, and it was very difficult at times, when you feel stuck in the middle. It’s a very bad position to be in.”

ATRH: I know a lot of you ladies have friendships outside of the show, and I imagine it affects your personal lives.

KR: “Oh it does! Each one expects you to take a side, which can be very difficult if you’re friends with both, or you don’t want to get in the middle. I don’t want to take sides, I feel it’s like high school, I just want to stay out of it! I’m the kind of person that when someone is fighting or if someone is upset, I can really make myself physically ill over it. Sometimes not getting involved can get you in trouble too! My husband always tells me, ‘Honey, you can’t let this stuff bother you, we have each other, we have the best kids in the world. Just have fun!’”

ATRH: Mauricio is great. He’s so levelheaded, he actually reminds me a lot of my husband. What is his sign?

KR: “He’s a Cancer, he doesn’t let anything bother him! People make up lies and I ask him, ‘What do I do?’ He says, ‘They’re lies, who cares!” It makes me think, I wanna be like you!”

ATRH: I just interviewed Camille, and she’s so sweet. She said the nicest things about you! She said you’re one of the funniest people she’s ever met!

KR: “Aww, she is sweet, we have so much fun! We went through so much in Season 1 and now the fact that we can laugh and have fun together is such a relief.”

ATRH: Speaking of moving forward, do you think Lisa and Adrienne will ever be able to move past their differences?

KR: “Honestly, I really don’t. I don’t think there was a lot of love there to begin with. They both have really strong personalities, and I think that that’s pretty much done.”

ATRH: I agree, I don’t see a future for them. What was your initial reaction when you heard Brandi was officially joining the cast?

KR: “I figured she would be [joining the cast] from the beginning, and the truth is; we got past our problems, and I really liked her. I don’t always agree with her actions or things she says, but we got past that, and we were getting along. Which is why sometimes when she’ll say certain things I’m surprised and I get my feelings hurt easily. I’ll think, ‘Wait, I thought we were friends?’ But my initial reaction was that I thought she would be good for the show!”

ATRH: I think she’s a great addition to the show too! Do you think Marisa will officially join the cast next Season?

KR: “I have no idea! I’ve known her a long time, she’s very funny. Some of the things that come out of her mouth I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Marisa!’” [laughs]

ATRH: What are your thoughts on all the controversy surrounding Faye at your dinner party?

KR: “Last week in her interview Lisa said, ‘Kyle’s having Faye speak on her behalf.’ On my LIFE, I did not do that, because Lisa said that, a lot of people believed it, and they said really mean things to Faye. I have never needed a mouthpiece in my life, and Faye is certainly not anybody’s puppet. She has those feelings, and she really does believe that. Brandi and I were already getting along, and I had already told Brandi how I felt about what she said.”

ATRH: I’ve always adored you and your sister, Kim. I think she is such an inspiration to share her journey with viewers, and I’m so happy she came back for another Season, so America can see her at her best. How proud of her are you, and what is it like watching the REAL Kim?

KR: “Aww, I am so proud of her! A lot of people didn’t understand why Kim wanted to come back, but it was her decision whether she came back to the show or not. I know that she did not want to end on that note, so to speak. I’m really proud of her, she made the decision to go to rehab on her own, which isn’t easy, and I’m just really, really proud of her.

We just did this show together, Stars In Danger, which airs January 9th on FOX. That was really good for us. When they first asked me to do it I was like, ‘Hell, no!’ [laughs] I’m really scared of heights, and we kept going back and forth, and Kim and I thought it would be a good adventure for us to do together. We really had an amazing time, it was really good for our relationship.”

ATRH: I’m SO glad to hear that. I think Kim is very brave for sharing her story on television. After everything that you and the women have been through, Camille’s divorce, Taylor, Adrienne, do you think you have built a bond that can never be broken?

KR: “I really feel like the original cast has this sort of sisterhood, even though we would fight at times. When we weren’t getting along we would have to do press and travel together, and we were always able to put our problems aside and have fun together. There really is a bond between the girls and I. This Season is a little more fragmented, I feel, because of all the drama, people picking sides, people not wanting to get in the middle. It’s caused a lot of friction, but I still think there’s a bond between all the women.”

ATRH: Why do you think viewers have strongly taken Brandi’s side over Adrienne’s?

KR: “When you don’t see the whole story of something, it’s very difficult. What was taken out, and what Brandi said, paints a very different image than what we were all feeling at the time. Us knowing what was said and how it was affecting people’s lives is what was causing the reaction that we all had. That not being shown is difficult, but it wasn’t our choice.”

ATRH: I think you’re admired for maintaining a healthy marriage being on reality TV and in the public eye. How do you do it?

KR: “Before the show our friends would always come to us for advice and admired our relationship. It’s something that is really important to us and that we take a lot of pride in. Since doing the show, there has been a hyper focus on our marriage. People ask, ‘What do you think about the “curse,” and ‘How does that make you feel?’ We had to stop and think we have to make sure this doesn’t happen to us, and we make it a conversation. We always make sure that we are each other’s priority, and that our children and family are number one, no matter what. We cannot let anything to do with this show or what people say interfere in our lives. In a lot of ways the show has made us stronger, because he’s unbelievably supportive, so thank God for that!”

ATRH: I really respect that. Has being on the show changed you?

KR: “I think because I already had experience being on television, being around the spotlight, seeing what happens with people, and my niece Paris, it hasn’t really changed me because I’ve been around it my whole life. The only difference now is when I’m in public people will come up and hug me and say, ‘I feel like I know you!’ and I say, ‘You do know me!’ [laughs] You know what my bedroom looks like, what my closet looks like, my husband! [laughs] I’ll be walking down the street and people will come up and hug me and my kids look at me like, huh?” [laughs]

ATRH: I’ll speak for myself as a viewer, I think people DO feel like they know you. Before I started blogging, when I was going through chemotherapy, I escaped into your lives on TV. I don’t know if you realize the impact you can have on someone’s life.

KR: “That’s why I feel bad when negative things are going on, even though it’s entertainment. I love watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and I feel so bad what’s going on with their families, but you get sucked into watching it. I think doing a reality show we need to send out positive messages as well.”

ATRH: I agree, and yes, RHONJ was very dark last Season.

KR: “Yes, we have a different type of drama, at times it’s felt like it’s way too intense, but you know life really is intense. That’s why I laugh when people ask, ‘Is your show scripted?’ And I’m like oh my gosh, you have no idea how much I wish I could say it was.”

ATRH: Does Paris watch the show? What does she think of it?

KR: “Yes she does! She likes it, she thinks it’s fun. I’ve actually turned to her for advice when things have gotten rough and people have said rude things. She tells me to just have fun and not worry about it, and I don’t understand how these young girls do this! But she loves the show, I think it’s fun for her to see her aunts. As a kid she watched us on TV, but now seeing us on a reality show is just fun and entertaining to her.”

ATRH: What do you think one of the biggest misperceptions viewers have about you is?

KR: “That’s hard to say. I am a very strong person with a strong personality, but I am also extremely sensitive an emotional, and I don’t think that always comes across. I get embarrassed how much I end up crying. [laughs] But I do have fierce moments!” [laughs]

ATRH: We touched on you being a fan of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, who are some of your favorite Housewives?

KR: “With New Jersey I really feel like it’s a combination of everybody that makes the show. You know if you had all Teresas or all Jacquelines what would that be? So to me, it’s everyone’s personalities that make that interesting. On Atlanta I just think NeNe is the most entertaining and funny. I like watching all of the shows, I like being a fly on the wall! It’s interesting watching it doing what I do, I see things other people may not see. I’ll think that one woman is acting so nice, but I can see what’s really going on!” [laughs]

ATRH: Thank you so much for doing this interview Kyle, it was a pleasure! Is there anything you’d like to say you your fans?

KR: “I just want to thank them for their support and the messages they send, and the kind things they say are really overwhelming to me. I really am so touched by the things people say and the time they take to reach out to me, I read every single message, and it means so much to me!”

Photo Credit: Regard Magazine