Exclusive Interview With RHOBH Brandi Glanville

I recently had the awesome privilege to interview Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville. Brandi is known for her unfiltered personality and sense of humor on the show, and she certainly doesn’t hold back in our interview! She shares details of Season 3, what REALLY happened with Adrienne, personal details on what inspired her to write her book, and MUCH more! To read what Brandi said, check out my EXCLUSIVE interview with her below!

Were you excited to be announced as an “Official” Housewife for season 3?
 “I was absolutely thrilled to be announced as an Official Housewife! I wasn’t sure that would happen, because I hadn’t seen it on the other Franchises.” 

Will we get to see more of your children this season?
BG: “My children will not appear on the show this season, but hopefully if I come back next season you will get a little more of a glimpse of my sweet boys.”

We know that you and Adrienne had a falling out, can you elaborate on what happened?
BG: “What you see at the Season 2 Reunion is pretty much where we pick back up in Season 3- although I have become very close with Lisa, Ken, and their family during the hiatus. I never really had a real relationship with Adrienne other than a TV friendship, but that went south when I didnt want to be a part of the ‘Lisa Take Down.’ I am not friends with Adrienne and although I have hope that one day things will be better, I find it hard to forgive when someones trys to hurt my family.”

What was it like filming with Kim & Kyle Richards this season? Were you able to make amends?
BG: “Kyle and I are still the same. I like her until I see what she says to other people about me behind my back. Kim and I are just getting to know one another now in Season 3, and its an interesting journey, as you will see.”

You and Lisa are quite funny together, and seem to have the same sense of humor. Which of the ladies would you say you get along with the most?
BG: “I adore Lisa and Yolanda!”

How do you think the new girls, Yolanda and Marisa, fit into the group?
“Yolanda is a classy lady and doesn’t really understand the cattiness and drama that can go on, but she soon learns first-hand who her friends are. Marissa and Kyle are old friends from many years ago, and you won’t believe some of the things that come out of her mouth! You thought I said the F word a lot?? Not everybody loves her, but she and I do pretty well, although we all have our minor hic-ups, as friends do.”

Were you surprised to learn of Adrienne & Paul’s divorce?
 “Divorce is never easy, especially in the public eye, but to be honest I wasnt shocked to hear it. I have seen now first-hand how mean and entitled she [Adrienne] can be.” 

I know there was a Tweet insinuating you and Camille Grammer had a falling out, can you elaborate on that?
 “I like Camille and you will have to watch and see how that goes. Hurtful things were said and done, but I think we both have moved forward from that.” 

I’ve heard Lisa Vanderpump say this is the best season of RHOBH yet, would you agree?
 “If by best she means dramatic, then yes it tops Seasons 1 and 2!”

I’m excited for the release of your book! Can you tell us about it, and when it will be available to purchase?
 “We have just turned in the manuscript for my book, and it is basically a funny guide for what not to do during a break-up, and how to ultimately get the F over it! It will come out right around the same time as the Reunion for Season 3, which airs late January or mid February. I find writing cathardic. I always wrote poems and letters to Eddie, and I wrote a journal throughout my divorce to help remind my brain exactly what I could never go back to.”

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
“I LOVE my fans so much. I feel very connected to the stories I hear and the tweeters Ive bonded with – I just want to say thank you for supporting me, forgiving me when I mess up, and most of all accepting me for the crazy lady I am!!”

Photo Credit: @BrandiGlanville/JSquared Photography