Exclusive Interview With RHOA Kenya Moore

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of Atlanta’s newest Housewives, Kenya Moore! She talks about the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, what made her decide to join the cast, and more! I think Kenya is a great addition to the RHOA cast. She also reveals that she thinks this is the most exciting Season of RHOA to date!

Hi Kenya! Welcome To AllThingsRH, I’m so happy you agreed to do this interview! How are you doing?
“I’m gone with the wind fabulous today!” 

How did Bravo approach you to be on the show, and what made you decide to be apart of it?
 “The producers learned of me through Lawrence Washington. I saw it as a great opportunity to extend my brand, promote awareness for my Kenya Moore Foundation (which awards educational scholarships to young women from my high school alma mater),  and to grow my TV and Film production company and all of my businesses.”

I know you are originally from Detroit, how long have you lived in Atlanta?
 “I am from Detroit! I’ve spent the last 18 years in Hollywood and have recently moved to Atlanta last spring.”

I know you’ve worked with many “A” list stars as a film and TV producer, can you tell us more about your company, Moore Vision Media?
 “Moore Vision Media is a full service film an TV production company. We develop, produce, and distribute viable exciting and fresh entertainment into the marketplace. We currently have a TV show in the making as well as the feature “The Confidant” starring Billy Zane and Boris Kodjoe on the shelves right now. I also produce a few exciting projects that you will see on the show.”

I know you were Miss USA, how did that change your life?
 “It gave me an international platform to really thrive and to spread my wings as an actor, producer and writer. As a result, I have fans all over the world. I was able to get involved in a lot of charities and help a lot of people and other young women to follow in my footsteps!” 

I’m very excited to watch you on the new season of RHOA, did you enjoy being a part of it?
KM: “For the most part yes. But it can be very stressful, especially when there is conflict with other housewives.”

What can we expect on season 5 of RHOA?
“In my opinion, season 5 is the most exciting season to date! There is a ton of drama, excitement, conflict, deceit, pain and love. And… there is a new breakout star to watch (wink, wink) who will make you tune in each and every episode.”

Which ladies did you get along with the most?
KM: “Well, you will have to watch the show to see.” 

Were you a fan of The Housewives Franchise prior to joining the show?
 “Absolutely! RHOA was and is my favorite. I also like RHOBH and RHONJ.”

Who is your favorite Housewife from another city?
 “I like Lisa Vanderpump. She is really funny to me and elegant.”

Do you have any upcoming projects in the works?
“I have many. I share them all with the viewers. It’s a great time in my life.”

Anything you’d like to say to your fans?
“Thank you for supporting me and taking this journey with me. I promise I will always be true to myself and strive to never let you down. -xoxo”

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  1. I can clearly see that Kenya Moore is ADD so she clearly needs medication. She is a legend in her own mind. Kenya is a use to be QUEEN and that man she use to have is GONE. Kenya take a look in the mirror and even you can see IT’S OVER !!!

  2. Kenya how can you be on RHOA when you have never been married, that is like having a married man on RHOA. And please get off the pitty party and on with your life. Walter does not want you, and why would he with the way you treated him on that trip all of you took, and the reason you are mad at Pharda is because Alpoa would not have anything to do with you. So PLEASE start acting your age and you say you are an example to young girls than act like it and watch your potty mouth..

  3. Kenya get a life Walter is not into you that does not mean he gay and I thank it is worng that you keep slambing him about being gay. I have said on more than one time that you have large hands does that make you gay? Just because a man or woman does not jump your bones make them gay. So PLEASE stop throught the gay sluagr around. Does this bother any one but me gay or not?

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