How Much is LuAnn de Lesseps’ Man Tom D’Agostino Worth?


RHONY star LuAnn de Lesseps’ engagement to Tom D’Agostino has been controversial from the start, so who is exactly is Tom?

Well, according to Romper, D’Agostino is the CEO of a printing company called Smart Source. He has been there since 2003 and MStars reports the business is worth $50 million.

On the show, Tom was accused of going after woman that are more wealthy than he is and while his personal net worth is still unknown, LuAnn has described her man as a “millionaire businessman.”

LuAnn’s personal net worth is $15 million.

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18 Replies to “How Much is LuAnn de Lesseps’ Man Tom D’Agostino Worth?”

  1. Yeah, LuAnn can call Tom a “millionaire” all she wants. Wonder how much is liquid assets are. We all know that Lu has money thanks to her being on RHONY and whatever her settlement from the Count was. Question is, can we really believe all we read about Tom? He wouldn’t be the first guy that “looks good on paper”, but hasn’t got 2 nickles to rub together! All I can say is, finace’ beware, dear Lu!

    1. Totally agree! His business is worth that much, but what about him?
      Also, I feel like this old adage still rings true for Lunch “once a cheater always a cheater”. I can throw Shannon from oc on that too. These men!

    2. 15 offices nationwide and he just acquired 2 companies that have branches here in Germany, and he has stake in the Vita Pet petfood company where he sits on the board of directors. I think it’s safe to say that financially he’s out of the league of most people reading the gossip rags over financial trades, and probably won’t have any problem being able to afford a little extra cheese for Luann’s next pizza if she wants. I think he can even afford extra sausage.

    3. Thank you Karen! That’s what I immediately thought. Just how much is liquid. Big deal if the company is worth that. That’s projected accounts. Not HIS money either. I do not trust this slimy thing.

  2. I just re-read the above, it says the company is worth $50 million, NOT that Tom is worth that. Big deal, so he has been there for 13 yrs. It still doesn’t address what HE is worth!

    1. Read that too…maybe living beyond his means? Gambling issues, drug problems? AndTHAT’s how gossip starts….

  3. I still can’t get passed that episode all of those years ago when he was at a bar trying to pick up Ramona’s friend Joan ( think that was her name). He acted like a giggly teenager and it was creepy. Now the way he is stand offish to Luann on camera, it’s just as weird. However, there is no way in hell that I thought he was hitting on Ramona when he said she smelled like grapefruit…crazy eyes was grasping at the proverbial straw on that one. Lol

  4. Again Lu attempting desperately 2control the narrative. His Mom controls the purse strings. The real joke here is Lu. So he’s worth X amount of $$ & that makes it OK for him 2treat her like a dirty diaper! She is a doormat. I have voiced it B4 we will see this Titanic sink! Her concern R the optics 4get that he cheats. What does he do on his so called biz trips? I bet I can guess & he’s passed the sucking face stage! Pig! I have got 2take a shower. This topic is so dirty! I’m out! Peace

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