More People From Melissa Gorga’s Past To Expose Her Secrets?


In season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey we were introduced to Melissa Gorga’s long-time friend, Jan DeDolce. Jan claims Melissa forfeited their friendship when she got cast on the hit Bravo show, while Melissa maintains that her priorities changed once she married Joe and had children. Either way, the drama between Jan and Melissa isn’t over yet.

A source tells RealityTea that Melissa wants to keep playing the “victim act” no matter what. “She just wants to blame Teresa for everything,” the source says. “Melissa really needs a story line.” The site’s source also points out that Melissa “cannot keep her story straight” when it comes to her friendship with Jan. “Melissa invited Jan to the filming of the brunch where she discusses her book. Would you do all that with a 5 minute friend?”

Calling Melissa a “liar” the source says that’s why Melissa’s past keeps coming back to haunt her, “The more Melissa lies, the more people from her past come out. Melissa walks around and has since she was casted like she is above everybody. I think that is what sparks people to really not like her.”

“She stirs the post behind the scenes and then plays victim.” And the source says it’s hurting her relationship with Teresa. “To date, yes things are better. But, Teresa and Melissa do not like each other. Melissa just can’t stop playing victim.”

“Her sisters are the ‘arm’ behind her, doing Melissa’s dirty work,” the source says. “Melissa knows Teresa and Penny are not and never were friends.”

Photo Credit: Bravo