Monique Samuels Talks Joining RHOP

RHOP star Monique Samuels, who’s married to former Washington Redskins star Chris Samuels, joined the show this season and has already caused some drama. Monique recently spoke with AOL, and talked about her first season on the show.

How is Monique holding up through her first season as a Housewife? “I’m good! The thing I love about this is that I’m being me — I’m being who I am, which makes it so I don’t have to put too much energy into it. I’m just living my life, so it’s been pretty easy. It’s been a fun ride, and I’m enjoying it. I come from a family that loves to laugh and make light of everything. So, you’re paying me to clown people and be shady and all of that? This is right up my alley!”

Does she have any anxiety before filming the upcoming reunion? “Initially, I was concerned with whatever perception viewers would get of me, and [I was] hoping they’d consider me in a more positive light and see me for who I really am. I’ve seen other reality shows where they take things and spin them, so that was the one thing I was concerned about. But I spoke with my husband [former Washington Redskins star, Chris Samuels] and he said, “Listen, don’t worry about things that are outside of your grasp. Just do whatever you can do and take it from here and own whatever you need to own.””

How are her husband and children handling filming? “It’s been really good! My kids, man, you would’ve thought that they’d come out of the womb with cameras on them. [Laughs] They act like the cameras aren’t even there! My daughter smiles at them and waves, and my son is like, “Can I go back downstairs with the dudes?” My husband has obviously been on camera before, and he’s enjoying it. The same way that I think it’s fun, he thinks it’s fun.”

How is her relationship with her mother-in-law? “No, my mother-in-law and I normally don’t exchange words like that. That particular time, for whatever reason — because the cameras were there — she got really exited and was like, “I’m going to show her up!” She kept coming back to everything I said with something competitive. I was like, “Really?” She does this to all of her daughter-in-laws, but she took it to another level [that time]. I tried my best to remain calm and handle the situation.

It was very ugly, and one day my kids will see their grandmother calling their mother a “heffer.” I’m not really concerned about it, but the concern I do have is that they’re not going to have the relationship that they should have [with her]because of her. It was definitely disappointing, but we live, we learn and we move forward.”

Has her mother-in-law seen the episode? “Oh, she loved it! I haven’t talked to her, but Chris called her and chewed her out. I haven’t received an apology or spoken to her since. I’m just not going to let it bother me. She was being 100 percent who she is. She has to deal with that when judgement day comes. [Laughs]”

Monique then talked about if she thinks fellow RHOP star Gizelle Bryant came into the season not wanting to get along with her. “I definitely think because I was a newcomer, that was an issue, and because I was Charrisse’s friend, that was an issue. But, then, it seems like the more that she learned about the things I have and who I was married to, she [became more] focused on that, I think that’s because that’s what she wants and what she’s been looking for. What shocked me was when she started mentioning my houses and my cars — I didn’t even know how she knew about what cars we had! I was like, “Wow, this girl is really taking notice of our bank account, our cars, our houses … and I realized it wasn’t me who had the issues. It was her deflecting them onto me. I’ve resolved in my mind that it’s not a Monique thing — it’s her.”

Monique then talks about how she has hit it off with Charrisse Jackson Jordan. “We are both very loyal Jersey girls, and we just have this connection. We get each other. When we talk it’s not about the show; we talk about everything and marriage and being moms. She does a lot of work in the community and is a very philanthropic person, which I admire. She has taken me up under her wing, and she’s like a big sister to me. We’re both the type of people where if you get on our bad side, you don’t want to cross us…”

Monique is asked if she would do the show again. “I would definitely do it again! As long as it doesn’t interfere with my marriage or my kids.”

Finally, Monique talks about how dealing with social media has changed her life now that she is on a reality TV show. “Two things that stick out in my mind right now. Very early on in the season, I said that the order of my household is God, my husband and then the kids. They looked at that as if I was speaking about my children’s needs versus my husband’s needs, when I was speaking specifically about marriage. In our house, our marriage is grounded on God, and then our marriage comes before our kids, because it was established before our kids. And, if our marriage is intact, my kids are going to be happy and grow up feeling full of love.

Next, just recently, I was so sick of hearing about this rumor that Charrisse [was dating] this fireman. So, before we got to a break [on “Watch What Happens Live”], I said that Charrisse isn’t dating a fireman. Some people took it for what it was, which was that I was sick of the fireman rumor. Other people took it as me putting the occupation down! When Andy was like, “People are buzzing about this comment on the fireman, do you think that’s below Charrisse?” I was like, “Whoa!” First of all, my great uncle was the chief fireman. He ran the show. That is a huge responsibility, and I would never put a person’s occupation down, especially service men and women. I could care less what a person does, as long as you have a job!”

Monique makes a point that there is another side of social media that can be good as well. “It’s been really fun. I’m so overwhelmed and grateful for the support that I’ve been getting. Because I’ve opened up my home on the show, they’re like, “I feel like I know you!” And I’m like, “You do!” Even with with the negative comments, I learn something from them — as long as you’re respectful.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo