Monique Samuels: Gizelle Bryant Is Money Hungry

Monique Samuels is responding to Gizelle Bryant’s comments about her in a new interview with Bravo. The new RHOP star says Bryant is just money hungry and way too old to be this clueless. She also points out how Gizelle is living off of her ex-husband and talks about Charrisse and Ashley’s blowup.

Bravotv.com: What do you think about Gizelle talking about your home and earning her own money?
Monique Samuels:
This woman is so money hungry it’s ridiculous. I’ve never met a woman who is so obsessed over my wealth, my homes, and my husband. She seriously needs to get a man! I just think it’s comical that she’s making comments about me and my husband’s bank account, which she knows nothing about, while she’s living off of her EX-HUSBAND at this very moment! Whatever arrangement she had in her previous marriage does not apply to me. She’ll never earn her own money because she clearly has no business sense. She said it herself last week, “They know business, I know beauty.” She’s way too old to be this clueless. Poor thing (no pun intended). I’m glad to be put in the same category as other bosses such as Scarface and the Godfather. Luckily I earn my living honestly, LOL! By the way, I love those movies!

Bravotv.com: What do you think about Charrisse and Ashley’s blow up in the store?
It probably wasn’t a good idea for Charrisse and Ashley to be alone together considering this isn’t the first time Ashley has crossed the lines of other people’s relationships. I could tell that Charrisse was not only bothered by the comments Ashley made about Robyn and Juan, but she also may have still been upset about the way Ashley was pushing to be introduced to Eddie. My advice to Ashley would be to either express concerns one-on-one directly to the person or completely stay out of it. I don’t want to see Charrisse beat her to a pulp NJ style! Ashley, you know I love you girl, but come on!

Bravotv.com: Tell us about your conversation with your pastor and breaking down over Gizelle. Did you realize how upset you were?
Well, let’s be clear. My emotional moment was a result of my relationship with my mother-in-law and my love for my husband. I get emotional when it comes to family and I’ve always been the “peacemaker.” I have always wanted a big happy family on both sides and it hasn’t been the case, so it breaks my heart. The judgment that Gizzealous displays is just another reminder of my mother-in-law. Out of respect for my husband, I DEAL with my mother-in-law. I DO NOT have to deal with Gizelle. Thank God for that! LOL!

Bravotv.com: What do you think about Charrisse and Gizelle’s sit down with Robyn – are they doing right by their friend?
I thought it was a very mature act of friends offering their advice and support. This was a much better way to express their concern of Robyn and Juan’s relationship and to make sure she is really okay. If you are a real friend, you shouldn’t want them to “mind their business” because technically, you are their business. I didn’t think of this sit down as Charrisse and Gizelle being nosy, but they really wanted to comfort Robyn and gain more understanding of her and Juan’s living arrangement. At times, Robyn says they live together for the sake of the kids and their finances, and then other times she makes it seem as if she is still interested in Juan being more than roommates who co-parent.

Do you agree with Monique?

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  • Sunshine

    Think she’s fun, and down to Earth. That mother in law, yikes!
    Gizelle needs to watch her step.

  • Starr

    Monique is so nice, I’m glad she’s part of Potomac. So happy she can hold her own & did not allow Giselle to get away with her unkind remarks. As for that MIL of hers, not nice at all. What is Monique guilty of? Loving her son? that woman should be eternally grateful for that–that’s all that a mom would want for her child. But then, there are some mothers whose hearts are so small, they feel their child’s heart cannot love mother & spouse at the same time. Selfish.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    I know the other girls on the show can’t stand her, Monique’s just a Chatty Patty, it’s not like she’s a mean person out to hurt anyone, unlike her other cast members. I like her spunk and ability to stand up for herself against Gizelle’s entitled hazing. Gizelle is sorority girl monster perenially mired in a school-girl frame of mind..and she needs to be checked.