Mohammed Hadid’s Fiancè, Shiva, Is Not Threatened By His Relationship With Yolanda


Mohammed Hadid’s fiancé Shiva Safal apparently “absolutely isn’t threatened by Mohamed’s relationship with Yolanda,” an insider is telling RadarOnline.

“She is very comfortable in her own skin and has no reason to not trust Mohamed. She knows that their three grown children benefit from Yolanda and Mohamed getting along, and that is what matters. Any other woman would be intimidated by Yolanda, and the history she has with Mohamed, but not Shiva,” the source continued.

“Shiva knows that although Mohamed and Yolanda’s marriage ended, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be friends.”

Well it is great to see that people can get along. What do you think? Comment below.

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67 Replies to “Mohammed Hadid’s Fiancè, Shiva, Is Not Threatened By His Relationship With Yolanda”

  1. It is a very patriarchal, misogynist world we live in when nearly every wealthy old goat believes he belongs with a woman his daughter’s or granddaughter’s age, and very insulting to the women who ARE their own ages to be overlooked. When these old pigs get the Anna Nicole Smith treatment in the end, they deserve it.

    Gold diggers and old pigs both get what they deserve because they’re both using each other. They look ridiculous together and it’s dysfunctional for his kids to see their father drool over someone thirty to thirty-five years younger than him. Obviously, she wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t stinking rich. If old men want to see how they truly look to young women, they need to consider how they, themselves, would realistically enjoy a woman thirty to thirty-five years older than THEY are, which in Mohammed’s case would be a 100 year old woman.

    They have SO much in common, after all. How convenient that when she wants to start a family, she can just go ahead and change Mohammd’s diapers too!

    Hey, guys? Women are NOT objects like cars that you trade in every few years for a newer model. I just love how so many women now leave these old coots sitting there and choose THEIR sons instead!

    1. If she loves him then who cares.. who are they hurting? even if she originally loved him for his fortune first, is that really anyone’s business. If they are happy then why does it matter?

      Its ridiculous to think that people with partners there own age don’t lust after people younger. Plenty of women with younger guys.

    2. Shiva is beautiful- I do think sometimes age doesn’t matter and I agree Money sure as hell doesn’t hurt- I still think Yolanda has ulterior motives and who knows he has admitted faithfulness is not in his vocabulary- If she is happy Amen- But I agree I see older with younger and you gotta be careful not to say Oh is that your daughter (:–

    1. Ditto. I think Shiva is sweet and lovely. Why shouldn’t she be his mistress. There is nothing to be ashamed of. No small children, no husbands or wives left with no support. She is sweet to everyone she comes into contact with on the show anyway. I don’t look up things to find something negative though. Even though if there is some gossip out there, I don’t give a damn. In this case, IMO, why put some broad meaning on a relationship that has none of the characteristics of those other ones? He is older and richer than most, a person would be a liar if they said it means nothing. The thing is, for me, is it isn’t just the fact that he has money. It is a personality type with someone who has the ambition and perseverance and determination to acquire wealth, and that is attractive. He wouldn’t be who he is without the ability to gain wealth.

  2. If I was Shiva I wouldn’t ever feel threatened by anything, unfortunately for me I’m not …bummer, just one day could I look like her is that to much to ask??

  3. I love when exes remain good friends, & Mohammed & Yolanda share that. As for Shiva, no need to be afraid, it’s not a competition.

  4. This is what always annoyed me about Brandi.. She acted like she was the only one to be cheated on. Mohammed was unfaithful and Yolanda left. She was very honest about that, however, Yolanda said for the sake of her children she did not hold that against Mohammed and she has a good relationship with him and his partner.

      1. Like most of your information, Lies.
        Where’s your facts that say she has blackout sex on a regular basis, or that there is any indication the guy is married? She’s very vocal about shutting anything down when people are married.

          1. It is pretty hard to discern whether a guy is married when you have drank yourself into black-out. SHE HERSELF said black out sex is A GIFT. And being pretty darn good at seeing chemistry, I would be very, very surprised if that ball player she was teamed up with on Celebrity Apprentice and her didn’t have some tome ALONE, blacked out maybe.

            1. Oh so based off your “ability” to read chemistry we should take that as fact?
              First just cuz people have good chemistry doesn’t mean they’ve slept together, that guys wife was there as she was pregnant. You are continuing to present lies based on what you WANT to believe.

              By your logic Brandi has slept with Ken cuz they had great chemistry, such nonsense.

              Secondly you are presuming she meets the guys she’s had blackout sex with while blacked out – that would be rape, if she were blackout drunk when they met, and so she couldn’t discern if they were married. If she met a guy, got drunk with him and by the time sex happens there is plenty of time to see if he’s married.

              Honestly this is one of the stupidest points I’ve seen someone make on this site. You say things like they are fact based off your opinion and complete speculation.
              You’re off complaining about trolls on this site, yet can’t seem to realize that with your name calling, lies and digging up old threads to defend Kyle in you are the biggest troll on this site.

              Total rubbish.

                1. I’m disgusted that there are a couple of you that stick by 3ds no matter how nasty and disgusting she is, calling everyone names, calling people whores and just outright lying, it’s been going on and on now

          1. He dated Meg Ryan for a bit. Someone made a hilarious joke about him (that really p!ssed me off), at the Academy Awards, regarding his penchant for older ladies, as I recall. He always looks hairy, greasy and stinky to me. But then, so does Brandi! 😀

            1. Queenie, that was the 1st post today that made me giggle. Thanks. That Gerard guy would be so good looking if he would just SHAVE! Gosh, what is this penchant for 5 days of beard growth, not groomed or anything, YYYUUUUUKKK.

              1. You all need to be careful you know!!! Gerard Butler is Scottish/Irish, well the best parts are Scottish, the parts with his bad decisions are Irish!

      1. I saw your comment last night but hadn’t a clue what a lace-front was!!! Now I know, I don’t know how I found any information before google!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Maybe he’s also transitioning….soon he’ll be on the cover of Vogue as well…

      Call me Fatima or Aida, or Nabillah

  5. It’s ridiculous to take Mohammed seriously. He wants young flesh-and he has the money to buy it. Yolanda was impressed with his money also, but knew she did not have to stay married to get the money once she had 3 of his children and all she had to do was stay civil. Mohammed continuing to marry much younger women makes him an old fool. However, to give him credit, he is generous financially to his paramours and family-he just goes for what he wants cause he can afford it and devil be damned who gets hurt-he just pays them off.

  6. I personally don’t have anything against Mohammed. He has always been polite and witty. He has a fabulous estate with outside kitchens, herb gardens and just every beautiful thing money can buy. He is generous to his friends also, from what I have seen on the show. I would accept an invitation to have dinner outside in that well appointed dining room. I don’t really care what he does in his personal life, he isn’t a housewife or the husband of one. That is the kind of glamour I watch to see.

          1. Thanks my friend. Sorry about that obsession thing above. When I have a while I am going to look back and find the episode and time stamp where Bg said black out sex was a gift. I know you read my actual post. I never said she did sleep with anyone, saying it looked like she did doesn’t make it any kind of lie, any more than it makes it a fact when someone puts that Kyle stole Kimmy’s house on their twitter feed. Calling other posters names is crossing the line, and I know you feel the same way. Have a Happy Christmas Sally, to you and yours.

            1. We are here to snark at the housewives not each other! After the other day i personally don’t want to see it here, this is why I answered The comment. Most of the time I do agree with you and sometimes I don’t. I do not ever agree totally with anyone. That’s fine we are respectful of one another’s opinions as most here are. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

              1. I don’t really understand your point here sally, surely you are reading 3ds comments?

                It is totally fine to be snarky about housewives, but naming calling them or calling them whores is childish and lame and isn’t snarky or funny.

                It’s not something you do, or something most other users do, so I don’t really see why a couple of people stand by someone who calls housewives names and then attacks other members when they call housewives names (both are being childish, but it’s an extra level of childishness to call out people when you are doing the same thing)

                I’ve seen 3ds comments on the other site, they are worse than here, still calling Brandi a whore, which she doesn’t do anymore here as people called her out on that here. I only looked at the comments there after the last few days here and I can see 3ds fits in more there than here.

                I would genuinely think you could see the difference, when you yourself don’t like Brandi yet you can talk about them and be respectful or you can make little snarky jokes, like a normal person, and you don’t cross the line into being disrespectful and gross.

                1. SW, I saw your reply last night but wanted time to think before replying! There are a few here that comment on both sites. I have never mentioned that, some from a year ago when I commented on the other site. I do read the other site from time to time as a friend up until a few days ago still commented. What happened here has nothing to do with 3D and you should never bring up other comments from other sites! We could all do that! Someone from this site is a trouble maker! Starting all of that business with hopeful here and her comment to you. If you want to talk about foul language what about your friend VV alias Geberdaisey alias Aunt Mimm or whatever it was. I don’t understand you lately I find it really sad, you seem to be getting even more confrontational with 3D baiting her comments. Someone else accused you of that. There are people here I don’t agree with so I don’t reply to their comments, easy!! She has kept away from you after that last argument perhaps it would be an idea for you to do the same. I’m not replying anymore about this, I stuck up for you, no more! Merry Christmas and I mean that I am not being snarky!

                  1. I get your just gonna defend 3ds no matter what, but why didn’t you comment on 3ds post where she talked about something from my twitter? If it’s not cool to comment on comments made off site why was it fine for her to? Thats just what 3ds does, she complains about something while doing that exact same thing.

                    My friend VV? Maybe have a reread to my replies to VV, I believe I was the first one to call her a troll, months ago.
                    I’ve also called out Jake for the same thing, even though we like and dislike a lot of the same characters, I just don’t like how they go about it, so don’t bother trying to make out like I’m going after 3ds. Especially since she’s the one commenting on stuff I posted on twitter, she’s going back to news from almost a year and commenting about me, and she’s “ignorng” me by not replying to my post, but will reply to other people but then basically just address me anyway, her reply below this is addressed to you but directly responds to the stuff I wrote – that is baiting.

                    I reply to 3ds when she’s blatantly lying about something cuz the information should be corrected before someone thinks it correct. She’s continued to make hypocritical comments so I continued to comment on them.

                    1. I don’t remember reading anything about Twitter! I don’t read everything on the blog, I don’t always have either time or inclination. Maybe I just missed it? I don’t know! I don’t defend anyone no matter what! Just the way I am, I don’t like Taylor she does,I don’t like Rinna she does but I don’t get rude on the blog because what is the point? Just because I like her doesn’t mean to say I agree blindly with everything she says and does, I like my husband but I disagree with him a lot! I despise Vicki but again I don’t expect others to as well it’s too personal a reason for me. I do think however you bait/goad her and she has kept away from you until yesterday! We all see people differently and that should not be a problem. Can we please stick to snarking about the housewives and not each other or we will end up like the other site. That comment is from my days there and not the fact that 3D comments there as others do with the same sort of comments! That is the type of site it is!! This was all started by VV trying to cause trouble here. I thought we had got rid of her but she may be back with a different name now! I for one am sick of it all!! I just want us to either get on or leave each other alone! If not I’m out! Again Merry Christmas

                    2. Well may I suggest that you do read all of 3ds posts before deciding she’s being baited, sorry but posting my opinion isn’t baiting just cuz it opposes her opinion.

                      If you want to see baiting, just have a look below this post you’ll see 3ds address a post to you, yet she replies to everything I wrote. Or have a look at the news from almost a year ago that 3ds is going back on to comment about me on.

              2. Thanks Sally it would be boring and I would never learn anything if everyone thought the same. And you already know I have come a long way since I was saying certain things. CassyJ and I had a whole day of talking about what we have learned from each other and that was part of it. The other site has exactly nothing to do with this one, I am not saying it to anyone here. Maybe the new year will bring forgiveness from all of us to all of us? We shall see. I have decided not to bring up others past indiscretions on OTHER SOCIL MEDIA. It has nothing to do with here. When I talk to kids I don’t speak of this, when I have an opening on another place I use it. It isn’t a crime. Like I said Merry Christmas. And Very Merry to Meg! xoxoxox, since I STILL can not make hearts!

                1. P.S. And, at least I am not a coward posting under different names. The time I was using my actual name on here I was told that wasn’t safe for me, so I changed my handle. Many people here and there post under several names as I am sure you know. Anyway, Oooooo

                  1. I did however speak to my little mistake, not lie, about what Brandy said. I got one word wrong, and I cleared it up on the Kyle and Brandy relationship page Dec. 21st I think. She talks about it so much it all kind of runs together, so I looked to see and found it. And now I am done, unless, God forbid, she comes back full time.

                    1. 3D as you say this is done now good on you for saying you had one word wrong, a lot wouldn’t! I’m glad this is over as you know I can’t stand it, what happens elsewhere should never come onto this blog. The other site I have said many times is toxic, this one isn’t. You asked me to read back your old stuff and you are a totally different person, you and Cassy like civilized humans talked your differences through and are now in a good place. I wish we could all do that! I respect you xxxxxxxxx ‍❤️‍‍‍❤️‍‍❤️❤️❤️

                2. 3D, I have replied so don’t think I need to say too much here, quite a few comment on the other blog as I have said to SW. I would never dream of bringing their comments up on this blog! The other blog is nothing like this you need to hold your ground to survive over there maybe that’s why I stopped I’m a bit of a wuss!!! Keep on ignoring when you are goaded! Xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. Thanks naynay, if I had entered the 21st century I would have a different phone than the flip phone in my purse. The new computer is a wonderful thing, but I am going to google how to code it in. maybe then….

  7. Shiva has to keep her mouth shut about Yolanda, or she won’t get her allowance for sitting on grandpa’s lap. I’m sorry but a thirty plus year age difference is gold digger plus old lech. Gross!

  8. From what I see he is good to everyone. His staff, his exes, his children and his mistresses. That’s one thing that is funny saying she is his fiancee’. A fiancee’ has a ring and a date. She is his mistress. Nothing to be ashamed of, they are hurting no one.

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