Mohamed Hadid Plans on Resolving Criminal Charges


It was reported recently that Mohamed Hadid, ex-husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster, was being charged with illegal use of land, building without a permit and failure to obey orders from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. While the well-known real estate developer’s run-in with the law made headlines, it seems he may be getting out of it!

Hadid’s lawyer Donald Re exclusively told Radar Online, “My client, Mohamed Hadid, is working with the city to get the property to conform with all laws. He will do whatever is asked of him.”

The charge came from the production of a Bel-Air Mansion Mohamed was working on due to the size. Residents near the property complained and snubbed Starship Enterprise because of it. A resident by the name Joseph Horacek, who lives below the mansion, said it had destabilized the hillside.

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5 Replies to “Mohamed Hadid Plans on Resolving Criminal Charges”

  1. I hope for his neighbours sake he is forced to demolish the part without permission. I wonder if he has destabilised the hillside it would be interesting to read reports on this. Plus I also wonder if money will bring him through this? Hmmmmm!

  2. Or maybe he smokes too much hash. I don’t know, to me he just always has a kind of happy, vacant look about him that I have a hard time matching up with someone who made zillions of dollars.

    If he is endangering others with his ludicrously large house then I hope he doesn’t get away with it just because he’s so rich.

  3. Well, if it has destabilized the hillside already, I would be afraid to live below it…or in it. It is a shame that he was allowed to build it so big already without a consteuction official stopping it before it went too far. Money talks, as they say. This article actually clears up some of it…They asked him to stop when he added on unapproved areas…

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