Mohamed Hadid Speaks Out About Children’s Lyme Disease


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster revealed that her two of her three children, Bella and Anwar were diagnosed with Lyme Disease. While this was a shocking revelation that cast members did not know about, it has been a topic of conversation among the women. As this week’s episode aired it was mentioned by Lisa Vanderpump that their father Mohamed Hadid did not believe the children were sick with the disease. Now that his name was brought into the mix, he is speaking out about it.

He sent a statement to Andy Cohen on WWHL that read, “I can only imagine that my response to a question asking how my kids are doing with ‘fine’ was misconstrued. I have too much respect for all five of my children to speak about them publicly… in a restaurant or otherwise. I won’t speak further on something that should now be put to rest.”

He also took to Instagram and shared a statement:

Not everyone’s reality is the true reality! @bravotv @bravoandy @bravowwhl

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We are wishing Yolanda, Bella and Anwar the best.

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  • Judge Judy

    If he really supported his two batches of children and their mothers then they wouldn’t have been alone while he keeps trading in for newer models, now would he. Bet he’s scoping out his grandkids’ sandbox for the next round in a couple of decades.

    Why do rich old men nearly always seem to toss aside women their own ages, especially the ones who were by their side when they were nothing, in favor of ones their children’s ages? I’m sorry but I don’t think he’s nearly as respectful as he thinks he is or really even understands the meaning of the term. He shows quite the pattern of treating women like products to trade in on a new one when they get old. Misognistic, entitled old goat. Gross!

  • naynay

    Unfortunately women of all ages are scratching each others fake lashes and weaves off to be with these old goats, so of course they’ll pick the young ones.

    • Sally☺️

      It’s not a flattering photo is it?

      • GIGICAT

        There aren’t any. He’s creepy looking.

        • Sally☺️

          Very true, he is! I was trying to be polite, makes a change!!! Xo

  • This will probably end his and Vanderpumps friendship. Everyone know if you cross her, even when she’s in the wrong, she cuts you out of her life.

    • Rain

      I doubt that he will give a crap if she cuts him off . She likes to feel that she’s ‘punishing’ people and he’s not going to give her that satisfaction. If anything, she will feel bitter that she lost to Yolanda

      • I don’t know, he’s always seemed like Lisa lapdog. He’s always had a “how how?” attitude when she ask him to jump.
        I’m actually suprised he spoke out against Lisa, I would have said he was more Lisa’s friend than Yolandas, if this questioning didn’t involve his children I would have expected him to stand by Lisa.

        • Rain

          He’s reacting the way any parent (even Lisa) woluld. She has some fences to mend for sure

  • Lisa

    The sad thing is, they mocked Yolanda while she was suffering so badly and again Lisa is insinuating she is a liar that her kids have Lyme disease. And of course she meant to say it. It blew up in her face so she is walking it back…Nice friends. Oh and by the way everyone who attacked Yolanda for purposely looking bad: She didn’t wear makeup because it is toxic (and it is!) as she was eliminating everything she could from her system trying to get well. I admire her courage and pray she is restored to perfect health.

    • Rain

      Well said, Lisa

      • Lisa


    • sparkman

      There are toxin-free/organic products.

      • Rain

        What’s wrong with not wearing make up at all, if that’s what she wishes to do ?

        • Lisa

          Exactly right. No matter what she does she is criticized.


    Listen, you wrinkled up old geezer that still wants to be 35 years old…. I don’t even have the words to begin saying what I think about this. BIG DEAL if someone is asking you about your kids. If you don’t want this to be “public” then get off television.

  • Real Sandy

    I think that if he gave a damn about his children, he would take them to an excellent Infectious Disease physician who knows about Lyme Disease away from Yolanda. Get on a jet to the East coast if you have to find a true Lyme’s literate physician and get those kids checked out. I don’t like to see vials of unknown liquids with names of her and her two youngest children that she posted on the net, where the physician is apparently a name that no one can even locate and the birth date is wrong, etc.. I wonder what she is “medicating” them with. She does have signs of Munchausen’s and Munchausen’s by proxy to me. I would worry if I was Mohamed, since she clearly favors Gigi IMO, and she is the only one not getting these treatments or feeling sick You can make someone sick as those with Munchauesens (fictitious disorder) by proxy do…not saying Yo definitely has it, but it is a red flag to me that Yolanda wants so much attention…and I would worry if I was Mohamed, if he can take the time away from his young women and huge estates to notice.

    • I believe Mohammed takes a lot of time away from his businesses and estates and whatever it is to tend to his children. He has shown nothing but love, support and genuine hands on parenting. he simply refuses to deal with this private medical affair in public. Bravo to you, Mohammed.

  • Once again Mohammed did not speak out about Lyme disease. When I read the title here I thought maybe he actually spoke about Lyme disease as the title states. More of the same.

  • apple

    I think his statement means no matter what he thinks about his children’s health, he will not discuss it in public. It does not clarify whether he thinks they have Lyme disease or do not have Lyme disease. He also cannot (and probably will not) blame Lisa for this very public discussion regarding his children’s health. That responsibility belongs to their mother and his ex-wife, since she is the one who announced they both have Lyme disease on a very popular reality show.

    • Yes, I was just speaking to the title. I think he is absolutely correct in handling the press. I doubt very seriously he cares about his business more than his children. Just because he is wildly rich doesn’t equate with being a greedy non caring individual and Father. God, I get tired of the same old tired statement that he must be a bad guy because he is stinking rich, don’t you?

    • geminigirl

      THANK YOU!!!! That’s exactly what I was thinking. Yolanda never had to say anything and divulge her children’s information on an international reality television show! It wouldn’t be open for conversation if she hadn’t made it a topic. Mohamed made a very vague statement and didn’t even confirm or deny if they had. Speaking in friggen riddles.

      • Sally☺️

        Fellow Gemini, Once again you are spot on with your comment and ……… Ok I will say it! ITAxo

  • sparkman

    That is a very good “non-answer”. He’s worried about his legal troubles. He’s facing criminal charges.

  • Real Sandy

    Let me reiterate. If Mohamed truly cared, and I never said he did not care, he, himself, would have the children seen and thoroughly examined by a physician and stop all the other treatments they receive from the various other practitioners of whatever they profess to practice, etc. He trusts Yolanda with their care, who IMO is a sick woman who needs psychiatric care even more than her physical care. I would not take any medication, fluid or other food, et al., given to me by Yolanda, if I was her child, since she has too many signs of what could be an illness where she may sicken her own children for the attention it brings to her. I hope I am wrong, of course, but Mohamed sees the loving mother and not the woman who may be psychologically too ill to care for the children, however grown they may be. No one ever said he did not love his children, only that it may be too easy to hand over control of their health matters to their mom who has never shown anything but love to them in his eyes. Yes, he does like the young women and the big mansions too, and he really shoild take over control of Bella and Anwar’s health care IMO. I am entitled to my opinion, and I do see the signs and do not say these things lightly, without any care. I am not like that. I don’t know Mo or Yo, and neither do most if not all of the others here who are posting.

    • It is very worrying to see them with those untested meds and all. It is enough for Yolanda to do so many untested things. And really sad that some doctor didn’t catch the leaking silicone thing before it ruined her health, destroyed her marriage and damaged her reputation. It proves that as much money as they have, her and Mohammed, that it doesn’t mean she ever got the best care.
      It must be doubly difficult for you as an RN to watch all of this play out. Knowing so much more than a lay person, even an educated lay person. Gosh it must just get under your skin every time you see or hear about the treatments she herself uses and then almost prescribes to the children.

      • Real Sandy

        I have to say that I see Yolanda as a woman who truly has problems, and they are not all physical. It does hurt to watch her, since she is on one hand talking about ridding herself of chemicals and toxins and the like and then goes putting all sorts of things into her body that could be toxic, especially in combination. No we don’t see them all and know what they are and even if these treatments may be “natural”, it does not mean they cannot do damage. Even high colonic cleansing is not something that should be done, especially as often as she is. It is bad enough that she has done this to her own body, and I mean all the IVs and various other medications, treatments, etc., but now to see it affect her children more and more, it is quite disturbing. They are still young and growing, especially Anwar, and as a result, they are even more affected by any of this than she is. She seems to think it will all be fine. As you know, 3D’s, even vitamins can do damage if taken in the wrong amounts, etc.

        • I know, you are right about that part for sure. The colonic thing can actually kill you and/or damage your body. My Dad always told me two things about being in the Herb business. A person can be allergic to ANYTHING. And, “where do you think medicine came from?” Meaning of course from natural sources. Being touted as “natural” is not an invitation to believe in any amount and in any combination, as you pointed out, is good for a person. The natural substitute for their chemical counterparts can be much stronger, and as it isn’t tested strictly, can be different strengths in one bottle. And about the psychological problems and emotional weaknesses, I couldn’t agree more. Whether she was having those problems before or having the illness go undiagnosed for so long was the culprit, she certainly has them now. And it seems as though she is almost prescribing their ( Bella and Anwar ‘s) treatment. So, so dangerous. I hope she gets well, and that Mohammed is dong his due diligence.

  • Jane Bond

    I like Mohama, what I’ve ever seen of him. He appears to be very authentic and caring. Yes, he loves beautiful women, no question and beauty in general. But I just feel he really loves his family, all of them. I feel he means well and has a good heart.

    3D’s, you are so knowledgeable on many subjects, I enjoy reading your posts. This goes for so many here. Lots of smarty pants on this site. *thumbs up*

    • Aw thanks. You have been fun to read too. There are a lot of great posters here. Strong opinions and little tiffs sometimes, but I resect everyone who replies to me whether they agree or disagree. Just like life and getting along out there! 🙂

  • Justmedoubleb

    Wether lvp was right or wrong, it wasn’t “mentioned” by lvp as this article states. It was a direct answer to a question being asked numerous times to lvp by Kyle. Let’s get the facts straight!

  • carolina rey

    His statement about “reality” may be directed at Yolanda ‘ s reality. What is real to Yolanda ‘ s imagination may not be what is true. Not making judgment, just saying it could be construed either way, pro-life or pro-Yo.

    • carolina rey