Is Mohamed Hadid Paying Yolanda’s Medical Bills?


Even though David Foster and Yolanda Foster aren’t officially divorced yet and we have heard that things are getting quite nasty between them, RadarOnline is reporting that Mohamed Hadid, Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband and children’s father, is helping pay for her medical bills.

By Yolanda’s side on this past weeks episode was her health advocate Daisy, who is paid, “nearly $8,000 a month,” according to an insider.

“Her job is to keep precise records about Yolanda’s doctor’s visits, medications, and any side effects, Yolanda has a very hard time keeping track of what the doctors tell her because the disease has just ravaged her brain,” the source says.

“It has been a huge relief for Yolanda to have the advocate working with her, and she knows she is very lucky to have it,” the source follows up.

The insider finishes by saying, “Yolanda’s ex-husband, Mohamed, is paying for the health advocate.”

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50 Replies to “Is Mohamed Hadid Paying Yolanda’s Medical Bills?”

  1. How is it that Yolanda was a supermodel and married to two extremely wealthy men, one of them the father of her children, and she doesn’t have her OWN money? It seems to me that she should have come out of those marriages with decent-sized settlements. ???

    1. Again JJ, 100% in agreement with you. I don’t care how much $ your HUSBAND has, it isn’t your money. It’s HIS money. Especially when he’s on his 4th marriage. Save some, put it aside, stop spending every cent on shoes and handbags and clothes and lemon trees and bleaching your hair every few weeks. Again, for someone who thinks she is so smart and savvy, she doesn’t think about her future that seriously.

      1. GIGICAT,
        You might have stumbled upon the root of Yolanda’s problem, bleaching her hair! She’s tried everything but that! Yo, Yolanda! Stop the bleach – save your brain! Genius GIGICAT.

    2. She is only divorced from one of them. There is not yet a settlement from David. And given that she was his 4th marriage, I am guessing there was a pre-nup there. Still, you would think she would have no issues given her marriage to Mohamed.

  2. But she just wrote that she was ‘grateful to David for bringing her (the health advocate) on to help’. Wouldn’t she have at least thanked Mohammed for his ‘support’ if he was paying for her?

    1. Roxanne Hi! As I have just said on the previous thread I am so confused by all of this! So much doesn’t make sense and I guess we are going to have this all of the way through this season! Oh boy! I never thought I would say it but I’m thinking of just sticking to comments and not watching! Brooks all over again, (except he was the biggest sleaze bag ever!)

      1. Hi Sally, good morning to you! I haven’t seen any of the episodes aired. I catch snippets but I agree, don’t think I can handle OC version 2.0. I feel for Yolanda but it seems like she is being taken advantage of. She has, by her own admissions, Lyme’s, silicone leak, tapeworms, heavy metal toxicity, etc. i truely hope she finds relief but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that she has somatization or factitious disorder (where she is either exaggerating or manifesting her symptoms.)
        If she had Lyme’s & followed its treatment protocal rather than these alternative (& I don’t know if they are legitimate or dubious) maybe she would be further along in managing it. IDK, thank goodness I never have had this but all these different things she has put in her body, & had done to her body, they leave me gobsmacked, truly.

  3. I don’t understand it but she’s had this condition for several years. It could be she tried the traditional American treatments and they didn’t help, so she moved on to the alternative treatments.

    When she still didn’t recover, perhaps she (or her advocate) decided to check on anything and everything else that could be placing additional demands on her system.

    So, the silicone leak was found, then they decided to get rid of the heavy metals from the tooth caps.

    I wondered if she picked up the parasites on a third world country that she went to for alternative treatment. Or could they have been transmitted to her from the ticks?

    Anyway, I guess if your immune system is overloaded, you could easily catch other illnesses too because your body wouldn’t be able to fight them off.

  4. Is Daisy a doctor? 8,000 a month is a lot to pay someone, especially of she is pushing a closet full of who knows what into Yolanda. Yolanda should stop all of this stuff, eat right and get her strength back IMO.

    1. No, Daisy is not a doctor; she’s a “healh advocate” – whatever that means.
      I’d call her a “quack”. IMO. Daisy is now making $8,000 a month just to “be there”, etc.,for Yolanda.
      Wha a cushy job!

      I’m sure she’d want to be by Yolanda’s side forever and keep bringing in that salary.
      Or IMO Daisy would like to (secretly) keep Yolanda sick and keep pushing all those pills and vitamens into Yolanda.
      Then Daisy can still keep working for Yolanda and keep earning that salary.
      I think that Daisy and all those “medicines” and vitamens should go – and then, Yolanda IMO would feel a lot better!

  5. First of all it is called Lyme disease, not Lyme’s. Sorry to hear so many people have no knowledge of this serious illness. And please do not equate Yolanda with Brooks. People need to get educated before trying to judge. Lyme is very common, but most of the population does not know anything about it, and people are sick, not knowing what they have unless they see the proper medical professional.
    It is very disappointing to see such lack of compassion in the comments.

    1. @anon– some may not have knowledge of Lyme Disease, but others just have plain common sense and enough on this site to know when a person puts so many “alternative treatments” into their system or over medicate, crap happens to their immune system.

    2. Anon, we are not for a second judging, but we are confused & I, for one, am not medically inclined in the least, but totally confused?! for 100% sure.

    3. it’s not lack of compassion, it’s the fact that she see-saws. One day she is jumping on and off tables, dancing and the next she is in bed and can’t move. One week she can fly to (insert overpriced vacation spot here) and ski and the next week she is in the hospital with an IV. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they are almost mocking the disease and treatment. If she was really serious about her recovery, she’d tell all the camera crews and lighting people to leave her alone so she can focus 100% on healing instead of being on a TV reality show drumming up people to join her pity-party. Divorce announcement same day as RHOBH premiere? That was orchestrated for more pity. So she has an agent. Again, if I were THAT sick, I doubt I’d be worrying about my agent, and camera crew, and boom mikes, and lighting people….

      1. I have a chronic illness that has a lot of the same symptoms as Lyme Disease. One of the most baffling things is that I might push myself really hard one day to do something and I seem fine. Then the next several days I can’t get out of bed. It is just a part of having a chronic autoimmune disorder. I wish people could just be less judgemental and more compassionate.

        1. I really don’t think anyone is not compassionate here. The fact that she pushes herself, as I do too, one day and fatigued the next is not what I personally am questioning. It is that she is so vocal about things like when she says she hasn’t driven a car for 3 years. People all over have seen her driving, she has been photographed driving. I try to give her the benefit of the doubt thinking she has forgotten because she does say she only has a small % of brain function. Then she says she hasn’t touched make-up for a year! She was photographed 30 times during that year. At events for David, on the red carpet. Since she has an agent one would think she would at least try to help Yolanda say things that were true.
          I have had in the last years some serious stuff happen along with illness. I am completely empathetic for her and her condition. It is horrible that she is suffering like she is. I just don’t understand the juxtaposition of doing every possible thing to be well, and doing the show. It is certainly her choice to do so, I personally do not want to see anyone at the dentist, having their nose broken for plastic surgery, whether they are chronically ill or not.

    4. I said I had no knowledge of Lymes disease! We do not have chronic Lyme in Scotland. I apologise profusely for misspelling a disease I know little about, which explain why I was asking about deer tics. I wasn’t equating Yolanda, who is sick with Brooks who is not,, Only the fact that OC and now BH is all about sickness. The idea of these forums is to discuss, snark and in this case find knowledge. I do not like Yolanda but have sympathy for all of her health problems. Thank you for correcting my spelling mistakes 😀

    5. There is a difference between judging someone & being confused by their situation. Very few of us have said something judgemental, most have just been confused & expressed that. You, Anon, are very fortunate to know about Lyme ( not Lyme’s as you so wisely admonished). Thanks for educating those of us who don’t. I know that I for one, have not googled to get more educated ( frankly it’s not a priority, as the only time Ithink about Lyme’s (oops) is on this entertainment blog. But you have just done in your comments what you state you’re disappointed in others doing. You made a broad statement that we lack compassion (judgement) when you don’t understand our comments.

    6. Wow, you know how to spell the whole thing out as “Lyme disease” rather than use shorter form. Unlike us peasants, you are simply brilliant! Oh, wait. No, you’re not.

    1. Anon im sorry to see your disappointment. Having suffered my own invisible illness for many years, I get it. I message support directly to Yolanda. Love her. I don’t think she cares what ignorant people think, via her blog last week. She seems to be purely focused on recovery. She does have some solid support here on this blog. I try to focus on that. Other people complain when she has a good day. Complain she works. Complain someone helps her pay. Complain she pays herself. She’s damned if she does- damned if she doesn’t. I highly doubt she cares. Hopefully she can just get to that light at the end of the tunnel. And soon.

  6. Really don’t get why so many people seem pretty stupid when it comes to this topic.

    She’s already said some days are better than others, she’s already said she’s tried the regular stuff, she did the regular stuff in season 3/4 whenever she first mentioned it, that didn’t work so she’s tried other stuff.

    It’s progressively gotten worse really over season 5 and she couldn’t stay at the reunion, that has continued for a few moths where we saw she traveled around and tried some alternate routes, now we are seeing her on TV of footage filmed what like 4/5 moths ago?
    She saying she’s doing better now and has been feeling better.

    Chronic Lyme disease and Lyme disease don’t seem to be the same thing. Chronic lyme disease isn’t recognized as it’s own disease by the CDC, but they also say that between 10-20% of people who have lyme disease cured go on to have post-Lyme syndrome where symptoms continue.

    Doctors don’t recommend continued use of antibiotics for treatment as that can be dangerous, so maybe that is why Yolandas is trying alternative medicines, as continued antibiotics are not an option.

    1. Not everyone is stupid, though some are uninformed. I have read a lot about it and deer are in my yard daily. I have had deer ticks removed from myself and my family, and I have been tested for Lyme. I did post a link with some info. too. What a lot of it says is that the disease is treated with antibiotics and for most people, once treated, they do get better. Some have lingering problems when the Lyme is no longer detectable by the best tests, and these people may call it chronic Lyme. It may be from the Lyme having residual effects or in some people, from something else entirely. With Yolanda, it may be a combination of causes, and she really seems to be going overboard with the number of treatments she is doing at one time IMO. Even herbs can be toxic. Natural does not necessarily mean non toxic. Hearing Yolanda talk about her illnesses, it seems she is not well, yet I believe she has more than one physical ailment and definitely also needs psychotherapy of she is not already, just because of all of this illness, the divorce, menopause, aging, empty nest, etc.

      1. I’m not saying everyone questioning lyme is stupid, but just so many people have posted some pretty stupid questions and comments about it.

        I agree about the idea of too many treatments, but at the same time we don’t actually know how many treatments she’s done or how many treatments she is activly trying at the one time.

        We saw a medicine cabinet, but we have no idea what that really consisted of, is that all the treatments she’s on, all the treatments she’s tried, the next 8 months on treatments?
        Like there is no information about her actual treatments for people to be judging her treatment plan.

        I have no doubt that the cabinet was shown as a thing for the show, the way it was brought up and all that was very produced. I think if Yolanda was currently taking everything in that cabinet at the one time she’d explode.

        1. I do not know about exploding, but her major organs would be destroyed for sure!
          I agree, many do not know so much about Lyme Disease or the other tickborne diseases. The sad part is there are some doctors who do not know much about it either. With the way of the world and all of the traveling that goes on, one can contract an infectious anywhere and travel elsewhere, where hopefully it is recognized even if it may not be seen locally in that part of the world.

        2. Sidewinder, this is a celeb gossip site. It’s really too bad if you don’t feel that people can speculate on Yolanda’s illness but actually, they can.

    1. I said chronic Lyme I believe! If there is I have never heard of it and I’m sorry but I wouldn’t read the herald if someone said there was £100 in it, but I will look again at reputable papers.

      1. I said I would look and I have, I have never had any problems admitting when I am wrong. The cases in Scotland are in the highlands and Tayside, why I don’t know other than lots of animals in that area. (We have a lot in my area as well)! I did not know about these cases, probably because it is a long long way from where I live, I checked there are no cases recorded in my area as yet. It is not just Lyme with Yolanda and I think this is what is confusing to a lot of people me included. The medicine cabinet for most of us but cupboard for her was unreal! I don’t have to like her to feel compassion for her.

  7. And the worst part is, to get a real diagnosis, you cannot rely on the results of tests interpreted by a “traditional” Doctor here in the US, because they follow the erroneous CDC guidelines, which would say most everyone is negative for Lyme.
    You have to seek out a Lyme literate Doctor.

  8. I’m sure if he is paying any medical bills it’s due to the fact he still cares for her as uplands is the mother of his children! Don’t take what you read as gospel! Yo lands is worth millions in her own right she was an international super model!

    1. Katy, I really would expect her to have plenty of money of her own, between being a supermodel and marrying two ultra-wealthy men, one who is the father of her three children.

      Someone earlier said the man’s money is his but that is incorrect. If you are married, regardless of who earns the money, some of that “family” money does belong to the wife. I have never heard of a divorce where the wife didn’t get a substantial chunk of money if she was a stay home wife.

  9. I’m sure David had an iron clad prenup that she had to sign. Regardless, all those exotic treatments she has been flying all over the world for, probably were paid for by her, who knows. But I’m glad her first husband has stepped forward to help.

  10. amazing…. since when is it our business where her money comes from… doesn’t come into play with me when I watch the show…. there are some stuff in life that is your business and no one else’s… let alone a few million people…

  11. There are so many stories out there right now about Yolanda and David, the latest I won’t even mention here as I don’t know whether to believe them but I guess what I want to say that from now until the end of this series it’s going to be one story after another from sources. Until such time as they are proved or disproved I’m just going to sit tight and wait to see. I can’t like her because of the stories or her health but I will wait and see. I don’t understand a lot of it I will say that but we will see!!!

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