Mohamed Hadid Mansion Plans Going to Court

Mohamed Hadid hasn’t been to court lately but that hasn’t stopped him from pleading “no contest” to a few charges that have to do with his 30,000 square foot mansion in Los Angeles. His attorney Robert Shapiro entered the plea for Mr. Hadid, according to E! News.

There are three charges that have to do with erecting a structure other than what is permitted; failing to make the building conform to code, and failing to comply with an order issued by the Department of Building and Safety.

Mohamed’s attorney Mr. Shapiro didn’t have any other comments.

Sentencing is reportedly set for June 27th.

“These were serious violations,” L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer said in a statement to LAist this week. “It was essential to hold the defendant accountable for committing them. We have building and safety rules for a reason, and no one is above the law. At the sentencing hearing we’ll make our case for strong and appropriate sanctions.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo

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some just think they are beyond and above the rules

Truth, Cin.

Hadid is the next “hilton”, so he can probably get away with anything. No contest is another way of staying, “Yeah, I did it so…” for a more lenient sentence.

I bet he goes to the same hairdresser where LuAnn goes

omg… what is he thinking….

Anyone watching Second Wives Club? His girlfriend is on there, and he make appearances.
At this point, I obviously will watch anything,ha

Hi there Sunshine, I’ve been watching (or actually binge watching and I’m caught up to speed now after 2 days) . Shiva is essentially the central character of the show that ties all the women together. That Katie is the breakaway star of the show, though- a little rough around the edges, but HI-LARIOUS. She’s what Brandi Glanville SHOULD have been as a counterpoint to the Beverly Hills housewives, but couldn’t pull it off because of her baggage and emotional stability issues. I’m actually enjoying the show and the press interviews the women have been doing on different podcasts. Katie… Read more »