Mohamed Hadid: Lisa Vanderpump is Still My Friend


Yolanda Hadid claimed that her ex-husband hadn’t spoken to Lisa Vanderpump in eight months, and now Mohamed is speaking out about her statement.

TMZ caught up with Mohamed leaving Craig’s in Beverly Hills where he addressed claims that he and Lisa are no longer friends.

“She’s still my friend,” he said. “Absolutely.”

Mohamed added, “She’s always my friend.”

If you remember, Yolanda claimed that Mohamed was upset that Vanderpump insinuated he had told her his children Bella and Anwar were not sick with Lyme disease. Reports claimed that Mohamed was just being “cordial” to Lisa while filming RHOBH and that he refused to go to her three Beverly Hills restaurants.

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89 Replies to “Mohamed Hadid: Lisa Vanderpump is Still My Friend”

    1. I love your comments ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. lol, it’s called damage control. He says they’re “friends” just so he doesn’t have to talk about her anymore ^^ PR 101

  1. I’m waiting for the crowing from the LVP brigade in 3,2,…. I kid , I kid ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Now don’t be crabbit I’ve just been reading the Eileen thread and same went on there! I do love you Rain xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. Not possible my sweet Rain! Xxoo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. I gotta run (really run trying for a 5k) but had to say Suze, I love seeing your name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And YES, he thinks you’re sexy!!!!

              1. Thanks ladies!!! I am NOT a pretty runner at ALL…I look at some people and say how do you do that and I usually end up tripping.

                1. kt, good luck on your run! I admire people who put themselves out there, pretty or not. Did you ever see the show Friends? If you did, you’ll remember the episode where Phoebe runs like she did when she was a child as she described it and it was so funny…arms flailing all over the place, plowing people down as she went 🙂 Not at all saying that this is your MO, but again, good luck to you…

                  1. OOOO Janelle…that is so me!!! I love Phoebe (multiple people have said I look like or similar) and that is one of my fav shows!! I’m going to have to try and find that scene on you tube!!!

              2. Kt, I haven’t run for years but I used to run up and down the sand dunes in Dubai, knowing a beer at the end helped! Now my husband goes out, his knees hurt he looks pained, I keep telling him he should give it up or go daily. It’s so hilly where we live, no way to avoid them!

                1. Wow, Suze talk about a workout! OH…beer always helps, my friend! We have white sand dunes nearby maybe I should go run up and rollllll down!!!
                  Hope you are doing ok…thinking of you.

                  1. White sand dunes!! You lucky girl. Even walking in the sand is good for the gams. The “sand” at Tahoe is that sharp kind, and I can’t walk in it even with sandals. I have to wear my boots. But either way, it is beautiful near any water. Lake, ocean, stream…..I love standing right at the tide waves, and feel the sand pull out from under my feet as the water runs back to the deep at the Pacific Coast. It pulls the negative energy out of me, and the Ocean turns it into fish food!

                  2. It is the only sport I was ever good at! My husband came once and couldn’t keep up! Loved rubbing that in for years! We ran down so fast just for the beer! It was a Hash where you follow the leader! Great fun and yes the dunes were white and soft there as well! We all headed out in our jeeps, great memories! Xoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

              3. When you have huge natural boobs, you just can’t run without holding them. I fast walk and do yoga and with all the work I do I do not need cardio. I’m sweating all day.

            1. Thanks kt, I owe you a reply but I can’t remember what or why it will come to me! Good luck running you are awesome.

              1. Good to see you Suze! Keep on keepin’ on as they say. You are a strong and kind person and I wish you nothing but the best! xoxo! 🙂

                1. It’s better than last week. I’m on Relafin I can’t find what you use. Something cal. Lucky me, I have RA and osteo. Thanks for asking. You’re so thoughtful. Its a great feeling when people like you care. Can’t help loving you, my good friend. We’ll get through this. You were right, everyone has best wishes for one another. ❤’s to you, Sweet Suze!

                  1. It was a good day when you started posing Joanna! One of the family now oxox it was ad-cal I mentioned I have had to stop now as I’m a walking pharmacy! Xxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    1. My health issues are minor compared to yours. I admire your ethics. I (we) care about you. I need my daily dose of Sweet Suze.
                      I’m trying ad cal. Thanks again. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

                  2. Oh, Joanna, I just saw this. I knew you because like I told you for some odd reason ( good kind of odd ) I say your name in my mind with either an Italian or Spanish accent. Since I speak neither, I can’t identify the accent either‼️ I used to deal cards to a lady who had RA. Her name was Sophia. She was such a doll, she used to gamble every couple weeks. Always looked like she stepped out of a band box, all dolled up. My Mom used to swear by those hot wax baths for the hands, but she came from a time before good RA meds. I am getting pretty sick of people I love being ill, and new friends having pain. I am sorry for your pain and the inconvenience. I wish I was a bringer of fairy dust to sprinkle all over everyone who is ill here. That would fix everything. ❈

                    1. You are such a lovely lady! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    2. You are a caring, loving person 3D’s. You warm our hearts. I’m Italian. My mother’s name was Sophia, and you just described her. I was born outside of Chicago, in Barrington Illinois. My parents moved us to California when I was 8. I speak Italian fluently but my kids speak very little of it. I’m impressed that you are right about my accent! You are so sweet to wish you could heal people. That speaks volumes about your character. Your words are helping us. May God bless you and yours. You write so beautifully. Thank you for being you. I’m proud to call you my friend, as are the other ladies in here can attest. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

            1. I missed you Starr my friend xxxxoooo❤️❤️❤️❤️
              Hope all is well with you?

  2. Nothing that comes out of smelly robes mouth is true, go take a shower and wash your hair put your make-up on and take a vacation….oh that’s right she has the season is over, no need to be sick anymore.

        1. Howdie to you, my southern munchkin :). Are you sipping your martini already? :). Well , I celebrated 4/20 yesterday so I’m already ahead on the Friday game lol ❤️❤️❤️

          1. Rain, in Canada, we received wonderful news yesterday. On 4/20 our Prime Minister announced that, by the spring of 2017, the legalization of marijuana will happen. Anybody who has a criminal record for possession will also have that record wiped clean! Yay Canada!

            1. OMG! I really didn’t need another reason to adore Trudeau any more than I already do but this takes the ‘brownie’ :). Yay Canada indeed !! As a suffering person with a chronic disease, pot provides me with a lot of relief! Congrats skeptic ❤️❤️❤️

    1. She went to some Island already with her kids. She’s fine now, they stopped filming and nobody is around to feel sorry for her anymore anyway. The jig is up Ho.

  3. Mohamed is between a rock and a hard place. He has to be really careful not to piss Yolanda off … it will cost him big bucks. She has already set him up to continue to pay her child support for two children because she claims they have Lyme Disease. She’s like a leech sucking him dry.

  4. Notice he didn’t say he’d spoken with LVP, he just said they are still friends. The gaps in this story are big enough to drive a Mack Truck through. He’s treading very carefully and very diplomatically. I sort of admire him for that.

    1. I have always liked Mohammed. He as always been a gentleman. I could give a fig if he gets botox or wears old fashioned hair. He is the one person on here who has never made a rude statement. He goes to the social events, and I am pretty damn sure he doesn’t need the contacts, he always tells the women they look lovely, he hosts huge parties at his estate, & I imagine he s a good friend to those he calls friend. And it has nothing to do with his money, just his class and style. I read the article about rumors of where he got his money, and again, I don’t care. There has been no connection ever proven with him and any kind of crime. He for damn sure has never been directly connected to anything sordid, he has lived in the US for a long, long time. He passes the sniff test. I like a man who always wears nice cologne!

      1. I’ve never had a problem with Mohammed, he has always been gracious and polite, I don’t think he has ever said anything negative about anybody , not sure why people give him a hard time

      2. I agree, 3D…he showed up on Shahs one season and I liked how supportive he was of others in the Persian community. He also takes really good care of his kids and ex-wives…which I find very admirable.

          1. Yes it was Joanna he supposed said that about. Which triggered Brandi sending her a plate of sLmon in a restaurant.

      3. …he passes the sniff test… LOL you cracked me up but good 3D sistah! Hahaha and I so concur with everything you wrote so I don’t have to 🙂 ♥️☂

    2. Yep PJ,,, MO never said my kids are and he never said they are not sick , all he said is “my kids are fine” the heck is that? are they sick or not man.

      1. I am guessing they are not sick. Anwar lives with Mohamed now and plays school sports. If he had Lyme it’s doubtful he’d be fit to play or the school would allow him due to liability purposes.

        Yo has Bella convinced she is sick (Yo’s M by Proxy?). That photo of Yo lovingly laying in bed looking at Bella (with the IV) was frightening.

        Bella supposedly contracted Lyme and couldn’t compete in the Olympics. Maybe she just was told she just wasn’t good enough to compete and gave up riding after that.

        1. The entire ridiculousness of this is that Lyme is treatable. Very, very few people have long lasting effects from it. If the kids are in fact sick, I am so sorry they are, truly. It is so improbable as to be impossible that 3 people from one family have the Lyme that produces co-infections etc. That is what makes this story so easy to poke at. Just once I would like Yolanda to take into consideration the many people who have stated they have noticed the inconsistencies. If she would simply explain, in her own words, when, how, why etc. Her refusal to do so is one of the reasons I believe she is using the entire Lyme disease as a storyline to keep her on the show ( Pray God it doesn’t work ) There have been comments from as far back as 3 years ago as to the timeline. I mean, come on, “The Chronicles of Yolandia” has pointed out irrefutably the lies. She simply pretends she didn’t hear it or just looks down her pompous nose at anyone suggesting there is any doubt. She can not possibly be so ignorant as to believe there is no credibility to the questions. She keeps telling us she is intelligent, right? Well, prove it girl.

      1. Ken, IMO, has just about had it with the show. I couldn’t really care any less what he said about Lipsa. Rinna is such a foul, disgusting, vulgar piece of trash that if I was him I would have said WAY, WAY more. I thought he was rather holding back there on the lawn when they were talking. I would be upset if he hadn’t said anything. Rinna herself has said much, much more than Ken ever has. I mean, Kathryn was out of line at Erika’s party, but Rinna was too. When she said “Hallifuckinglulia” then interrupted Tom, when he finally had a chance to speak, being the gentleman he is she goes in with her cackling “You are a lawyer, a good lawyer” with that cackle as if he didn’t already know he was a lawyer. Then when it was finally almost over she says “I don’t know what to think, you are all fucking crazy” More cackling. I honestly don’t understand how she thinks her “sassy” mouth could ever be thought of in polite company as appropriate. I would be embarrassed to be seen in public with her. Her daughters are being taught that as long as you are a public figure, and you make money, you can speak however you please, use foul language at every possible opportunity, do really disgusting things like actually have your ass waxed in front of the world. GAG & GAG.
        She wouldn’t be welcome in my home, and I am not kidding. Well, maybe if she donated Five Million Dollars to Cancer Research, ( a Cashiers Check only ) I would allow her to come to one of my brunches, they are held on my patio. Not inside my home.

  5. Yolanda, please just GO AWAY!!! Totally sick of you and your manipulation of others around you, using your illness as a “pass.” You have manipulated Erika, Brandy, Kim, and Eileen to be in your corner and against Lisa VP. Now, you are trying to manipulate Mohamed to do the same. It’s shameful. Please, BRAVO, do NOT bring her back next season, nor her puppets, Erika, Eileen or Lisa R., and please do NOT showcase Brandy, Kim, or Faye either. Pick CLASSY housewives this time around. Sick of the silly quarreling. Just like to see the housewives get along and have fun together. NO STORY LINES!!! Just reality TV at its best. Love the way Lisa VP and Kyle get along. Enjoy that Kathryn befriended Lisa VP. So TIRED of the same ol’ TV watching of a gang of insecure women bullying Lisa VP. ENOUGH!!!

  6. He’s being diplomatic because he knows all of these ‘ladies’ have a hard time keeping their mouths shut.

    Side note: I see why he married Yo, so his children would be as beautiful as they are!!!

  7. I think he’s between a rock and a hard place, because he probably did tell Lisa they weren’t sick. And he probably denied he said it to Yolanda. Remember the disgusting thing he (supposedly) said to Brandi about the Miama housewife. I think his lips are loose, and he is shocked when his words are repeated.

  8. I don’t recall if it’s Blind Gossip or AGC Blind – but it stated that Yo has a history of lying and that M realises that

    1. NO! Yo lies? Of course she does. The past season has been a big lie. Just read the chronicles of Yolanda and you’ll see her timelines are all over the map as to when she became ill, etc.

      1. She’s been lying for years – desperate for attention. She could have been believable if she kept her stories and timelines straight. LVP should whip out a copy of the OK magazine where Mohammed says his kids don’t have Lyme.

    2. He definitely realises that Yo has a history of lying. Remember, Yo got a damn good lawyer who managed to throw out their prenup and get her a huge divorce settlement, based on medical conditions she had apparently been suffering from. Symptoms, by the way, that have been as vague and as similar as the ones she has described for her Lyme disease…

  9. Has everyone that is tired of Fauxlanda gone to the Bravo site and/or one of Andy Cohen’s social media sites and expressed their opinion of FauxYo and said they don’t want to see or hear about her again? I’ve done it with several of the housewives from cities as well as Kim and Brandi. If they get enough of us voicing our desires maybe it would help the producers see we’ve had enough.

  10. What a rip roaring liar Yo is. But we knew that from the get go. 2nd marriage down the chutes, wonder what makes them run? must be her sweet, angelic, lying nature. Cannot bear that woman’s ways. Glad Mohammed said what he said. Yo is probably livid with rage, at least I hope she is. Hope she disappears & it’ll be good riddance to bad rubbish.

  11. yolymes is a professional LIAR—–dutchy perfected it back in the day when Mohammed (moneybags) was leaving her—-at the same time, she just happened to (break her back? and suffered from clinical depression)—-it’s the ho’s way of holding out for more $$$$$$ in the divorce, see the trend, she knew david was being unfaithful and he was leaving her—so she just happened to get lymes, calf licked my face, worms, exploding boobs, neurological disease, etc… She’s a pro at getting rich older men to pay out big $$$$$… yolymes makes my skin crawl and she gives all women a bad name…….

    1. Totally agree. She’s taken Erica under her wing. Now that her music is more popular, I’m sure the divorce is imminent.

  12. Prudence, wish I could express myself with eloquence like you just did. If I hear her journey with lymes..ugh! She has lied so much she does give women a bad name. xoxo 🙂

  13. Yup who is the manipulative one now!!!!! Yolanda!!!!! Just cause she is sick does not mean she has forgotten how to lie. I believe Yolanda has always been jealous of Lisa V. relationship with her ex husband and will do anything to try to take Lisa down. Sad but true Snow Whites Step Mother anyone

    1. You got it right, Sue. Yolanda is super jealous of Lisa. She will use anyone to get her down. She really had to go and take LR, ED and EJG with her. 🙂 ❤❤

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