Miss Lawrence & Sheree Whitfield No Longer Friends? Plus- Did Lawrence Get His Cosmetology License Suspended?

Miss Lawrence

Miss Lawrence is widely known for being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, known as Sheree Whitfield’s hairstylist and BFF, but now, according to a new report by RealityTea, it looks like Lawrence has some skeletons in his closet! The site reports that Lawrence and Sheree allegedly had a falling out because Miss Lawrence destroyed Ms. Whitfield’s hair! Oh no…! ‘Who ‘gon check me boo?’ Friends no longer because of a destroyed weave? No word on the condition of Sheree’s weave.

RealityTea also reports that Lawrence’s cosmetology license is suspended! The site reports, ‘According to court documents filed in the State of Georgia, Lawrence’s license expired in March 2008 and he did not apply to have it reinstated until 2011. And what was he doing during that time? According to the documents illegally practicing as a hair stylist – and singeing weaves on RHOA, that’s what! Lawrence also owns his own salon.’

Lawrence had to pay a fine of $500 and agree to not touch any heads of hair until further notice! RealityTea reports that Lawrence’s license has been fully reinstated now, and he is legally able to work his magic!

Photo Credit: Bravo


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