Milania Giudice Harassed?

After last Sunday’s episode of the RHONJ Bravo posted a “Miliania Montage” of footage from Teresa’s daughter, asking fans if they missed Miliania moments because she was stuck at home while her parents were away on the RV trip.

The post generated over 1200 comments instantly, some of them very malicious, name-calling, and using swear words regarding the first grader’s behavior. These ADULTS commenting on this post about a child were using words such as “bitch” and “troll.” Bravo immediately deleted the post because of all the controversy.

We all know Teresa’s parenting has been questioned and deeply exposed due to the show, and I believe it could use some work. However, for adult women to go on Facebook, with their full names on display (no pun intended) and verbally attack a little girl is disgusting to me. Teresa has yet to comment about this. Stay tuned…

What do you think about this?

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