Milania Giudice Harassed?

After last Sunday’s episode of the RHONJ Bravo posted a “Miliania Montage” of footage from Teresa’s daughter, asking fans if they missed Miliania moments because she was stuck at home while her parents were away on the RV trip.

The post generated over 1200 comments instantly, some of them very malicious, name-calling, and using swear words regarding the first grader’s behavior. These ADULTS commenting on this post about a child were using words such as “bitch” and “troll.” Bravo immediately deleted the post because of all the controversy.

We all know Teresa’s parenting has been questioned and deeply exposed due to the show, and I believe it could use some work. However, for adult women to go on Facebook, with their full names on display (no pun intended) and verbally attack a little girl is disgusting to me. Teresa has yet to comment about this. Stay tuned…

What do you think about this?

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12 Replies to “Milania Giudice Harassed?”

  1. I agree it is disgusting… First off its a TV show— Why would Adults put down a Child like that? Hasnt anyone ever seen “Kids say the Darnest Things”??? Im sure that was Bravos point for the “Miliania Montage”… Its Funny!!! Personally I always laugh at what she says, at her age she is just showing off for the camera… Come on People… Get a Grip… Shes a Kid!!!

  2. 1.) Her neglectful mother probably doesn’t even know it happened because it’s not directly about her.
    2.) This little girl was put in this position by said neglectful mother, probably only to generate more income for her criminally insane family.
    3.) The fact remains that this little girl exhibits some of the most abhorrent behavior witnessed by television viewers in the history of television. To parents that are trying to raise well-behaved, socially-c0nscious children in this degenerate world, she is neither cute nor charming. She is the future bully on the playground of every school in America and people are sick of behavior like this (hopefully). While I would not go as far as to call a child names, she is, most certainly, one of the most ill-behaved children I have ever seen. And I work with children that have all kinds of emotional & mental issues that would excuse behavior such as this and they don’t do it!
    4.) Again, I don’t encourage calling a child names; take it out on her defective parents where the responsibility lies.

  3. we all have moments, when our children repeat things,that we are inbarassed of, and we try our best to be continence of, how and what we are saying in thier presents. Come on like none of the other cast members ,have these moments and thier so quick to judge. All thier perfect children and perfect marriages. Any one of them who needs to display thier affection for each other and how many times aday they have sex, plus every morning,is probably lacking in those areas, it prooves noyhing what goes on behind closed doors. From what is shown,Tre seems to be an involved and loving mother and the others, will take any opertunity sabotage that. They are all very insecure and need to be recognized for thier A plus parenting.

  4. Milania has personality. She’s just a child! What excuse do these nasty, rotten people have who said all those horrible things ABOUT A CHILD!?!? I can almost guarantee Milania will be much more behaved in only a few years than those who commented so vehemently on Bravo about a young kid. Talk about bullies! It’s absolutely ironic that those complaining about a spirited child, saying disgusting things about A CHILD, are displaying the worst behavior that anyone could. Much worse than Milania who is what – 5 years old maybe? If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. Talk about hypocritical and idiotic.

  5. I think the little girl should sit down and stay in a child’s place. However, when a parent does not discipline a child, the name calling and other things come with the territory. More likely, she has that type of personality that she has called many adults and children what people are calling her.
    So parents, if you don’t want anyone to treat your child that way, do not allow your child to treat ANYONE else that way.
    I am praying for the whole Guidice family because they are pitiful. Then again, I enjoy the entertainment of fool’s.

  6. Although I don’t agree with attacking a first grader and profanity toward her is above just irresponsible it’s disgusting! Do I agree Milania Gudice is a Troll…. Of course I do… Do I think it’s fair to attack a 1st grader who’s life is going to already be one of school yard fights defending her family and her own big mouth …NO! The REAL target should be her Mother who is completely neglecting her responsibility teaching this child appropriate behavior, manners and respect! Theresa is the “Bitch” that these commenters should address. A 5 year old can not be held accountable for her own behavior no matter how rude, vile and disgusting it really is! Milania Guidice just evokes strong emotion from people and they become confused about the proper placement of this anger! It is with her parents people!

  7. Lucy I think you were trying to say something but I got NONE of what you said. Vocabulary and spelling are learned in youth I think you missed a lot of school.
    That said this little girl is innocent BUT she has only learned what she has been taught by her HORRIBLE parents. They should be ashamed of themselves…… The attitude and sassy mouth are the cause of their parents talking about others while the children are in ear shot. Some of the things that Milania says are NOT words of a 6-7 year old these are spoken by adults. She is no genius but she has learned from watching her parents and repeating what they say. Yes she has issues but blame her parents not the child. Shame on you Teresa and Joe Shame on you.

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