Mike Shay Shares His Side Of The Story On The Vanderpump Rules Reunion

Part three of the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion was shocking, especially when Mike Shay joined the cast to talk about the demise of his marriage to Scheana. Viewers were surprised when Scheana revealed that she had once caught Shay exchanging inappropriate text messages with another woman.

The tension was like no other when Shay walked on the stage and Scheana was in tears telling Andy that she didn’t want to see her ex.

When asked if his addiction issues were something he would have brought up on TV on his own he replied, “No, never. That was something that I was dealing with, with my wife… between us. My parents didn’t know. My family didn’t know, so I was forced to tell everyone and now everywhere I go, I’m labeled as a druggie.”

“And I’m a home wrecking whore,” Scheana added. “You get labeled and it doesn’t leave you. I’m sorry that came out, but…”

“I didn’t label you that,” Shay cut Scheana off. “You labeled yourself that. That’s a great example of how she treated me.”

Scheana continued, “I never would have left you. I would’ve just stayed in a marriage that wasn’t great and…”

Shay cut in, “That’s not true… I told you, I said, ‘We will make this work,’ and you said yes to everything and then when I showed up to film, you divorced me on camera.”

“I find out you were buying pills behind my back again and still lying to me,” Scheana claimed. “Right then, I was just like, “checked out, done.”

Andy asked Shay what it’s like to read online that Scheana has a new boyfriend. He said it was unfortunate and quick and noted that he didn’t know who the guy was until Scheana said, “You follow him on Instagram. Rob.”

Shay replied, “That’s the guy you’re dating?” He added, “Hmm. Interesting.”

Scheana also claimed that her marriage started to have troubles three months in when she caught Shay with the pills. She told Andy the trust in their relationship was broken immediately.

Andy pointed out that Shay looked surprised by Scheana’s answer and said that for him the marriage started going south “about a year ago.”

Scheana noted that after she saw the “you on top of me” text from a girl that was sent to Shay, she had caught him texting another girl and that is where their relationship fell apart and it was “devastating.” Scheana also revealed that Shay had talked about meeting up with this girl, but she lived across the country, so it would have been difficult.

Shay explained, “I met this person, she came to Mixology, and I worked there. She was there with her friend. Maybe the texts were inappropriate or a little further than just a friendship, but it was definitely a connection I didn’t have with her.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo