Melissa And Joe Gorga Want To Move Back In Their Montville Mansion


Joe and Melissa Gorga have been battling with the tenant of their Montville home, and now the Gorgas are telling the judge they want to move back into their home that Kai Patterson is currently living in.

RealityTea reports that a judge ruled that Kai Patterson can stay in the Gorga house for another 17 days if he coughs up $25,000. According to the Gorga’s attorney, Patterson owes them more than $180,000. This means the eviction proceedings will be delayed for a few more days.

The Gorga’s attorney made it clear that the couple want the eviction done as quickly as possible so they can move back in. They want to get back in the house ASAP and enroll their kids in school.

Inside the courtroom Joe mocked Kai’s claims that hardship has prevented him from paying rent. Joe said, “It’s embarrassing. There’s people who wake up in the morning and try to make an honest living and people who wake up and think ‘who am I going to screw today.’”

Gorga also revealed to reporters that Patterson didn’t bring up any of the home’s issues until they tried to evict him.

The $25,000 payment was only enough to give Patterson an extra 17 days in the house, after that the eviction process will begin.

Photo Credit: Bravo