Melissa Gorga’s Store Manager Derek Zagami Suddenly Leaves Boutique After Being Accused Of Selling Stories About Teresa Giudice


On last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga’s store manager Derek Zagami was accused of selling stories about Teresa Giudice. Now, it has been revealed that he is no longer working at her boutique.

Right after the episode aired, Zagami posted on Instagram that he is leaving Envy and will no longer be working for Melissa. “Today I am announcing I will no longer be working as the Store Manager at Envy by Melissa Gorga. I have decided to move on in my career. Building Envy with Melissa and Jackie was an incredible experience, I wish Envy and the team behind the scenes who make it happen nothing but success on the journey!”

If you take a look at Derek’s Instagram, it’s clear they were very close, as you even see photos of Teresa on his page.

UPDATE: Teresa Giudice confirmed Melissa fired Derek during a recent appearance on WWHL.

Do you believe this is a coincidence?

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7 Replies to “Melissa Gorga’s Store Manager Derek Zagami Suddenly Leaves Boutique After Being Accused Of Selling Stories About Teresa Giudice”

  1. If it’s true he sold stories Melissa has gone up in my books! I think that is twice this season! Incredible!

  2. Wow–I smell a lawsuit. Derek strikes me as someone who smells money and fame and knows when to strike.
    Being that he worked for Melissa, and if he was “fired” or not, he may have a case of defamation or slander against his name if Melissa is talking smack about her employee.

    1. Melissa didn’t say anything derogatory about Derek. In fact, she defended him. Kim D was the one who claimed Derek was selling stories about Teresa.

  3. The information about Derek selling stories came out months ago, during filming. I doubt that is why he is no longer with the store. More likely the “The Team Teresa” folk were coming into the store and being disruptive towards him.

    1. Jane, I was thinking the same exact thing while reading this article. It doesn’t make sense. That filming happened months ago and Melissa would have been looking into it at that time. Why the heck would she fire him the night it was aired, and not at the time that she was given that information. Maybe Melissa never said anything about it to him at all, and that was the first time he was hearing of it (when it aired) and quit. Either that or he knew he had been found out and beat her to the punch of firing him. I can’t go by Theresa confirming the firing on WWHL, but I’d be curious to see if Melissa backs that up.

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