Melissa Gorga’s Sister Lysa Simpson Threatens Bravo!


Melissa Gorga’s sister, Lysa Simpson is calling out Bravo on Twitter for the way they are portraying her baby sister on The Real Housewives of New Jersey! “You’re barking up the wrong tree,” Lysa tweeted. “@Bravotv keep coming for my sister, I dare you.”

“If you want to get to my little sister, you have to go thru me! If you want to get to me, U have to go thru my big sister @kimpirrella #what,” Lysa tweeted. This isn’t the first time Lysa has lashed out on Twitter defending Melissa. We all remember when Lysa sparked a feud with Kim D last year when Season 4 of RHONJ was airing.

Shortly after Lysa tweeted Bravo, she deleted what she wrote. Melissa must have reminded her sister that Bravo pays she and her husband Joe quite well, regardless of what edit she gets.


Photo Credit: Bravo


7 Replies to “Melissa Gorga’s Sister Lysa Simpson Threatens Bravo!”

  1. She needs to get a life and realize the reason we know who she is, is because of Teresa. Her sister got on the show because of Teresa. And shes going to call out BravoTV! PLease! Shes nothing and her sister is nothing. Next…

  2. Little Messy signed up for this. She deserves what ever she gets! We all know if Teresa was not on this show, Melissa who!!! LMAO.
    I am so sure Bravo is so scared!!

  3. LOL The pure ignorance of this redneck, ghetto family of fakes and theives never ceases to amaze me. They might want to consider that their small little part is not that significant to Bravo no matter how much Melissa and Joe think they’re “stars.” And to threaten Bravo is just laughable…..guess she thought Andy and the producers were get scared and do whatever – lol – I just….can’t. Way to burn their tiny, unstable bridge and now that Joe has proven what a sissyy he is and can’t be a man without backup to address his problems – well – my guess is this is their last season – for several reasons. Lastly, only COWARDS bark threats and then erase what they have said. Bet there are at least 100 screenshots of her childish tweet. They just need to go get real jobs and accept that MeGo’s book and life with Stubby are pretty much an exposed sad joke. They blew their chance with the audience and now Bravo. Dumbasses.

  4. The sister is really dumb. Doesn’t she realize that if the sister is threatening to sue
    Bravo, they will fire the Gorgos.

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