Melissa Gorga’s Boutique Envy Closed? Gorga’s Former Business Partner Leaves Melissa To Work With Kim D

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga’s boutique Envy has been closed temporarily after she had a “difference of opinion” with her business partner, Jackie Beard Robinson.

Rumors started swirling that the store was closing after just one year of being open when customers saw the store was empty, but Melissa’s rep is telling US Weekly that the boutique will reopen in just a few weeks after spring inventory is complete.

“Melissa Gorga is and has always been an owner of the Envy by Melissa Gorga boutique,” Gorga’s rep said. “Melissa and Jackie have had a difference of opinion on how the store should be run and at this point, Jackie is no longer involved in managing the boutique, but Melissa intends to maintain the success of the boutique by managing it on her own, and she is excited to open with a new inventory of spring fashions.”

An insider tells the site that Gorga hasn’t seen eye to eye with Robinson for a while now, so Robinson decided to go into business with Kim DePaola, who owns Posche. The source says Robinson moved the inventory from Envy to Posche.

“Melissa was unhappy, and she was like, ‘You aren’t operating this store to make a profit. This isn’t working.’ She wanted to dissolve their agreement,” the insider continued. “But Jackie wanted Melissa to just give up her stake and be a paid spokesperson.”

However, Kim D has a different story. “Envy is closed. Jackie was the real owner all along,” she said. “I’m going to help her liquidate everything that was in the store. The store is empty. They stripped the chandeliers, the furniture, the computer, the cameras, all the clothes, it’s all gone. Jackie stripped it all because she owns it. … We’re going to have an Envy liquidation sale at Posche, the new Posche in Allendale.”

Kim claims Melissa was never the real owner of Envy. “Melissa made a deal with Jackie that she would promote, she would put pictures of herself on Instagram and she would get a percentage of what was sold,” she said.

While the storefront at Envy was at first completely empty, the windows are now covered with signs that read, “Temporarily closed for inventory. Will reopen very soon.”

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10 Replies to “Melissa Gorga’s Boutique Envy Closed? Gorga’s Former Business Partner Leaves Melissa To Work With Kim D”

    1. Not surprised at all. In today’s economic climate, I didn’t understand why she didn’t forego having a storefront and concentrate on digital sales, that may have been a safer route for her to try as there are dozens of young women out there making hand over fist with the online Instagram crowd.Beyond that, she just didn’t seem to know very much about traditional retail management or merchandising. Kyle Richards, at least, invested in an already existing business with a proven track record where she took the opportunity to learn from the ground up, then expanded her franchises to markets appropriate for her customer demographic. Oh well, traditional fashion merchandising isn’t for everybody.

      1. You are right and I just don’t think Melissa is cut out for business, you need to be on top of it all the time. Kyle has a lot of support behind her and I don’t think Melissa does. You need to be so focused on your business and I just can’t see it with her.

        1. I think it was all about out doing Teresa since this started while Tre was still in jail, I’ll bet Hubby joe is doing handstands and thinks she will concentrate on being a wife and mother. HAHAHA

        2. I’m off this week and catching up on all the shows, most of which are uploaded to YT before they’re yanked down, and speaking of Kyle I’m watching her closely on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice right now: only two episodes in, and while she’s not in leadership position as a project manager yet, she is coming across as VERY proactive and quick on her feet working with the rest of the girls on her team, and appears very competent in expressing herself in a sales pitch. I think in real life she is a savvy little minx, with a good head for business. Porsha’s also on the Kyle’s team but sadly she reminds me of another Melissa; great at playing dress up, but not particularly articulate or business smart. After all, we did learn that Porsha’s little sister is the brains and muscle behind organizing her business ventures. Like Porsha, Melissa may do better to partner up with a sibling or other family member for something a little less demanding for her skill set.

  1. Yep, melissa has no clue what she’s doing and it showed during the show. She didn’t take the advice her partner gave her, no wonder she wanted out!

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