Melissa Gorga’s Alleged Affair With Bryan Bowen To Be Revealed On Season 5 Of RHONJ!

Melissa Gorga

We previously reported that Melissa Gorga’s ex-boyfriend, Bryan Bowen, was surfacing and wanted to reveal dirt on Melissa. A new report from RadarOnline claims that not only did Melissa marry Joe Gorga for money, but her relationship with Bowen continued well into her marriage to Joe. Radar reports that Melissa’s past will come back to haunt her in Season 5 of RHONJ. “While the women were taping at the Posche Fashion Show last year the owner of the salon that set up Melissa last season with the whole strippergate thing again opens her mouth and hints to Teresa Giudice about an affair her sister-in-law had,” the source exclusively tells Radar, referring to Le Chateau Allure salon owner Penny Drossos.

“While the cameras are rolling, Penny gets out her cell phone and calls Bryan directly, although he goes by ‘Mike’ on the show, and while on speakerphone he validates everything, and then some!” the source shares.

“While on speakerphone ‘Mike’ says that Melissa lied to Joe about why she needed to move in with him after they met. She told him that her female roommate kicked her out and that she had nowhere to go,” the source says. “When in reality, Melissa was living with Bryan and wasn’t even interested in Joe until she saw his house. Once she had him wrapped around her little finger she continued to have a discreet affair with Bryan and he had no problem blowing the lid on it this season.”

Bryan took to Twitter to deny this story. He wrote, “Radaronline where do you get your info are you really that desperate for a story lol.” Then he added, “Good luck with all the fictional story lines.. The only thing I’m doing now is ME! YouMad?!”

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8 Replies to “Melissa Gorga’s Alleged Affair With Bryan Bowen To Be Revealed On Season 5 Of RHONJ!”

  1. Hi Nikki,
    I love your site. I hope this is true. For some reason, I think Bravo will continue to protect Melissa, and vilify Teresa.

  2. Like most rumors sprawling around reality TV, this is probably only half true. Either way, it’s sad to say many women perform the “damsel in distress” act on AND off TV. Money is the motive–un-FORTUNE-ately.

  3. She seems like a loving wife that makes him happy. Who knows who this slime bucket is that’s trying to destroy her marriage, but since he is his credibility is lacking for me.

  4. Drew,
    You’d be surprised at what Teresa fans, and wannabe housewives are capable of doing without Teresa’s help or knowledge. I really don’t believe any of the housewives are involved in this. I’ve been watching it unfold from afar. Lets hear it for the local, NJ, fans! No? Lol

  5. Brian wanted nothing to do with this. All the mags have been trying to get him to talk. He didn’t say anything. Only what they heard. This is people who knew Melissa from the past who hung out with her when she met Joe. So if anyone knows the truth it will be them not a magazine that don’t check facts.

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