Melissa Gorga Wants To Do Dancing With The Stars?

Melissa Gorga

I’ve often wondered why ABC hasn’t had any Real Housewives on Dancing With The Stars. I know Joanna Krupa was on with Derek Hough, but that was before she was a Housewife. Now, it looks like Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga is nominating herself for the gig! She replied to Dancing With The Stars’ Tweet saying she’s ready for to take over the ballroom!

When @DancingABC asked which reality star we would like to see on the #DWTS floor, Melissa replied, “Another Melissa!” Hinting she would like to be picked for the 16th Season of DWTS, check out her Tweet below!

Melissa Tweet

Tell Us- Would YOU vote for Melissa on DWTS?

Photo Credit: Bravo


7 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Wants To Do Dancing With The Stars?”

  1. I would never watch Dancing with the Stars EVER if Melissa Gorga is on it. She has been nominating herself every season via twitter since the world was cursed with her meager existence. At this point it is pathetic. I would like to see Cynthia from RHOA on. I couldn’t stand her the last two seasons but I feel like the real Cynthia is being portrayed and she’s fun and classy.

  2. I will not watch dancing with the stars if they put gross ho bag melissa on. She needs to go away. She is a wannabe fame whore. Sick of her and her lies.

    1. Look, before Melissa and Joe Gorga not sipped the fame Kool Aid but guzzled it. I thought it was Teresa who had issues. But, now……Oh, NO, NO, NO…I am a pretty good judge of character and I thought with her “Thank you Jesus’s the whole first season she was on and the Christmas party for St. Joe’s hospital that she was so guilty by attacks by Teresa. It’s so obvious now that she was a fraud, fraud, fraud. I lost ALL and I mean ALL respect for this girl who would throw her deceased Father under the bus to write some little pamphlet of a book about her “Hot and Happy Marriage, with her little short husband that is as delusional as she is”, So, the only Housewife that was ever deemed worthy to be on DWTS was Lisa Vanderpump and I think that was a one time deal. Does she not watch the playback at the end of the season where her on beloved brother in law, Richie says she couldn’t dance to save her life. Never mind when she was asked to be in Beatbox, she went to Punta Cana instead and the choreographer was so irritated that she didn’t attempt to practice even on the beach or something. But, throwing her Father under the bus was the last straw for me. I would be happy not to hear the name Melissa Gorga, ever again. You don’t cook, you can’t sing and the only thing you did get right from your Mother’s advice, was being a whore in the bedroom. You got that down especially letting your husband thinking he’s raping you to keep it HOT! Oh, how I am so envious……LOL!

  3. Just like I don’t think these book publishers that have offered deals to Caroline and Melissa have EVER watched the show – sure hope DWTS casting execs watch the episode pictured here . . . girl can. not. dance! lmao (And unless she is featured on a BRAVO rigged poll (not “pole”) is a VERY unpopular cast member.) Definitely would boycott if she’s on.

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