Melissa Gorga, “Time Heals All Wounds!” Her Reaction To The RHONJ Reunion!

Melissa Gorga appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after the explosive Part 3 Reunion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. When asked by a viewer if it’s too late for any forgiveness towards her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, or if there’s anything Teresa could do regain her trust, Melissa responded, “You know, I don’t like to speak definitively when talking about family. I never wanna say never, because deep down in my heart I love Teresa, and I know her brother loves her more than anything in the world, so right now I think we just need a little time to heal. I do believe that time heals all wounds, and I think that we will fix this eventually, but we just need a little time, and we are just not there yet.”

Another viewer called in to ask Melissa if she still thinks Teresa had anything to do with the set-up, Melissa answered, “Um ya, I feel strongly about it, and that’s why you’re seeing what you’re seeing at the reunion. I feel like Kim D had A LOT to do with it, and Kim D orchestrated it all, and I feel like Teresa knew. And Kim did admit that Teresa knew, I just feel like she should have called me in between to give me a heads up, because we were in such a good spot and that could have settled everything. Because she didn’t called me I feel like maybe she had something to do with it, then the guy Angelo confirmed that Kim and Teresa planned this.”

A viewer also asked Melissa if she found it strange Jacqueline seemed to know as much as Teresa about the set-up, she responded, “Jacqueline was getting texts, she was getting a lot of texts, I know everybody wants to know about those texts, but Jacqueline won’t give up who she was talking to.” Read more about that situation here.

When guest star Mario Lopez asked Melissa if her in-laws are aware of what’s going on she answered, “Joe and I don’t discuss the show or any of the issues that we have with Teresa with my in-laws at all.” She also said her father-in-law was just at her house Friday night for dinner, and played cards with Joe.

I thought Joe Gorga claimed his children don’t have grandparents, because Teresa “brainwashed” her parents against Melissa?

Tell Us- What’s your take on Melissa’s answers?

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2 Replies to “Melissa Gorga, “Time Heals All Wounds!” Her Reaction To The RHONJ Reunion!”

  1. Does Melissa realize how much she contradicts herself… she and Joe claim at the reunion Teresa brainwashed her inlaws/their parents against them two, yet on WWL she says she has them over every week for dinner. Then she says at the reunion she’s moving out of Montville to seperate Antonia from going to school with Milania and Gabriella. On WWL she says the kids haven’t seen eachother since Gia and Milania’s birthday party and she really wants the kids to be together. Okay Melissa which one is it?! I think YOU’RE the one playing victim here, not Teresa!!

  2. Kathy,Richie,Melissa,and Joe G,are nasty,greedy,fmaewhorgas!!!Caroline and Jacqueline ae just kissing there butts and helping them get Teresa off the show,because there mad at her!!!

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