Melissa Gorga, Teresa Should Quit Reality TV!

In a recent interview with In Touch Magazine Melissa Gorga is talking sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice. She reveals that she thinks Teresa should quit reality television saying, “If reality TV is causing [Teresa’s] family a lot of stress, then she should walk away. But I don’t think she’s there yet.”

In the history of The Housewives no person has ever been under as much scrutiny as Teresa in the media. Whether it be about her, her husband, her children, her finances, nothing is off limits. Teresa continues to fly above the hate, and she has signed on for another season of RHONJ.

As for the neagatitive press Melissa has received, she says, “If I start to feel pressure at home, you won’t see me on the show anymore. But I don’t think Teresa is ready to take that step.”

Tell Us- What do you think about Melissa’s “advice” for Teresa?

Photo Credit: WireImage