Melissa Gorga, Teresa Should Quit Reality TV!

In a recent interview with In Touch Magazine Melissa Gorga is talking sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice. She reveals that she thinks Teresa should quit reality television saying, “If reality TV is causing [Teresa’s] family a lot of stress, then she should walk away. But I don’t think she’s there yet.”

In the history of The Housewives no person has ever been under as much scrutiny as Teresa in the media. Whether it be about her, her husband, her children, her finances, nothing is off limits. Teresa continues to fly above the hate, and she has signed on for another season of RHONJ.

As for the neagatitive press Melissa has received, she says, “If I start to feel pressure at home, you won’t see me on the show anymore. But I don’t think Teresa is ready to take that step.”

Tell Us- What do you think about Melissa’s “advice” for Teresa?

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10 Replies to “Melissa Gorga, Teresa Should Quit Reality TV!”

    1. Hooker? She has more class in her pinky toe than that man looking Theresa has in her entire body!! You are just a hater.

  1. are you fucking kidding me melissa? how about YOU walk away. you know none of this would’ve happened if you hadn’t been spiteful and joined in the first place. i know your voice would’ve gotten no where without the publicity, but if anyone should be leaving before teresa it’s you.

  2. Melissa would do anything to take Teresa down, plus Melissa knows the show is about Teresa Melissa just want to take Teresa’s place

  3. I admire Melissa and Teresa. They make mistakes, but they had no idea what reality TV would do to their family. They are both smart, talented, beautiful mothers, who don’t need this show to be happy. There is a syndrome that has developed in recent years among people who grew up watching reality TV. It is a type of nervous paranoia that makes people feel as if they are being watched, i.e., judged all the time. Listen to the peace between your ears, love your family even if they don’t appreciate it, and enjoy your lives. Sing, write, cook, play with your kids, take a nap, do a random act of kindness, and thank God (whatever that is to you) that you have breathe in your body to do good in life.

  4. I agree, Melissa you go. Teresa was on the show from the jump. U knew it get u in the public eye for ur music, to me u used ur sister-inlaw to get famous. Now ppl know u for being Teresa’s sister-inlaw not a famous singer.

  5. Teresa was on the show FIRST,rather you like it or not Melissa!Get over yourself!Your music sucks,you suck, its a perfect match!LOL!Teresa is amazing the only thing thats going on in her life right now that is bad is Joe Giudice court stuff!!

  6. This place is full of haters! Melissa has class and is loyal to her family. If ANY one of you had the chance to get on a show like this you would JUMP at the opportunity. You all might even stomp on your own mothers to get there. Teresa’s jealousy for her sister in law is stronger than her love for her brother and his kids or else she would just make nice and let it all go. She is a fame whore with a WEIRD hairline who has NO class and is about the most ignorant person on TV. I actually hate when she gets air time because she represents all the people in the world who can’t be happy for anyone who might be doing better than she, like Melissa for example. Melissa, you know you are workin’ it when you have a pack of haters on your heels. Do it girl!!!

    #TEAM MELISSA (and everyone else BUT The Giudice family)

  7. Sure and Melissa should stop singing. Actually, she should’ve never started. To be fair, she isn’t the only HW that sucks at singing so don’t call me a hater.

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