Melissa Gorga & Teresa Giudice EXCLUSIVE Interview With The Insider- Behind The Scenes Of The RHONJ Reunion!

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice are speaking to The Insider about The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Reunion. They reveal what we can expect as viewers; Melissa talks about Angelo, Teresa discusses how heated it got seeing her brother for the first time in a year, Teresa says she had NOTHING to do with the set-up at the Posche Fashion Show, Melissa talks about working at the bikini bar, Teresa denies ever saying Melissa was a stripper, Melissa says there is proof Teresa had something to do with the set-up, Teresa said she never signed up to be on the show with family, Melissa says she never came on the show to hurt Teresa, and MUCH, MUCH more. It’s very interesting, I highly recommend watching!

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Photo/Video Credit: The Insider



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  • Michelle

    Melissa just lied in this interview, on the show she said she only worked at the bar for one night and didn’t like it so she quit on here she says she worked there one night a week…Now we’re suppose to believe you didn’t come on this show to hurt Teresa…Just unreal to me…and Lord knows you can’t sing but I guess autotune will work for anyone..

  • Savannah

    To be completely honest stuff like that shouldn’t get in between family. Forgive & Forget is the key with family. If u keep holding grudge’s your going to end up alone & a family shouldn’t have to go thru that

  • what a liar she thinks she is so sharp, she said another time she worked at the bar for one week and than quit. Is she seriouse that whole drama her and the fake cousin caused at the fashion show,the first season she was on. How she made her grand entrance like she was a hot celeberty,that fake walk, Kathy confronting Tre intentionally insulting Tres parenting. yes she meant it she said it at the hair salon and interview. She saw Tre taking a picture with her mom and ran over w/ a man tying to block her and she didnt care ‘HI MOM IDIDNT KNOW YOU WERE HERE” IDIDNT KNOW MY MOTHER INLAW WAS HERE,manipulative.then saying to Tre stop yelling,all the time,not to talk about Tres brother on public display,after Kathy instigated Tre to make themselves look above her. Not to mention the unnecessary drama her husband caused at his own babies Christening all for the cameras.Kathy kissing up to Caroline, going to her table at the fashion show,the rediculous conversation at Kats house about Joe and Treand him pulling the imfamous table stunt again,telling Rich not to interupt him and continuing.All the antics they pulled from day one.they already in Carolines ear manipulating then. After C aroline was pissed,they took another avenue, how her only intent was to help her family,telling J oe how he needed to make up w/ his sister always the martyer and poor victim. she is the one who always reverses what she does and says Tre does this.even the way she carries her self is so fake,especially she is in love with herself,the entire reunion fixing her hair,dress,jewlery,ffacial expressions,she didnt even know what was going on half the time. how canany one not see how transparent she is. she and J oe sold thier soul for fame and fortune and she is the one who was jealous. she said Tre wasnt sure to join the show and she talked her into it,for her own selfish reasons, not for Tre anddd when it didnt pan out for her,”her getting on the show too” shemanipulated all deceitful avenues untill she accomplished it.She just said what abad relationship they had and it was getting worse and if Tre was so hard on her after Tre joined, why did she tell Danniel all those persnal things jealousy, thats what got worse. why did she think Tre would want to bring all that animosity to her job,and she complains how affected the family is then why dont you leave the show its discusting how Tre brother talks about her and always with agroup,sometimes laughing at her,no wonder why Joe Gorga makes those comments about ,all of them after seeing whats done to his wife , do they think they will also get him against his own wife,siding with the others.the only time Tre makes accusations to all of them in adefence.MAGAZINES, MAGAZINES,get over it.She sure jummped on the wagon whenopportunity came and hers realy was trashy.how would she like it if her sister came on the show without talking about it to her and from the first episode trashed her and called her garbage,that goes to show how bad it was with Joe and Tre,and he said maybe it was to get closer, (right) we believe this.They promised this drama to fuel tre and sold himself about how he could out do hers.She doesn, even acknowlege that if Tre wasnt on the show she would have never got all the opportunity she has now, or greatful. Kathy acts like they were chosen randomly out of no where,like she won some sort of lottery and recieved an email she won and Mellisa did too and they didnt even know each other were cccchosen give me a break, not all of us are believeing your act. her true colors came out at the reunion. as for the fashion show they all knew including Kathy and Melissa. they had more motive to set up Tre they all hate on her. Look at the footage seconds before he gets to the table they were signaling each other Kathy looked at him and gave Jac the eye, Lauren got nher mothers attention,she never even turned to look when he said hi to Melissa the lady behind him sayin omg to Jac. him saying hi to tre already implying she knew”rewind that sceen and pause to slow motion its very clear, him having taht conversation outin kim and tre if she was his accomplise why rat her out and he knew his mic was on at the table as they all did and when saying hi to Tre so he wasnt trying to hide he saw her before.if melissa is so upset for her kids let her leave the show it was good before her get some new cast maybe Carolines sibling that she is fightin with but not tell her.

  • Lisa

    Gee Lucy, you sound an awful lot like Teresa. Is that you Teresa???? Hmmmm. Pause, re-wind, slow motion. You know every word. You sound just like a scorned Teresa.

  • brittany

    MElissa already knew this guy was going to approach the table!!!One of Melissa ex empolyes she used to work with,said that she was calling up everyone to ask them to lie for her!!!

  • Elle

    Lucy is totally Teresa… sounds stupid, just like her!

  • I am lost for words. Just saw the MG interview. How on earth u wanted TG call u when that man approach u. All we see is u and everyone else talk bad about her. Even when u guys made up on the first trip. U still kept talking bad about her. Did u ever once told everyone else to stop talking bad about TG noooo u didn’t women. I can see u just want to look pretty and the only thing u know is how to always be the central attention. I really never see u being a mom even if u are u seem to be aggravated. And u only feel good about yourself is when u having fun and acting sexy in front of every one. Please be real and not be a idiot.