Melissa Gorga Teases New Season of RHONJ

RHONJ star Melissa Gorga is teasing the new season of the show and sharing how she’s changed since we first met her in season 3.

“When I started this show, I was young,” Melissa explained. “I had little babies; I’m really becoming who I am and what I believe in now, which, obviously, I’m all about women power right now and I’m all about coming into my own and being able to be myself but also be Joe’s wife and a mommy and all the other things that I am.”

Gorga also told Bravo that we will see a different side of her this season.

“I think you’re going to see more of the Melissa that I’ve grown into and who I want to be and who I love being,” she said. “Of course you’re going to see a lot of Envy; you’re going to see a lot of fun fashion because I would never disappoint. And no one ever would get through a whole season without my alter ego, which is ‘Drunk Melissa.’ She’ll be here, too.”

The season trailer showed tension between Melissa and her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice. Melissa added, “We are Italians from Jersey. We love hard, we fight hard, and we go hard.”


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