Melissa Gorga Talks Danielle Staub and Shares Current Status of Relationship with Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri

Melissa Gorga appeared on WWHL this week after an all new episode of RHONJ.

Melissa was forced to talk about her history with Danielle Staub when a caller asked, “Danielle and you are becoming really good friends. I wanted to know, years ago Danielle said that you went over her house and you denied it. Did you two ever talk about that?”

Melissa explained, “Wait. That I went to her house? “I actually met Danielle for the first time filming this show. We exchanged emails and had met through the internet or whatever, but we never met before I filmed with her.” Andy Cohen added, “I want to dig a little deeper into that at the reunion, I think.”

Melissa also explained that she didn’t mean to offend her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice with her parenting advice. Melissa told Teresa earlier this season that she is too lax with her four daughters.

“I think Teresa even says throughout the episode that I was right about it. And it’s not a negative thing at all. She gives them so much love; it’s really not a negative thing,” Melissa explained. “It’s kind of like sisterly advice. She doesn’t have a sister, and so from an outside looking in, sometimes she can be a little too lenient.”

A caller asked Melissa to weigh in on a touchy topic: Does she think Siggy Flicker is hypocritical for “preaching about women’s empowerment,” yet “starting fights” amid the New Jersey pals? Melissa paused before admitting that she does get embarrassed when Siggy speaks loudly and causes a scene. But she also said that she’d tell Siggy the same thing to her face.

Gorga revealed that Joe Giudice is doing “well,” and that she has not gone to visit him but her husband Joe Gorga has. Melissa said she has talked to Giudice on the phone a lot because Teresa was at her shore house “all summer.”

Melissa revealed the current status of her and Teresa’s relationships with their cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri. “We don’t see them too much anymore, honestly, so yeah… that’s the status.” Melissa shared.

Thoughts about what Melissa said?

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15 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Talks Danielle Staub and Shares Current Status of Relationship with Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri”

  1. I think it’s not a bad idea 2stay away frm Rosie& Kathy those 2 were so horrible towards Teresa. I don’t feel that Melissa was being hurtful towards Teresa when she mentioned how she felt Teresa was parenting the girls. I hope their closeness con’t bc family is so important. My heart breaks 4 Teresa’s Dad when he mentions her Mom. It’s heartbreaking. My parents were married 4, 63 yrs! My Dad passed a couple of yrs ago & when my Mom talks abt Pop it just years my heart apart bc I can see how much she misses him. I think of him everyday! He was a great Dad! I see Teresa’s & Joe’s pain! It’s painful 2 watch. We shall see how the show evolves 28th the nut job Siggy & foul mouth Dolores! I’m out. Peace!

    1. Well put Nancy. Melissa just gently brought it to Teresa’s attention about the kids. It was not a hit out.
      So sorry for your parents & the loss of your dad. My parents were the same & like you, my heart breaks for Teresa’s dad. I cant bear to watch his pain either.

  2. Andy wanting to address at the reunion whether or not Melissa and Danielle met before this season is interesting. Is he going to confront Danielle about a past lie?

    1. I hope Andy brings this up at the reunion. I’m curious what it’s about. Melissa acted like she didn’t want to talk about it, just like she didn’t want to talk about her nose job.

  3. I’m bored of melissa, can we give her a demotion please she’s got no entertainment this season I think she’ll get demoted and danielle will get promoted and wacko will return with manzo

  4. I thought it was funny that Melissa skirted around a caller’s question about her plastic surgeries including her nose job. The older her daughter gets the more obvious it is that she has Melissa’s old nose. And before anyone says anything I think her daughter is as cute as she can be so I’m not making fun of her nose.

  5. Minx, it was, wasn’t it? I thought the same too, a loving thing to do for a grieving father. Joe Gorga always struck me a a good guy.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours as well.

  6. rosie and Kathy were the best thing to happen to show. Teresa was just mad at them cuase she wanted all the fame for herself. Melissa just kisses Teresa ass to stay on show. relationship is fake as hell. truthfully

  7. Thanks for sharing Minx. Did you mean you ordered their pasta sauce? if so, Wow!!!
    Thanks for sharing your sad losses too. My mom also grieved—for 20 years after my dad died, she could not seem to get over it till my brother died of cancer. Then, she grieved herself to death. Like you, I felt so happy for her that she was no longer sad & was reunited with them both once more.
    Busy days the next few for thanksgiving. You have the best time ever.

  8. I must say you’re mighty talented, no joke there. Wish I loved Italian food as much as I love chinese food. But, I do love spumoni & canneloni. Hey, I always loved an Irish beef stew, was my all time fav till I went vegetarian about a long 22 years ago, my deep love of all animals.
    Who would’ve thought being you’re Irish. You must love Italian food & good for you!!!!
    I have truly enjoyed sharing with you, Minx.
    Cant wait to see OC reunion tonight, hope it’s peaceful.

  9. Melissa and Joe ain’t shit. All that crap they talked about Tre and co with the Wakile’s. Now they want to curve them. Shows their character isn’t worth a dime.

  10. “We don’t see them too much anymore, honestly, so yeah… that’s the status.” Melissa shared.
    Of course not, there’s no drama to stir up and certainly no cameras around filming them so no one is surprised they are not around. I’ve never seen people talk so much about family but when there’s death and loss, they are not around….doesn’t surprise me at all…never trusted Kathy and Rosie wanted to be famous -and it was obvious

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