Melissa Gorga Sings Live, No Autotune


Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga has released another single. This one is titled, “Never Let Me Go.” The reality star dropped by a local radio station to do press for the release of her single and during a commercial break performed the song live, with no autotune, and we have the footage. After criticism from many people that she can’t really sing, it’s time for you to be the judge. You must listen closely because the station’s commercials are playing in the background.

UPDATE: 9/6/2013 The radio station has since taken the video of Melissa singing live down.

Photo/Video Credit: Melissa Gorga
Video Credit: XL 106.7FM Radio

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16 Comments on "Melissa Gorga Sings Live, No Autotune"

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I won’t be buying anything she records.

That was the worst I’ve ever heard

Don’t quit your day job….sorry but no singing voice at all…

Oh, dear. Well, she’s a sweet girl.

Ahhhh, is that singing? If Melissa is going to attempt “live” she had “better have” auto tune! That was absolutely horrible. It’s a good thing there was so much back ground noise to drown out that terrible shaky voiced performance.
By the way has Melissa taken singing lessons yet? She really, really, really needs to if she ever plans on singing live again. That was so bad!

Sorry to say – not so good.

It takes a lot of gumption to do that in front of a crowd being tone deaf and dancing challenged. Has no one told this woman, uh, no, this just isn’t your thing?

She is tone deaf.

Wow she sounds terrible. I think she only has her looks going for her. Stick to reality TV Melissa.

Disgusting! Im ready to cry me a river

My ears are bleeding

I had read a while back that it was actually one of mel’s sisters who loved singing (and was actually good at it) but Melissa needed a gimmick or “thing” to have on the show. This makes me wonder if that’s true. I believe Teresa when she said she had never heard mel sing cause lets face it, with that voice, why would she sing in public?

Horrible… Enough already. She is looking like such a fool!!

OMG…I feel bad for her! Someone really needs to tell her she can NOT sing!!! I like her but bless her heart its time to do something else, don’t sing, please!

Updated link to live performance:

I love how they auto tuned over it!!!