Melissa Gorga Arrest Record Exposed- Shoplifted In Florida & There’s Still A Warrant For Her Arrest!

Melissa Gorga has been very busy in the press lately going back and forth with her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice. Meanwhile, Chris Stark (@stark3923), is exclusively reporting that there is a warrant out for Melissa Gorga’s arrest, because she shoplifted as a teenager! Court records obtained by Stark say, Melissa Marco was arrested on July 16, 1997 for “retail theft” in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Melissa was 18 when she was arrested, and it was clearly before she met and married Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga. A warrant for Melissa’s arrest was issued on October 8th, 1997, after she missed her arraignment on Oct. 6th, 1997, and the case is still open according to Kathy Burstein, the Public Information Office for Palm Beach County. Melissa’s rep didn’t respond for a comment…

UPDATE: Kathy Burnstein, the PIO for Palm Beach County, confirmed that the charges were dropped on this past Wednesday, and the warrant for her arrest has been dismissed as well.

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  • #rhonj JoeGorga twitter acct just posted this offensive tweet = calling peeps RETARDS = screenshot enclosed @BravoAndy

  • AllThingsRH

    Thanks for letting us know!

  • Kristin

    Who freakin’ cares, she was 18!!!! Joe Giudice is going to TRIAL for something more serious!!!

    • mICHELLE

      Really? Juicy driving without a license and going to trial is ridiculous. We have millions of people that come into this country illegally driving around illegally.
      Let’s go after all of them.

  • Jennifer

    My gosh everyone has a past….who cares

  • Jessica B

    While everyone has a past, not everyone is on a reality television show pretending to be holier than though!! Personally do not like her, and no I’m not #TeamTeresa!

  • alyssa colella

    Obviously everyone has a past. It’s the fact that like Jessica B said, “shes pretending to be holier than though!”. Everything in her past we’re discovering after outsiders have released it, not her owning up to what shes done and being honest with her viewers. She was asked season 3 reunion if she had contact with Danielle and she denied it. Then in season 4 when there was proof that they were associating she admits it and claims she was “hormonal and hated Teresa”. If little lies like that are coming out to be true, what makes us think all the other accusations out aren’t true either?! Regardless that I’m a team Teresa, I definitely think Teresa has good reasons to hate her that are slowly coming out

    • mICHELLE