Melissa Gorga Says There Have Been Talks About A Gorga Spin-Off Show, Gives Marriage Advice


Melissa Gorga recently appeared on a local New Jersey CBS station and she shared that the inspiration of her upcoming book Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage, came from conversations she’s had with her fans. “Everywhere I go, everybody comes to us and says they love the relationship Joe and I have, and a lot of people ask how we keep it so fresh and sexy and have that flirtatious kind of relationship,” Melissa says. “I put all my tips down, and I truly believe that when you treat your man like the king and let your ego go, and don’t have an ego with your husband… in return you will be the queen of the house.”

“That’s what I talk about in this book,” she continues. “It’s the motto, it’s about letting your ego down when you’re with your husband, allowing him to treat you like the queen, because you’re treating him like the king, so he WANTS to treat you like the queen.”

And of course, Melissa shares tips for couple’s in the bedroom. “There’s a couple bedroom things in there… Joe would love to call it 50 Shades of Gorga, but I wouldn’t let him,” she joked. “It’s got a lot about my life, and how I grew up and why marriage is so important to me. I think everyone’s gonna love this book.”

Melissa also talks about the possibility of a Gorga spin-off show. “You never know, there have been talks, so we’ll see,” she teases. “Sometimes it’s very stressful to have a show that just concentrates on you and your husband. It’s heavy and you have to be extremely strong for it. So many couples from reality shows go in a negative direction, and my main goal is that my family stays strong and Joe and I stay strong through everything, because it’s a lot to deal with. We have three little kids, and we have a life outside the Real Housewives of New Jersey, so it’s a lot. We take as much as we can handle.”

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  1. GROSS!!!! I will not watch another show on bravo or any current airing show if they give this TRASH BOX her own show.

  2. I HIGHLLLLLLLLY doubt there was even anything more than a simple comment about mellissa getting her own show. I mean REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY who’d watch that …

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