Melissa Gorga Says She Will Quit RHONJ If It Starts Affecting Her Own Family!


Melissa Gorga is notorious for her feud with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but the reality star says if the show starts affecting her own family, she would have no problem quitting! Melissa says her family has been strong enough to endure the drama the show has brought so far, but when asked if she would ever quit, she told Wetpaint Entertainment, “No, you know what, I feel like if it ever really starts to affect my family you won’t see me anymore. So until then, here I am!”

Melissa says her relationship with Teresa is better now. “It was nice, we just went to dinner,” she reveals. “It was no big deal. It was a nice dinner and everyone’s getting along.”

Melissa also revealed the children are spending more time together too. “Yes, yes, thank God! They actually take a cheerleading class together right now, and they see each other a lot more often which was the goal, which makes me extremely happy. When the kids are happy, I’m happy!”

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2 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Says She Will Quit RHONJ If It Starts Affecting Her Own Family!”

  1. This famewhore couldn’t be dragged off this show if her life depended on it. She and dumbass are broke, in trouble with the law and half of NewJersey to all the people they owe money to. Heck, the majority of the bravo paychecks goes to her fillers, botox, lips and hair, his steroids and hats for his bald head? I hate how they have no clue how precious their kids are. Their priority seems to be party, destroy Teresa, party, destroy Teresa, party. They are so trash stupid – literally. Whatever will they do when this fake bravo celebrity ends?

  2. Who is she kidding? She will never leave that paycheck or fame. This show has wrecked Joe’s side of the family and her reputation is zero, but she will leave if it hurts her family, please. And I’m the pope!

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