Melissa Gorga Says RHONJ Season 5 Is “Everything The Fans Want!”


Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is almost here and the cast have been dropping hints here and there of what we can expect in the new Season! Melissa and joe Gorga attended a food and wine tasting event called The Taste in New Brunswick, N.J. on April 15, and dished on the new Season to fans!

“Everyone’s getting along,” Joe Gorga told reporters for Examiner. Melissa added, “I can honestly say it’s a roller coaster.” She continued, “It’s everything the fans want. It’s a lot of crazy yelling, a lot of love … there’s a lot of comedy.”

As far as Melissa’s tumultuous relationship with Joe’s sister, Teresa? “We are trying to work things out for the kids,” she admits.

Are YOU excited for the new Season of RHONJ?

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6 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Says RHONJ Season 5 Is “Everything The Fans Want!””

  1. Everything the fans want or Bravo wants? Melissa, your midget is a wuss. He attacked only when “security was in position”. I’m sure he’ll look good in orange with his fake sizzle tan.

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