Melissa Gorga Says RHONJ Fans Are Too Quick To Judge


Melissa Gorga is opening up about the opinionated fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. “I think fans just tend to remember what they’re seeing right now,” she told TheWrap. “I learned that they’ll love you one day and hate you the next and love you the next day,” she continued. “So it’s just, it goes back and forth with the fans. But you just to take it take by day. That’s just how fans are. They see what they see and they make a judgment on that episode. Then on the next episode, they love you and they don’t like the other person. It flip-flops a lot.”

Gorga recently got backlash from her behavior at the family retreat in Lake George. Fans thought she didn’t want her husband to make amends with Teresa. “People only remember what they’re seeing right now, they don’t remember what happened before,” Melissa said. “They don’t remember the events that lead up to seeing me a little bit hard and a little bit fed up. I think they’re forgetting why, they’re forgetting what I’ve been through and what has lead up to this.”

“Every season there’s a new rumor about me,” she said. “It’s been open game on me for the whole entire season and it hasn’t stopped and if I saw it stop I wouldn’t be so tough. But, I can see that it just keeps happening and happening so I was done throwing the blanket on it and I really wanted to get to the bottom of it now. I’m sorry if anyone doesn’t like that, but I have to stand by the fact that I don’t want to see my husband hurt anymore and I need to protect him and my family first.”

Melissa says Dr. V is to thank for the family reconciling. “You can expect reconciliation after Dr. V comes in and she really gets down and dirty with us,” she said. “She really is the type of person that we needed to come in and look them in the eyes and tell them to shut up, sit down, and to knock it off. It works, surprisingly. So, we can go from that horrible spot to a better spot. It’s very true when they say you have to hit rock bottom before you can work your way up because that’s pretty much what happened.”

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  1. At least some of us have been able to observe the slights and remember them. A couple of times Melissa has lost it, but it was more than deserved by Teresa who has gone after her with a vengeance.

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