Melissa Gorga Says Penny Drossos Isn’t A Reliable Source Regarding Cheating Scandal


Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her talk with Penny Drossos. Melissa says she was shocked to see Penny at Chakra that night, but she had to act like a lady and not confront her guns blazing. Melissa says Penny is not a reliable source in regards to the rumors she cheated on her husband.

Melissa writes, “One last thing in this episode: the talk with Penny. Joe and I thought we were going out to a nice dinner. I had no idea she’d be there. We were just as surprised as you were to see her sitting at the bar.

During our talk, I tried to act like a lady. I don’t come at anyone guns blazing. That’s not how you get anywhere in life. Penny was pretty open with us about who she’d been talking to about me, but she is hardly a reliable source. As you can see I was very skeptical about her. I asked my questions and she gave me her answers. Whether those answers were just another flat out lie, we didn’t know. There was Penny’s side and Teresa’s side. The truth was probably somewhere in the middle.

Penny’s news that night wasn’t earth-shattering for Joe and me. When I decided I was going to let go of the past issues with Teresa, I pretty much knew what I was moving on from. It all comes out in good time in the upcoming episodes. Keep watching to see how everything plays out.”

Photo Credit: Bravo