Melissa Gorga Says Lake George Was Rock Bottom, Insists She & Joe Were Being Real!


Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss how Lake George was rock bottom for her family. Melissa says she and Joe were skeptical, nervous and on edge from the beginning about the retreat, and she admits she isn’t proud of some of the things she said. She insists her and her husband were being real by not holding back their feelings, even though it may have seemed harsh.

Melissa writes, “Welcome to rock bottom. We hit it hard in this episode, and it was NOT a soft landing, believe me.

I was expecting the castle in Lake George to remind me of a Disney World or Camelot, but what it really reminded me of was the scary hotel in The Shining. Not a good vibe to have going on. I was nervous and on edge. We all were.

Joe and I were skeptical about the retreat from the start. I know that everyone wanted us to walk in, put on a happy face and say that everything would be okay, but that’s just not reality. There have been too many times when we put a band-aid on our issues with Teresa, and we would always fall back to the same negative place. We decided if we were going to go to this retreat, we weren’t going to be fake. We didn’t want to throw a blanket on the problems that were hurting our family.

It may have seemed harsh, but we were being real and we truly wanted to get to the bottom of the problem. That was obviously not going to be easy. When people don’t want to be honest and pretend they want to fix things you can never really move forward. There were so many ugly things being said about us and we just wanted it to stop.

I expected Lake George to be another round of the usual. Our whole crew had doubts about how productive the weekend would go. Well, I was wrong about one thing. It wasn’t the same old, same old. It was much worse.

We started off awkward, got angry, and then furious, and spiraled down until we were at the lowest of the low. While we were in Lake George, we were as mean and petty and disrespectful as we’d ever been in the ten years we’ve known each other. They say you have to hit rock bottom before you can climb your way out. You’ll find out if “they” are right.

When you’re in that pit of raw, extreme emotion, you lash out. In the next episode, you’ll see the verbal filter most of us keep in place just dissolved. There was no holding back. No boundaries. Nothing was off limits. The cork on ten-years’ worth of anger popped. All that bottled-up ugliness exploded all over the castle. We said and did things that, under any other circumstances, wouldn’t have happened. In Lake George, it all came out. Taking our relationships out of New Jersey and putting them this alternate reality made us all go nuts.

I’m not proud of some of the things I said. I certainly don’t enjoy watching us at our worst. We do eventually figure out a way to climb up from rock bottom.”

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8 Replies to “Melissa Gorga Says Lake George Was Rock Bottom, Insists She & Joe Were Being Real!”

  1. Melissa and Joe suck!!! You are truly hateful ppl
    Shame on u Joe for allowing ur whore fame wife forcing you to call your sister such ungodly names. I don’t blame T husband Joe for wanting u to apologize to her.but u swung first. You suck.shame on you. Your parents are ashamed of your behavior. Omg who treats their sister that way.and calls her such unspeakable names. You and ur fame whore wife wouldn’t be on the show if not for ur sister.I hate both of you.u make me sick. Hatred for ur own sister will nite you in the ass. Ur wife is a piece of crap.she is ugly for one.hatred turns beauty into trash which is what she is pure trash.I hope both of you get booted off the show along with that crazy fucking Jacqueline and Caroline.

  2. I live in your world Melissa and I decided to just not have a relationship with my sister in law. They live their lives and I live mine. Our kids are old enough to have their own relationships so they see each other from time to time. I am sad sometimes but my sister in law has created such an unbearable environment for our family that being together is not healthy. She started just the way Teresa did jealous of my life my friends my clothes etc. She began counting gifts a christmas to make sure her children got the same amount as mine (of course they did). Separation is hard but it is a situation I cannot fix. Sad situation but I have done all I can. I have moved on and Im in a great place now and yes I miss my brother but my mental and physical health is more important.
    Your going to get slammed by people saying that you and Joe said some hurtful things and Tre and Juicy did the same. YOur entitled to get upset and sometimes our emotions get in the way of our thinking. Dont beat yourself up about it. I hate to tell you even though you may get to a ok place with Teresa there will always be jealousy, anger, sadness and pain and you need to stay strong for your kids who by the way are adorable well behaved and not smart asses. Your a great mom and you and Joe deserve to be happy. When it happens that Joe’s dad passes you can move on with your lives and forget all this stuff. GOod Luck

  3. Cecilia you and teresa must see the same therapist for your narcissism. Really are you watching the same show the rest of us are? YOu have never said something you did not mean. You have never gotten to the point where you have been beaten down. Are you joking. And by the way none of them are actors.

  4. Listen,
    Joe Guidice is a loud mouth idiot. He is a cheating , liar and his wife is an idiot for staying with him. They are both financial Three Mile Islands and Joe’s not fooling anybody with his new fake Rolex Submariner. The bankruptcy trustee took all their real jewelry. NICE TRY GUIDO!!!!
    Now , Joe and Mellisa they are a nice couple and they don’t deserve to be treated like they are. She loves her husband and he adores her. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Teresa may be his sister but guess what ? So what, people change and Teresa will never get over the intense JEALOUSY that she has against her Brother and his lovely wife. Joe and Mellisa are doing well financially and Joe and Teresa can’t stand it!! That’s what it’s all about and nothing else!!! Teresa is a spoiled obnoxious and annoying pain in the ass!!!!
    To Joe and Mellisa, stay strong, stay in love and do not let the toxicity of the Guidice family ruin your life. Move as soon and as quick as you can . There is no fixing that problem, trust me I know. It brings back bad memories , its been 15 years and I don’t miss them at all.
    God Bless you guys ( Joe and Mellisa )
    Good luck
    EPK capecod

  5. An adult doesn’t get down on their knees and act like a fool. Everyone was so negative about the trip from the beginning. If Melissa really wanted to fix things she would have let her brother and tre get things sorted out.

  6. Melissa, I am so glad your true colors are FINALLY coming out this season. You portray yourself as this perfect mother and wife and that is just not the case. I think this episode really showed who you are because viewers finally saw you chirping in Joey’s ear the entire time. Shame on you for being jealous of his relationship with his sister. Regardless of what Teresa has done, two wrongs do not make a right.

  7. Cecilia your a kook …… Melissa forced Joe to call teresa Scum? REALLY last time I looked they both had a mind of their own. In case your not married this is what married people do. They are together they do have conversations about issues they come to a conclusion on their own or not. If Joe Gorga is not capable of speaking for himself oh well. Married couples often stick together. They have enough ammunition to prove that Teresa is out to hurt and make herself queen of the world. (Melissa would leave her husband if a man with more money came around) Melissa had nothing to do with the way Joe Gorga spoke to his sister geezz you guys really. Im not a fan of what either of them did but its ridiculous to believe that Melissa had anything to do with the scum comment. Also whoever it was that commented on Melissa on her knees you have obviously never been in a place where you just give up. YOu give it your last bit of energy. She is not supposed to hold back her feelings. Dramatic or no who cares if she got on her knees when your passionate about something you do whatever.
    Does anyone here blame the experts sitting there watching all this. I have some relationship experience and it seems to me that once Teresa raised her voice pointed her finger and stomped her foot that one of those people would have stepped in and said ok lets take a step back and talk like human beings When Joe made the stupid comment to teresa the expert should have stepped in and told him calm down and lets see if we can talk instead of name call. All of them just sat around and looked like deer in headlights. They failed terribly in my eyes. They whole idea of relationship therapy is to learn how to listen before you speak and think before you speak. Are the words your going to say going to hurt, anger enrage. Both those teachers were just standing there doing nothing!!!!!!

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